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Making Podcast Playlists on the Podbean Pro App

Podbean has added some exciting new playlist options to its Podbean Pro podcast app for businesses and enterprises. Users can now create customized playlists for themselves, such as creating a playlist on a certain topic or a playlist of favorite/”go to” episodes. For example, an employee might create a quick reference playlist of episodes they feel have important information they may need frequently. Another employee might create a “Personal Development” playlist of episodes such as inspiring employee stories, leadership messages, and continuing education for upskilling.

Company admins can also use this functionality to share playlists with the organization’s private members. For example, a company might create a “New Employee Onboarding” playlist with a list of key episodes for new employees. Or, they may create a “New Product Sales Training Course” playlist to provide training on how to present new products. The possibilities are endless for creating playlists to highlight certain topics and make content easier to discover and locate. 

How to Create Playlists in the Podbean Pro Podcast App

How to Create Playlists in the Podbean Pro Podcast App

1. Go to the Following page and click the My Playlists button–>click the “+” icon–>input a playlist name, pick sort order (episodes will show in order of oldest to newest or vice versa), then click the checkmark icon. 

2. Go to the channel page and click the three dots icon next to the episode title–>click the “Add to playlist” button to add the episode to the playlist you created.  

3. You can also change the episode order by taping the menu icon on the top right corner in a specific playlist, then long press the three lines icon to move the episode.

How to Share Playlists with Your Organization’s Members in the Podcast App

To give your organization’s private members access to a playlist, the podcast owners/admins should set the playlist to “Featured”. After the playlist is set as featured, private members can see it on their Podbean Pro podcast app home page. 

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4 comments on “Making Podcast Playlists on the Podbean Pro App

  1. Susan Robbins

    I am the admin for my organization’s private channel. Two issues:
    1. I created 9 playlists, logged out, logged back in…and I’m seeing only the last two.
    2. When adding, there’s no option for me to make it public so I can share with my organization.

  2. Shannon Martin, Podbean

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with it. Please reach out to Support (you can contact them via the ive chat button in your account during business hours or anytime via email. We’ll get you squared away!

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