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Podcasts for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver

Guest Post from Peggy Sweeney-McDonald, Life in the A-Zone (Alzheimer’s) Podcast September is World Alzheimer’s Month to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. Dementia affects almost 50 million people with a new case occurring every 3 seconds. Chances are you and your family have been, or know someone who has, struggled through the maze of caregiving a loved one. Caregiving for someone with dementia is extremely challenging and finding support while juggling the demands is nearly impossible. The growing amount of podcasts focusing on Alzheimer’s caregivers can be an excellent resource. Podcasts with dementia experts being interviewed and giving tips on how best to support their loved ones can be helpful, but now there are podcasts telling the caregiver’s story. These podcasts explore the emotional, mental, and physical challenges weighing on the caregiver. Honest storytelling and conversations by caregivers who have been in the trenches, and are stronger because of the experience can help the caregiver know they are not alone and maybe offer some hope. You can find this topic featured in the Podbean app to listen on the go. If you don’t already have the Podbean app, download it for free in the App Store or Google Play store. It’s the best way to listen and discover new podcasts you’ll love, with recommendations of hot topics plus personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most. You can also listen to these podcasts online here. Life in the A-Zone Podcast Caregiving/Storyteller Podcast The Life, Love and Alzheimer’s Podcast Fading Memories: Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Lori La Bey Dementia Matters  Navigating Dementia Therapy The Alzheimer's Podcast The Forgetting: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer's Alzheimer's Society Podcast Dementia Care Partner Talk Show with Teepa ...
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Why You Need A Website Badge (And How To Make One!)

Website and social media badges go a long way in showing one’s support and credentials in a fun and customizable way. Whether you use them to highlight a cause or to just display something to show your support of a content creator, there’s no wrong reason to make one or to learn how to make one. What is a social media/website badge? A social media badge should be a PNG image (transparent background) that you can embed on your website, or add to your social media banner itself. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they will be present to denote that your listeners are part of a group, someone has received an online award/certification, or you are raising awareness for a cause. For example, Podbean created badges to celebrate our users’ downloads. Some will use the badges on their own website to include links as well, to direct their followers to where they can learn more about a certain topic or cause. This would include buttons that lead to donation sites like PayPal or Ko-Fi, to your patron page, or even to external information available for charities and events. [gotta find a good example here] Why should you make one? By giving your followers and listeners a social media badge, you’re giving them a fun way to show their support for you and your content. It’s also a stationary fixture, meaning that whoever goes to their account will see the badge and that it’s connected to your content. This, in turn, acts as a way to promote your podcast to an audience you may not have reached yet. What are things to make badges for? The list is limitless! Make badges for:
  • Patrons
  • General fans
  • Convention/event participation
  • Holidays
  • Fundraiser or charity event participation
  • Release of a long-awaited episode
  • Awareness campaigns (charity, fundraisers, petitions, ...
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Podcast Advertising in 2020

Podcast advertising has shown itself to be incredibly beneficial to both podcasters and businesses. In our previous article on podcast advertising, we highlighted the ad spending of Marc Weldon, a company that spends a quarter of its advertising budget on podcast advertising after a single host-read ad doubled their sales. While podcast listeners are known to make a joke here and there about the nature of podcast ads, they’re usually spoken of without the usuals scorn found in other forms of advertising. Even with 2020 being a tumultuous year, budgets for podcast advertising have only increased. According to the IAB, this trend doesn’t look to be faltering anytime soon. The Impact of Podcast Advertising While the public is more aware of being advertised to than ever before, this doesn’t mean that advertising has lost its impact. Nor does it mean that listeners expect podcasts to go ad-free. CNBC reported that 78% of podcast listeners did not mind ads in their podcast; they’re aware that podcasters need sponsorships to keep running, and do not take issue with sponsored messages or advertising in their content. Stats go on to show that 80% of listeners listen to most if not all of a podcast episode, highlighting that only a fifth of any major audience may click away or skip advertising. And according to MusicOomph, 69% of listeners reported that they were introduced to new goods and services through podcast advertising. It’s also an excellent way of targeting an audience that may not otherwise be reachable. MusicOomph highlights that podcast listeners are more likely to invest in streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, thus cutting down on their exposure to traditional television advertising. 2017 also reportedly saw more money invested in digital advertising than television advertising, though ad-block software means that ...
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How To Submit Your Podcast To Amazon Music + Audible with Podbean

How To Submit Your Podcast To Amazon Music + Audible with Podbean

Amazon will be launching the ability to listen to podcasts in Amazon Music and Audible! Listeners will be able to access their favorite shows on Audible and Amazon Music. For podcasters, this adds another directory with which you can grow your listenership. With Podbean, you can submit your podcast to Amazon Music and Audible using our Podcast Apps submissions page in just a few clicks. Check out our post on how to submit your podcast to various directories to ensure that your show is accessible on some of the world's most popular listening platforms. Here’s how you can submit your podcast to Amazon Music and Audible.
  1. Login to your Podbean Account and click on Podcast Dashboard.
  2. On the left hand column, click on Distribution - Podcast Apps.
  3. On this screen, you can submit your podcast to a variety of popular podcast listening directories. Click on Amazon Music/Audible.
  4. Review that your podcast meets all of the following requirements before submission:
    1. All podcast episodes must be in MP3 format.
    2. You must have published at least 1 episode.
    3. Your podcast image must be formatted to 1400x1400 to 2048x2048 px, PNG or JPEG.
  5. Review Amazon Music/Audible’s terms and agreements before submitting. Once you’ve read the terms and conditions, click the checkbox “I accept Amazon Music/Audible agreement.”, then click the “submit your podcast to Amazon Music and Audible ”.
  6. Your podcast RSS fed has now been submitted to Amazon! We'll keep in contact with Amazon Music / Audible and alert you once the podcast directory has launched.
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Podbean Ticket Giveaway: Podcast Movement Virtual 2020

Podbean, in partnership with Podcast Movement, is giving away one Premier Pass and two Plus Passes for Podcast Movement Virtual. Fill out the form here by Sunday, September 20th at midnight Eastern time to enter Podbean's drawing for free passes to Podcast Movement Virtual. We will be drawing from these entries for one Premier Pass (full access to everything; $599 value) and one Plus Pass (access to all live breakout sessions/talks, and recordings of all sessions post event; $199 value). Winners will be announced on social media and be notified by email the week of September 21st. Enter to win! Additionally, we will be holding a livestream on Podbean Live on September 23rd at 5:30 PM Eastern time to announce the winners, share a bit about PM Virtual (joined by Jared Easley from Podcast Movement), and to do some more fabulous giveaways! On the livestream, listeners will have the chance to call in with their answers to some PM trivia questions to win one more Plus Pass. We will also be giving away $100 of advertising credit in the Podbean Advertising Marketplace that you can use to run podcast ads to promote your business or podcast. Listen to the Podcast Movement Virtual Ticket Giveaway and Information Livestream! You can listen in online, but will need to use the free Podbean app to interact in the chat and call in to win the prizes. Follow Podcasting Smarter in the Podbean app to be notified about the livestream. About Podcast Movement Virtual Every summer since 2014, Podcast Movement has gathered thousands of passionate podcasters and industry professionals from around the world under one roof to learn, grow professionally, and most importantly evolve and improve the podcast community. This year, the event goes virtual, with the opportunity to welcome more members of the ...
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DC Fandome

Guest post from Tim Truax, The Nerd Room Podcast On August 22nd, 2020 starting at 10 a.m. PDT Warner Bros. welcomes fans to DC FanDome, an unprecedented, 24-Hour, immersive, virtual fan experience bringing the Universe of DC to life! Join the stars, filmmakers, and creators behind the biggest films, TV series, games, and comics for an experience unlike any other! No matter where you live, your age or your level of fandom, there is something for you! We’ve gathered a list of podcasts covering DC and DC Fandome to keep you updated on all the action and to help introduce you to the world of DC Comics, Film, and more!  You can find this topic featured in the Podbean app to listen on the go. If you don’t already have the Podbean app, download it for free in the App Store or Google Play store. It’s the best way to listen and discover new podcasts you’ll love, with recommendations of hot topics plus personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most. You can also listen to these podcasts online here. DC Podcasts The Nerd Room Podcast A weekly podcast bringing you the latest news and reviews from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and beyond! Straight Outta Gotham  The newest member of the Batman Podcast Network. Eric Holzmann & Peter M. Verra present a podcast about your favorite DC Comics heroes with a New York City slant to it.  Holy BatCast - The All Batman Podcast Holy BatCast is a podcast by Bat-fans, for Bat-fans that celebrates and dissects all aspects of the Batman legend: movies, TV, comic books, games, toys, and more. So put on your cape and cowl and join us in the Batcave. Weird Science DC Comics Podcast A podcast with a keen focus on DC Comics, DCEU, Batman, Superman, and more!  DC Films Squadcast  ...
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How to start a radio talk show

How To Start a Radio Talk Show in 2020

Starting your own radio talk show gives you the opportunity to get instant feedback and interaction with your listeners and followers.  Your radio talk show can exist as a way to educate and entertain your listeners on a topic you’re passionate about. Here is a roadmap on how to start your own internet radio talk show: the ins, outs, and best tips to making it a success! Don’t Be Afraid To Get Started! You can schedule and start a talk radio show in the Podbean app in mere minutes; much like mentioned in the quick start section of our Podbean 101 webinar, the best way to get better is to jump in with both feet and get started!   Pick A Topic Your first step is to pick a topic that you enjoy talking about, and would like to talk to other people about as well. The main draw of a talk radio show is the discussion aspect between the host and listeners. You want to ensure that it’s a topic that allows for good conversation, and doesn’t involve you turning the talk show into just a straight lecture. Picking a topic also means ensuring that it has a wide enough range to discuss the life of your radio talk show. Picking a deep, niche topic that only allows for minimal discussion means that your show has no room to grow and expand, or room to dive deeper into a topic through discussion. On the other end of the scale, though, you also don’t want to turn your show into an “anything and everything” show for fear of losing part of your audience to disinterest. Decide On Your Format Once you have your topic, you can sit down and figure out the logistics and format for your talk radio show. Such ...
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Podcasts for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

The 2020 U.S. presidential election will be held on November 3rd, 2020. This is perhaps one of the most talked-about and contentious elections in recent history. The campaigns go on in new ways amidst a pandemic and conflict domestically and abroad. The U.S. presidential election has repercussions for people around the world. We’ve gathered a big list of podcasts covering the election, candidates, and all things political, to help you stay informed or learn something new. Whether you consider yourself on the left, right, or somewhere in between politically, check out this diverse array of podcasts from all sides. These podcasts cover different aspects of the election and U.S. politics, from campaign news to details on the candidates, legal issues, and presidential election history. You can find this topic featured in the Podbean app to listen on the go. If you don’t already have the Podbean app, download it for free in the App Store or Google Play store. It’s the best way to listen and discover new podcasts you’ll love, with recommendations of hot topics plus personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most. You can also listen to these podcasts online here. Bobby Eberle — 13-Minute News Hour Highlights of news, culture, technology from political commentator and race car driver Bobby Eberle Donald J.Trump Learn of the many accomplishments of President Trump that often go unreported by the Fake News Media as he continues to Make America Great Again. Election College | Presidential Election History Join us as we take a fun and informative look at the history of Presidential elections in the United States of America as well as all sorts of topics directly related to how our government and elections work! Electionomics The modern politics that affect your pocketbook. Five Thirty Eight Politics Nate Silver ...
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Podbean Announces Exclusive Download Award Badges

As Podbean continues to grow, we continue to be proud and inspired by our podcasters! We want to give our Podbean family an outlet to highlight and promote their podcast milestones, so we are proud to announce that we will now be launching exclusive download badges!
How the download badges will work:
When a podcast reaches a new download milestone, a podcaster will receive an email with your milestone badge. The podcaster will also receive a link to their badges that will have an embed code. A podcaster can copy + paste onto your Podbean website (or any website that accepts HTML). Podcasters will receive a new milestone badge at each of the following download counts: 1,000; 5,000; 10,000; 50,000; 100,000; 1,000,000; 5,000,000; 10,000,000; 50,000,000 and 100,000,000.
A podcaster’s milestones should be applauded and we hope that these badges reflect your dedication to your podcast. We hope that our podcasters will continue to inspire even more growth! ...
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How To Edit Your Podcast

Not every podcast needs the same level of editing, but every podcast can benefit from some level of edits to ensure that it sounds as professional as possible. Learning how to edit your podcast will not only benefit you and your content, it will benefit any other podcast you may find yourself working on. With this explanation and walkthrough on editing, you’ll be another step closer to making your podcast be the best it can be.   Things To Note Before Editing:
  • Give yourself space between when you record and when you edit your podcast episode.  How much space you need is up to you, but by giving yourself multiple sit-down sessions will make recording and editing feel more comfortable as a process, and less like a mad dash to your publication date.
  • Remember to edit with your headphones off, or to listen to your audio in different environments as you edit.  Headphones don’t distort audio a whole lot, but the difference is enough to make your audio sound stilted or unbalanced to your audience. One popular method of testing your final recorded product is by testing your final audio file in your headphones, then in your car (aptly named the “car test”). 
How Do You Edit Your Podcast? Your editing can be reduced down to three separate categories, based on the nature and scope of the edits and when they take place. They focus on different things, but the end result is the finished product that is your edited podcast. Overarching Edits Overarching edits affect your audio file as a whole. This can be removing background noise from sustained sources like air conditioners and fans, adding effects and EQ on your voice and master track, etc. Background noises can sometimes be unavoidable if you are on location for example - ...
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