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10 most commonly-asked questions about podcasting

Top 10 Most-Asked Questions About Podcasting in 2021

Podcasts have been around for a long time, especially considering how quickly things can age in the technical field. And yet some things have stayed the same, and stumped podcasters of all experience levels. This post looks to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, and address some common podcasting concerns! 1. What is a podcast? One of the most asked questions about podcasting is the origin of the name. The word ‘podcast’ came from a portmanteau of the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast. The iPod was the original device through which one could listen to podcasts before smartphones were a thing with their apps and such. Despite the medium’s growth over the years into something beyond mp3 players, the name has stuck! Today, a podcast is defined by its ability to stream online or downloaded for listening while offline, and is usually part of a series that listeners can subscribe to in order to receive information on future episodes. Podcasts can be either audio or video, though audio podcasts are a bit more popular, and they can be found on different platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the like. 2. How does my podcast get to other places like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc? Do I have to pay to be listed? Out of all the podcasting questions, this is one of the most important to know the answer to. You do not need to pay to be listed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any of the other directories we offer walkthroughs on submitting to. In order to have your podcast listed on any of the podcast directories, you need to submit something known as an RSS feed. In doing so, these directories will have a direct line to your content as you publish it, and can update your ...
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How To Start a Private Podcast and the Impact of Corporate Storytelling – Vimal Parker of Slalom

How To Start a Private Podcast and the Impact of Corporate Storytelling – Vimal Parker of Slalom

Click to watch "How To Start a Private Podcast and the Impact of Corporate Storytelling - Vimal Parker of Slalom" Communication is one of the most important things within businesses and companies. As we talk about how to start a private podcast, providing the best avenue and taking advantage of communication techniques like storytelling is the number-one way to ensure that internal communications is utilized properly. For Slalom, a company-wide podcast was the perfect solution; not only did it work to each the entire organization, the personal aspect of podcasting allows communication to feel more one-on-one with employees around the globe. We sat down with Vimal Parker, Marketing Manager for Slalom’s Global Marketing team and the orchestrator of Slalom’s internal podcast, "Slalom On Air". We spoke about how Slalom has implemented podcasting into their organization, as well as how they have cultivated a culture around their company’s podcast. “I would say the catalyst is that we were growing really, really fast across all of our markets, and really - quite frankly - across the world. And we were looking for a way to connect all of our teams, share our stories, our impact, in our own voices (which is our tagline, by the way!). But ultimately, we wanted to connect our people and share our knowledge. But the whole thing about it was that we wanted it to be personal.” With podcasting at their disposal, Slalom took a less direct approach with their communications methods; not only did they cover employee stories, they covered victories within the company. Within their highly organized podcast channels, they even took the time to highlight specific episodes for new employees as they joined the team. We have a ton of different channels, or I guess you could call them flavors, of stories. For example, ...
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Now Playing Podbean

Now Playing – Growing Your Podcast Fanbase Organically and Creating Consistent Income with Podbean Patron

Arnie, producer and co-host of the Now Playing Podcast and our Head of Marketing John Kiernan recently spoke about how Now Playing organically grew their expansive fanbase. They also discussed how they’ve used Podbean's Patron program to create consistent monthly income for their podcast. Check out our blog post below and the full podcast episode at the below video! Podcasting is not a new phenomenon, and with everyone’s focus on getting started, it’s easy to forget that there are podcasters who have been in the podcasting game for quite some time. Take, for example, the film review podcast Now Playing. Not only do they have a huge, dedicated fanbase, but they’ve also been podcasting for over a decade. “Now Playing is a movie review podcast that started back in 2007, so we’ve been doing this for quite a while, 13 years, and we started with just new movie release reviews. But in 2009, I think we really hit our stride with doing retrospective series reviews. So it started with Friday the 13th - they were coming out with that reboot - and so leading up to the reboot we reviewed every movie in the Friday the 13th series. And then came the Star Trek reboot soon after, so we did every movie in the Star Trek series, every movie in the Terminator series, Halloween. “And we’ve kept going that way for quite some time, to the point where we’ve done every movie adapted from DC comics, every movie adapted from Marvel comics, we are in the process of reviewing all of the movies adapted from Steven King books, and we just keep finding new series to do. It’s been a lot of fun, a lot of movie discoveries.” The content stays interesting due to the multiple hosts that bring ...
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Podcast Recommendations for Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated in February in the U.S. The event grew out of the original “Negro History Week”, which was created in 1926 to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Black educators and the Black United Students at Kent State University proposed Black History Month in February 1969 and celebrated the first official event one year later.  President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month in 1976, calling upon the public to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” Since then, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. We have recommended a list of podcasts in honor of Black History Month 2021. Some of them focus on comprehensive black history, some bring you specific stories or aspects, and others cover culture or issues of the African diaspora. You can find this topic featured in the Podbean app to listen on the go. If you don’t already have the Podbean app, download it for free in the App Store or Google Play store. It’s the best way to listen and discover new podcasts you’ll love, with recommendations of hot topics plus personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most. You can also listen to these podcasts online here. You might also want to check out our topic, Race and Social Justice. Noire Histoir The Nod Everyday Black History: Afro Appreciation Black History Buff Podcast New Books in African American Studies Wiki History! The Stoop Crossing Fences KUT » In Black America The Average African Kid Podcast History of Indian and Africana Philosophy ...
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Record Your Podcast Using Zoom and Convert Your Zoom Recording Into a Podcast Episode

Zoom is a great tool that you can use to record your podcast! This blog (and above video!) will show you how you can record your podcast using Zoom, how to set up your computer to record, and how you can convert your Zoom files and create and publish a podcast episode! Part 1: How to record your Zoom call on your computer Part 2: How to convert your Zoom call to an MP3 • How to convert your Zoom call to an MP3 using iTunes • How to convert your Zoom call to an MP3 using GarageBand Part 1: How to record your Zoom call on your computer
  1. Download Zoom.
  2. Log into Navigate to the LH column, click on Settings.
  3. Click the Recording Header.
  4. Recording your podcast using Zoom gives you two recording options:
    1. LOCAL: saves files to your computer.
    2. CLOUD: saves files to your Zoom account
    3. My preference: Local. Quicker to import files into your DAW if you need to edit, etc.
  5. Open Zoom App.
  6. Open Preferences (Navigate to top LH corner, click - Preferences).
  7. Click Recording.
  8. Helpful preferences:
    1. Select folder to store Zoom files (Zoom will create a default folder in your Documents). Click the dropdown to choose a new destination.
      1. PRO TIP: If you’re using a desktop and have an external HD to record your podcast using Zoom, you can always route your save destination to an external HD to save space on your computer.
    2. “Record a separate audio file for each participant”: Great if you want to have further editing power for each participant’s audio in post-production.
    3. “Optimize for 3rd party editor” - Great if you’re also doing a video podcast and want to import the video into your video editing software of choice.
  9. Click New Meeting (Obviously doing New Meeting for this test, but the next steps are the same for a scheduled meeting).
  10. On the ...
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Our Top Podcasting Tips for 2021!

If your focus for 2021 is growing your podcast, you may be wondering what the top podcasting tips are and how you can incorporate them into your daily podcasting schedule. We’ve compiled the top three podcasting tips for 2021, the best tools to use, and why it’s important to utilize each one! - 1. Take advantage of tools like audiograms and graphics to diversify your social media feed A diverse social media feed is one of the top ways to entice potential followers and listeners. Multi-media posts tend to get more engagement than just text posts with links, which can translate into more people checking out the videos or images that you’ve made from your content and getting a better understanding of what your content has to offer. For audiograms: we highly recommend Headliner! With different types of templates to use and the ability to add subtitles and progress bars, Headliner is an excellent tool for making video posts specifically for sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Audiogram example from the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast: Made with Headliner For graphics: Canva is a great site with plenty of free options and tools to help you make everything from eye-catching graphics for social media to media kits. With pre-sized canvases made specifically for each platform, it’s a great tool to utilize if you’re still fine-tuning your skills in Photoshop. 2. Get organized with content calendars and media kits to keep your content organized Organization is the key to podcast production. Whether you just use a straight, regular planner to plan out recording times and interview dates or you invest in a content calendar to keep your social media posts straight, keeping your podcasting things organized is one of the top tips for 2021. For content calendars: A content calendar will help ...
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How To Start A Podcast in 2021

Why Should You Start A Podcast? There are a thousand reasons to learn how to start a podcast, just like there are a thousand reasons to listen to them.
  • Are you looking for a new medium to tell a story?
  • Do you want to deliver communications for your company through a new method?
  • Is there a topic you’re passionate about and want to share with others?
  • Do you have information to turn into a resource for others to utilize?
  • Are you looking to deliver training to your employees in a new, innovative way?
  • Do you have a brand that’s looking to expand into a new medium?
Even if none of these reasons resonate with you, there’s no wrong reason to start a podcast. Podcasting, as a medium, has a low threshold for entry. It offers an open route for content creators curious about new avenues through which they can explore a topic and tell a story. Time To Learn How To Start a Podcast!
  1. Conceptualizing
    • The ‘Why’ Behind Your Content
    • Who is your audience?
    • What is your podcast's elevator pitch?
    • Naming your podcast
  2. Planning Your Episodes
    • Episode length
    • Organizing your content
    • Your posting schedule
  3. Recording Your Podcast
    • How to record your podcast efficiently
    • Quick-start podcasting
    • Hardware
    • Software
  4. Publishing and Distribution
    • Your podcast logo/cover
    • Your podcast host
    • What is your RSS feed?
  5. So Now You’ve Published Your Podcast . . . Now What?
1. Conceptualizing The ‘Why’ Behind Your Content On the road to learning how to start a podcast, asking yourself why you want to start one is the first step. It’s at this point that you make the most crucial decisions about your podcast. Your answer now will inform your marketing moves and the way you build your content. Here are a few points to consider:
  • Is your podcast an extension of something else you do (a blog, a Youtube channel, a newsletter, etc) or is the podcast the centerpiece that ...
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10 (And A Half) New Year’s Resolutions for Podcasters

With 2021 on the horizon and concerns with what the new year will look like, you may be wondering, “What sort of New Year’s Resolutions can I set for me and my podcast?” We’ve pulled together a list of resolutions to try setting for yourself for podcasting success! 1. “I will listen to more podcasts!” How many podcasts do you listen to each month? Do you branch out at all, or do you stick to your favorite genres and categories? Make it a New Year's resolution to try listening to a new podcast each month that’s different from what you usually listen to - you never know what might catch your attention, or inspire the direction you’re going with your podcast! Also, take some time to analyze your favorite podcasts! Listen to their audio levels, speaking cadences, transitions between segments, and more. By analyzing podcasts you enjoy, you can create an even more professional podcast for your listeners. 2. “I will aim to have high-tier guests on my podcast!” If your podcast includes interviews, make a list of your most longed-for guests and aim to issue at least one invite this year! Reaching out to people that you admire can sometimes be daunting, but through reaching out to them and inviting them to your podcast, you’re creating a relationship with them! Not only will that be something to treasure over the life of your podcast, it will also be a great avenue through which you can promote your podcast! Having a media kit is a great tool for attracting high level guests. Check out our sample media kit and learn more about creating a podcast media kit at this link. 3. “I will go to this conference and network!” Conferences are a great way to network and meet industry pros ...
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How To Monetize Your Podcast in 2021 with Podbean

Making the decision to monetize your podcast can have a dozen different factors and conditions that influence what methods you choose to use and how effective they are. One method might be best for a specific sort of podcast, while the same method might not draw the same results for another. It’s essential that your first step is looking at the available monetization methods and picking the one that’s best for you, your audience, and your podcast content. This post will break down the methods available through Podbean’s platform (as well as a few that reside outside of Podbean) as well as different considerations for each method. Whether you choose one method or multiple methods to work in tandem with one another, here is where you will find the ideal way to monetize your podcast. Monetization Categories When we talk about podcast monetization, the methods can be broken down into two key categories: being paid by your audience and being paid by a sponsor. Being paid by your audience will include monetization methods like patron programs, creating premium podcast content placed behind paywalls, and donations and merchandising. These methods place the responsibility on your audience to help fund your show, and work well for podcasts with strong audience engagement. Being paid by a sponsor will include monetization methods like advertisements and ad campaigns, and being paid by a general sponsor of your podcast. This places the responsibility of paying you for your podcast on someone other than your audience, though audience interaction and participation in your content can be a factor in how effective these methods are. You can use multiple monetization methods for your podcast. You can easily utilize ads and have a site for merchandise, or have a patron program and a sponsor at the same time. With ...
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Top 5 Gifts for Podcasters

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year to figure out the best presents for the podcaster in your life (or what to put on your podcasting wish list for your not-so-tech-savvy family). Our friends over at Headliner made a fantastic gift guide covering gifts for podcasters, but we’d love to add a few suggestions for you to consider. No matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate it, these gifts will delight podcasters of all experiences and backgrounds! 1. Gear Upgrades Podcasting is the type of activity that allows anyone to step in and create content. Whether you’re podcasting on-the-go from your phone, livestreaming your content using an audio-only livestreaming platform, or podcasting from your home studio, podcasting has many paths to the goal of creating and publishing content. This also means that there’s a wide variety of different types of gear suited for all sorts of podcasters and podcasting styles! A microphone upgrade is always a welcome gift for any podcaster, though some initial research and information needs to be gathered. There are different types of microphones that require different things in order to function properly, so you want to ensure that you don’t gift an XLR microphone to someone who doesn’t have an external interface to use it with. (Unless you’re giving them an interface as well, in which case go for it!) So feel free to ask about your podcaster’s gear and what type they use so you have an idea of what you can help them upgrade to. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out the Shure MV88+, the Samson Q2U, and the Rode NT1A! If the intended podcaster already has a mic setup they enjoy, keep in mind that there’s other type of gear involved. New headphones and cables are things that ...
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