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Podbean Partners with International Audio Drama Festival

The International Audio Drama Festival is back in Canterbury for its 9th edition, and this year's theme is "The Floor of Heaven." The festival takes place from March 27 to March 31, 2023, at the historic Eastbridge Hospital in Canterbury, UK. The festival has received 100 submissions from 23 countries in 27 languages, making it the only outward-looking audio drama festival in the UK. The festival has selected 36 plays for the Long Form category and 14 for the Short Form category from the impressive list of submissions. The festival is a hybrid event that offers listeners the option to join actual listening sessions with fellow enthusiasts or listen to the plays online. Tickets for the festival are available here. The jury for the festival will be live, and the festival is delighted to welcome Oana Grigorescu and Stefano Gianotti, who will co-chair the event. In addition, the festival is organizing a Meet the Writer event with radio dramatist Sue Teddern at Waterstones and an online event to discuss the art and craft of audio drama worldwide. The festival also offers awards for Long and Short Form plays, as well as the Deacon prize for a young producer, which is an excellent way to look to the future. Last year, Frances Barber gave out the awards, and this year's presenter is yet to be announced. Podbean is proud to sponsor the 9th International Audio Drama Festival - as the festival's celebration of audio drama aligns with Podbean's commitment to supporting audio content creators and their audiences. The festival's location, the Eastbridge Hospital, is a significant historical landmark that has welcomed pilgrims to Canterbury since 1190. The festival's organizers encourage attendees to join them at the Eastbridge Hospital or join online through the festival's website to listen together and share amazing ...
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Podcast Movement: Evolutions 2023 Recap from Podbean (as told by Roni with video!)

We had a blast at Podcast Movement: Evolutions 2023! Check out our recap by our very own Customer Success Account Manager, Roni! "The TLDR recap of Podcast Movement: Evolutions (also affectionally called PME) :
  • We had a great time vibing with everyone there!
  • Las Vegas is very large.
  • Norma Jean, Voice Of Podbean, did an amazing panel and we are so proud
  • Did we mention that Las Vegas Was Large?
  • Did you have fun with PME Live? We sure did!
The not TLDR: While others visit Las Vegas for the atmosphere or the gambling, we visited because for some reason, all of our fun podcasting friends were there that week as well! And since we were all in one location, we figured it’d be the perfect place and time to do some networking! I’d never been to Las Vegas before, and boy howdy was I conflicted about the weather. On one hand, my home state was sitting below freezing when I left so I was happy to see any kind of warmth. On the other, though, Las Vegas’s 50*F and Nebraska’s 50*F are two very different temperatures. I came ready to walk into some desert heat, and instead I spent the week regretting not packing a jacket. We met and reconnected with so many great creators and vendors at PME! We have no favorites, of course, but one can’t deny that there’s something about getting breakfast with someone that makes you Best Friends (especially since it was our friends at Capsho!). Out of all the meals we had in Las Vegas, the breakfast at Denny’s (that we legitimately walked to) was a highlight. In case you didn’t know, by the way, Las Vegas is very large. If you ever pop into the city and think to ...
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Podbean Speaks to Experts for Kidney Disease Awareness Month!

Join Podbean for Empowering Those with Chronic Kidney Disease: Insights & Strategies for Improved Health New York, NY (March 22nd, 2023) - Podbean is proud to present Empowering Those with Chronic Kidney Disease: Insights & Strategies for Improved Health. This virtual event brings together top medical podcasts and experts to raise awareness about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), a silent epidemic affecting millions worldwide. This event is for anyone living with kidney disease or anyone who wants to learn more about this critical health issue. Register today and join us in our mission to raise awareness and support those affected by Chronic Kidney Disease. Attendees will also be able to ask their questions live on YouTube, where they can join the conversation, ask their questions in real-time and watch the replay. Tuesday, March 28th, 2023, 4 PM Eastern
Online event (Live Streamed on YouTube and LinkedIn)
Cost: FREE
Register to join
*live on YouTube, replay link will be sent to registrants “Chronic Kidney Disease is becoming an epidemic and Podbean is in a position to utilize our platform and voice in the industry to help bring awareness to this disease,” says Podbean CEO David Xu. “We’ve gathered top nephrologists and most trusted experts in the field to raise awareness, education and hope to everyone within the podcasting community for a cause that’s very close to our team.” The event will feature a lineup of expert speakers from Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development’'s Podcast, Mayo Clinic Talks and The Pharmacy Podcast Network, the National Kidney Foundation of Delaware and Maryland and Nephrology Associates of Delaware including top nephrologists, a pharmacist, and patient advocates, sharing experiences and insights on topics such as the transplant journey, kidney function, available drug therapies, dialysis, in-home dialysis, and the emotional toll of living with kidney disease. Attendees will learn ...
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what equipment is needed for a podcast - Podbean

9 things you need to start an enterprise podcast for your company

Are you starting an enterprise podcast for your company? Before purchasing your gear, have an idea of the purpose of your podcast. Who is the podcast for? The setup for an internal company podcast may have different equipment needs than a branded public podcast. Once you’ve determined the format and your budget, you can start looking into the fun part – new podcasting gear! But what equipment is needed for a podcast? What about a video podcast? If you’re ready to buy equipment but aren’t sure what to get, we’ve created this guide to help you determine what equipment is needed for a podcast. Ready? Let’s get into it! Read below for the 9 things you need to get started. 1. A computer You’ll need a computer or a laptop to record and edit your audio and video (if you’re doing a video podcast). Whether you choose Mac or PC, ensure your device is compatible with the software you wish to use. We’ll cover more on editing software later. A new laptop can range from the low hundreds to the thousands range. Computers with limited space tend to have a slower processing speed,so you may want to also consider purchasing an external storage drive. This will keep your files in the same place, and free up space on your computer. On average, these can cost $70 to $150, depending on the capacity. 2. Microphone – USB or XLR and additional accessories To record your podcast, you’ll need a microphone! While you technically can record your show directly into your smartphone, the audio will likely suffer as a result, so it’s not recommended. When looking for a microphone, there are some techy terms you’ll probably see. We’ve outlined them for you. USB vs. XLR mic USB. These plug directly into ...
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podcast business plan - Podbean

How to Write a Podcast Business Plan

The rise in technology has created thousands of jobs that didn't exist in the 20th century. Over 30 years ago, who would have thought you could quit your nine-to-five job and make a living talking about the things you love? For many, podcasting has transitioned into a full-time job. If you’re taking the next step in your podcasting journey and transitioning from hobby to career, you’ll need a podcast business plan. While business plans aren’t the most exciting thing to write, they ensure that you have the best chance at success. This post will outline how to write a business plan for a podcast so you can grow your podcast business. Do you need a podcast business plan? The simple answer is yes. Any podcaster who’s been in the podcasting space for a while will tell you that it’s best to develop a business plan for podcast success. Planning helps you know what you have to do and when. If you want to take your show seriously and make money from it, then, like any other business venture, it’s best to have a plan in place. Even if you’re not planning to become the next Joe Rogan (a famous podcaster and comedian), having a plan allows you to enjoy the process and avoid making it unnecessarily laborious. A business plan is like using a recipe when baking a cake – you know exactly what you need ahead of time. Here’s an overview of how to write up a business plan for your podcast:
  1. Mission statement
  2. Know your audience
  3. Establish your team
  4. Work out your budget
  5. Create a content calendar
  6. Create a marketing plan
  7. Think about monetization
The main reasons to have a plan are to understand the purpose of your podcast and ...
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different types of podcast - Podbean

Different Types of Podcast Formats

One of the crucial parts of your podcast planning stage is choosing the format. Knowing what you want to say is important, but how will you say it? Think about your favorite TV show. Whether it's a game show, a talk show or a crime drama, the show is anchored by the format. The same thing goes for various types of podcast shows; give your show a format that suits the content – one that your audience will come to recognize. Whether you’re choosing a format for your new show or looking for a different format for your existing podcast, we’re here to help. Read on to discover more about the different types of podcast shows and some pros and cons of each format. Podcast format vs. podcast structure: What’s the difference? These terms are often conflated, but they don’t mean the same thing. A podcast’s format is the style of presentation. There are several types of podcast formats, but it’s best to stick to one. Sticking to one format makes it easier for your audience to follow and also makes it easier to plan future episodes. The structure is the arrangement of each individual episode. There aren’t as many different types of podcast structures, and most shows have an intro, a main middle section and an outro to thank listeners for tuning in. A podcast should have a consistent format and structure so your audience can listen without being distracted. Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s get into podcast show formats! 1. Flying solo Solo podcasts are common and typically involve a host reading a script or talking points directly to the audience. Pros and cons When you’re alone, you can decide everything from topic to episode length. It’s also much easier to edit out mistakes from one ...
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how to get ads for your podcast - Podbean

How to Get Ads For your Podcast

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast or a radio station or watched a YouTube video, you’ve likely noticed an ad wedged in there somewhere. Even if the host cleverly integrated it as part of their script, you could tell they were promoting a product that wasn’t theirs. Podcasting is a relatively new medium that has seen a boom in recent years. Many businesses have made use of this powerful tool to help promote their brands through influencer marketing. But how do podcasters connect with companies for sponsorship deals? How do you get ads to run on your podcast? Fortunately, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of downloads to tap into podcast advertising. If you’re new to podcasting and are wondering how to get ads for your podcast, this post is for you. Here we’ll break down the most popular ways you get connected with brands and start monetizing your show. Want to learn more about how you can benefit from podcast advertising? Keep reading! Benefits of podcast ads Podcast advertising is a win-win for the podcaster and the business. Businesses get to promote their product to a niche market, so they save on marketing costs. As a podcaster, you get funding (who doesn’t want to get paid doing what they love?), the chance to build your listener base, and the potential to grow your network for future business opportunities. So how do you get started? The following section will cover everything you need to know. How to get ads on your podcast It’s important to note that we’re diving into these steps, assuming you already have quality content that is consistent and listener-focused. Before you think about monetization, ensure your content is up to par with the others in your niche. Use a podcast content quality checklist to make ...
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Podbean Hosts Free Virtual Event with Bestselling Author Scott Mautz on The Power of Influence in Leadership

Join Podbean and bestselling author Scott Mautz for a free virtual event on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023, and learn strategies for effective leadership through the power of influence. Join leadership expert Scott Mautz as he shares insights from his best-selling book, Leading from the Middle, in a virtual keynote event on March 21st, 2023. In "The Power of Influence: Strategies for Effective Leadership," Scott Mautz will discuss how leaders can create positive change and achieve results through influence, regardless of their position in the organization. He will share strategies and practical advice on how to lead effectively and build trust with teams. "Podbean is committed to supporting leaders in their professional development as our Enterprise platform is a home for learning & development at top Enterprise-level organizations," said Podbean CEO, David Xu. "We are thrilled to host Scott Mautz for this event and in his keynote, attendees will learn valuable strategies to become more effective leaders and drive positive change within their organizations." "The Power of Influence: Strategies for Effective Leadership" is a must-attend event for leaders looking to build strong, effective teams and drive results in their organizations. The Power of Influence: Strategies for Effective Leadership March 21st, 2023 6:00 PM Eastern Location: Virtual event (Live Streamed on YouTube and LinkedIn) Register here Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts in leadership and management. Register today! Don’t miss Podbean’s upcoming events and some of our most popular events available for replay! About Scott Mautz: Scott Mautz is a renowned author, keynote ...
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Tools for employee engagement

How Companies Are Using Internal Podcasting to Drive Employee Engagement Through DEI Initiatives

More and more companies have launched internal podcasts for entertainment, growing company culture, and employee engagement. But many companies have also started to use their internal podcasts to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. DEI initiatives are crucial for a variety of reasons, ranging from company culture to productivity to public relations and more. So it’s a good idea for your organization’s internal podcast to drive those initiatives, too. If you’re not sure where to start, read on. Raise Awareness of DEI Issues Firstly, you can use internal podcast episodes as opportunities to raise awareness of DEI issues, such as a lack of diversity in your current employee pool, difficulty reaching diversity goals in recruitment, and much more. Many employees, especially those belonging to majority demographics, may not be aware of the unique issues that those belonging to marginalized groups face. Internal podcasts give you a chance to raise these issues in a format and medium that’s easier for many to internalize. Furthermore, you can invite diverse employees to your internal podcast episodes. They can voice their unique experiences and humanize the DEI goals that your business is striving to meet. Your chief compliance officer, who is responsible for these issues, can oversee the process. In other words, treat your internal podcast episodes as radio interviews, broaching complex but important topics with diverse employees to spread understanding throughout your organization. Engage Employees with New Ideas (and Each Other) Internal podcasts are excellent avenues through which you can expose many of your employees to new ideas and to each other. In a lot of larger organizations, employees can feel siloed or segregated into different departments or groups, often through no fault of their own. For example, it’s feasible that a marketing specialist may simply never meet a manufacturing technician or ...
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3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Grow Your Podcast

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Grow Your Podcast

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, you likely wish you were reaching more people with your podcast.  Audience development takes time, energy and daily action, Are you taking the steps you need to grow your reach?  Here are three things you can do today to get your numbers rising Optimize your text: Update your show title, episode titles, and descriptions to match with keyphrases your audience is searching. Utilizing an SEO tool can help you find the exact phrases and words that will rise your show to the top for your target audience Engage through your social channels: Word of mouth is still the top discovery path for podcasts so make sure people are talking about you. Create engaging social media posts to promote your podcast and engage with your followers. Share teasers of new episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and interact with your listeners to build a community around your podcast. Promote where people are in listening mode: The best way to acquire an audience is to be presented to the listener while they are actively listening to podcasts. In-App promotions such as banner ads, recommended podcast placements and featured podcast spots are great ways to find and convert your adjacent audience. Learn more about the services that Podcan provides here. In combination these three actions will increase your visibility, attract new listeners, and grow your audience over time. Remember, building a successful podcast takes time and effort, but with consistency and dedication, you can achieve your goals and reach your audience ...
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