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How Collaborative Corporate Podcasts Helped One Company Reach Ambitious Goals

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Better Communications, Better Results

A Fortune 500, international banking organization with ambitious goals for their business realized how podcasting might help them. From exploration to implementation and expansion, their story offers valuable insights about how companies can benefit from podcasting.

Why Corporate Podcasts? The Needs

With an international team and plans to continue expanding, along with the need to be abreast of industry trends, customer/business needs, regulations and so much more, communication is essential. Team members need information at their fingertips. They need to be able to access knowledge quickly and easily. The company understood more meetings were not the answer, especially with divergent time zones and busy schedules. They wanted to enable people with the knowledge and information they need, without creating more barriers or headaches.

Most importantly, for the business to grow efficiently, team members need to be able to share knowledge. Like many businesses, this company struggled with easily distributing this flow of information and leveraging the internal knowledge they have. This needed to be easy, efficient, and collaborative.

Collaboration: Empowering the Flow of Knowledge

The company launched their podcast program using Podbean’s Unlimited Enterprise Solution. With enhanced team member functionality, they can empower all their departments and locations to create podcasts and share them with anyone in the organization. Each channel user has administrative power so that there are no barriers to creating and sharing content. They can easily add different admins to assist with creating and managing the podcasts. 

The collaboration tools have really broken down the barriers to knowledge sharing in the organization. Information is flowing from all levels so that things are no longer siloed within a department or geography. Employees in the Asian and European offices create podcasts that are being listened to by employees in North America and so on. This type of communication is truly what is necessary for a business to thrive in today’s environment and survive into the future.

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Corporate Podcasts: Maximizing Efficiency and Engagement

Along with the team member collaboration tools, Podbean offers unlimited podcast channels in this plan. Therefore, a company like this one can quickly expand their podcasting program as they see the benefits. They did not have to worry about the budget or wasting any time when they saw how effective podcasts were for what they wanted to accomplish. Because their plan offers unlimited private podcast channels, they simply click a button to start a new podcast.

Within a month, the bank had 10K users consuming and engaging with their podcasts and had created over 100 different podcasts. They can create these new podcast channels anytime they see fit, whether it be for a weekly update, specialized knowledge sharing, a limited series on a hot topic, a course, or a 3-episode miniseries on a new banking regulation.

Not only is it easy for their team to create and share the company podcast content, it quickly became a favorite modality for employees/listeners. It saves them time and offers the ultimate convenience as they can listen online or offline, anytime. Podcast content is divided up by channel and can be organized into playlists, making it easy to have at hand when needed. Additionally, the Podbean tools make it easy to share, further building the connections within the organization.

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