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Tips for Branded Podcast Success

With the rise of podcasting’s popularity, starting a branded podcast should definitely be on your company’s radar.Podcasting offers a wider, more dedicated user base than other forms of media. With starting a podcast being easier than ever, there’s no reason that your company shouldn’t look into creating a branded podcast. Why create a branded podcast? Creating a branded podcast is the next best marketing and promotional step your company can take. Podcasts are great marketing routes in terms of brand awareness. Putting out a branded podcast also means that you’re establishing yourself further as a voice in the industry on the side of the consumer, instead of as just a brand. Podcasts are well known across the world, with over 75% of the American audience being familiar with the term, and over 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month. Podcasting is also very malleable; as a medium, it has a lot of room for topic exploration as well as experimentation with formatting (audio vs video podcasting). As a turnkey solution, it’s the best next step for any company that wants to expand its brand awareness and its industry influence. Tips on creating a branded podcast
1. Your Podcast Is Not Your Ad When creating your branded podcast, keep in mind that your content has to be a vehicle for information that your audience can engage with. There’s nothing wrong with having your brand on the podcast cover, or a “brought to you by [name]!” in the opening/closing. However, if your podcast content focuses solely on your product/your service, you’re essentially creating an infomercial instead of a podcast. The appeal of podcasts is it gives the illusion of the listener the feeling of being part of the conversation. If you’re not providing a conversation listeners want to ...
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Podbean podcast player Alexa

New, Improved Podbean Podcast Player Skill for Amazon Alexa

Podbean’s podcast player for Amazon Alexa has been updated and improved for better podcast listening and discovery on your Alexa devices. Podbean brings millions of podcasts to Alexa so you can listen and enjoy podcasts for free. Find new podcasts in all genres, listen to your podcast playlists with easy voice commands and pick up where you left off listening on any device! *If your podcast is hosted with Podbean, it will automatically be included in the Podbean app and Podbean skill for Alexa. Some of the key improvements and features of the Podbean Podcast Player for Alexa include:
  • Easier access to more podcasts
  • Enabling users to play their personal playlists and “Episodes I Like”
  • Voice commands for "rewind" and “fast forward” in varying time chunks
  • Android app users can pick up where they left off listening in their Podbean account on any device. (Coming in the future for iOS users.)
Follow these simple steps to link your Podbean account to Alexa:
  1. Set up your Alexa device using the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Go to the Devices page in the Alexa app. Tap YOUR SMART HOME SKILLS at the bottom. Enable the skills.
  3. Search for "Podbean". Launch the Podbean player. Enter Settings to Link Account. All set!
To start listening to Podbean with Alexa, try these commands:
  • “Alexa, Ask Podbean to play The Daily.” … to play whichever podcast you’d like by name
  • “Ask Podbean to play My Likes” … to play your collection of “Episodes I Like”
  • “Ask Podbean to load my playlists”, and then “Play my playlist Comedy Highlights” … to play your personal playlist
The Podbean Podcast Player on Alexa has simple play controls and powerful playback features so you can truly enjoy your podcast listening experience. Check out our Alexa FAQs for more information ...
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Podcasting Smarter podcast

Podbean Relaunches Official Podcast with New Format and Expanded Content

Podcasting Smarter will feature best practices, trends, industry insight, business tools and podcast success stories
New York, NY (January 20, 2022)
- Podbean announced the relaunch and revamp of its official podcast, Podcasting Smarter, a weekly podcast focused on podcast production, news, best practices, interviews with podcasters and updates directly from the Podbean team. "Podbean hosts over 600,000 podcasts and we see the diverse needs of podcasters in this fast-growing space. We want to continue to offer podcasters tools and resources as well as celebrate what’s happening in podcasting with our community of creators” shares David Xu, Podbean CEO. The show’s new format consists of short weekly episodes with a live hour-long episode per month. Podcasters will be able to submit their questions to be answered on the show as well as apply to be a featured guest on an upcoming episode. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned podcaster, you'll get helpful tips and gain insight from the Podbean team and our special guests. Learn how to get the best start on your podcast launch, discover resources to improve your podcast, ways to grow your audience, how to make money from your podcast, and more. You can find the Podcasting Smarter website here and listen on the Podbean app or wherever you listen to podcasts. Listeners can also tune in live via YouTube for the monthly live episodes.     About Podcasting Smarter: Podcasting Smarter is Podbean’s official podcast that showcases updates from the company, podcasting best practices, resources and trends within the podcasting industry. The podcast offers listeners the opportunity to learn about different aspects of podcast production, monetization, business use cases, trends and news from Podbean. To learn more about Podbean, visit Press contact: Norma Jean Belenky, ...
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podcasting events

Podbean Announces Full Calendar of Podcasting Events for 2022

Podbean’s live online events will center around different themes and topics geared to podcasters and podcast listeners New York, NY (January 13, 2022) - Podbean has announced a slate of events ranging from live, interactive episodes of Podbean’s official podcast, Podcasting Smarter, to sessions on corporate podcasting best practices and live storytelling episodes on travel, love, and global perspectives. The online events showcase top podcasting experts addressing frequently asked questions and hot industry themes and a diverse range of podcasters sharing their stories. The free, livestreamed roundtables provide an opportunity for podcasters and companies to learn and grow at different points in their podcasting journeys. Other live podcast events provide a space for podcasters and fans to connect, converse, and share in the power of audio. "We’re excited about offering resources, live episodes and insight from top voices and experts from across the industry," says David Xu, Podbean CEO. “The events are designed to provide unique opportunities for connection and to be both educational and fun. The ability to collaborate and share such amazing content along with an interactive experience is important as the industry continues to grow and evolve.” Starting January 11th, the Podbean team will be going live speaking on Defining Success for Your Podcast, followed by a conversation with True Native’s Heather Osgood on How to Succeed in Making Money with Podcast Advertising. Storytelling Podcast Week kicks off January 25th, with returning host, Motzie Dapaul of the Hi Nay Podcast, on Podcasting from Anywhere: Podcasts on Travel Share Tales from the Trails featuring Jason Moore of the Zero to Travel podcast and Kelly Chappie and Lavinia Spaulding of the There She Goes Podcast. Upcoming events also include:
  • How to Make Your Podcast Accessible: Podcasting for All Audiences, February 1st
  • How to Produce a Podcast Like the Pros ...
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Podcast Advertising – 5 Tips for Success

Advertising on podcasts has many benefits due to both the audience and the medium itself. Podcast listeners are a highly dedicated and loyal audience, with high rates of engagement across the board. Podcast advertising has also proven to be similar to television advertising in terms of effectiveness, and has a lower price point. However, writing for a primarily audio medium can prove difficult if you’re not used to it. Crafting the perfect ad campaign can be difficult for the best of writers, and being constrained by the medium can only add further difficulty. Here we break down some tips and tricks to creating and running a successful podcast ad campaign. 1. Know Your Ad’s Purpose In the grand scheme of marketing, podcast advertising has its strengths and weaknesses just as any other platform does. Statistics show that it works best for audience targeting and brand awareness, so allow those stats to build the bedrock of your podcast advertising campaign. Podcast directories also don’t actively include any buttons to press during the podcast episode. This means that your best action is to utilize short vanity URLS, or even discount/access codes that are easy for listeners to remember. This gives you a way to track clicks and leads that works with the platforms’ limitations. Knowing your podcast ad’s goal also gives you the direction to go in with your ad copy. Storytelling is an important part of creating an effective ad (just as it’s important for creating an effective podcast). Having your goal in mind as you write lets it act as a guide post; if you find that your copy veers from the goal, you can go back and adjust it as opposed to releasing an ad that’ll prove ineffective. 2. Write For The Time Slot When it comes ...
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Podcast transcript tag

Podbean Adds Podcast Transcript and Crowdfunding Tags

Podbean has added two new tag fields to podcasters’ RSS feeds for transcript tags and crowdfunding tags. These make your podcast’s transcript and Patron program available on the directories and apps that support these tags.* *Note that podcast transcript and closed caption is available on Podbean’s Unlimited Audio tiers and above. Podbean’s Patron program is available on Podbean’s Unlimited Plus tiers and above. Podcast transcript tag
Podcast crowdfunding tag
Podcast transcript tag Some podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts will link to your transcript file and allow your podcast transcript to serve different purposes, such as being able to search for a podcast based on the transcript. Currently, we support .srt file type for transcripts. If your podcast episode has transcripts, it will show this transcripts tag in your RSS feed:
<podcast:transcript url="____" type="application/srt"/>  Podcast crowdfunding tag Many podcasters utilize Podbean’s Patron crowdfunding platform to create recurring revenue for their show. If you’ve created a Patron program in your Podbean account, it will show this crowdfunding tag in your RSS feed: <podcast:funding url="_____">Title</podcast:funding> If you have any questions, contact our Support team anytime at
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Podbean Optimizes Video Player for Podcast Websites with Mini Player and More

Alongside Podbean’s brand new podcast website themes, we’ve also optimized our video players. These optimizations are sleek and allow listeners to easily watch your podcast videos* while navigating through your podcast website. *Note that uploading videos to your podcast is available on our Unlimited Plus and above tiers. Click here to learn more about Podbean’s video podcasting services. Optimizations:
1. The feel of the video player has been updated to a modern, sleek framing. 2. Mini Player - With the miniplayer, users can switch between pages on your podcast website and the video will continue playing at the bottom right corner.
3. Users can expand the mini player to normal size and watch the video in a full, visual capacity. 4. For mobile browsers, the video player will stay at the top of the page. How to Set Up a New Podcast Website In your Podbean dashboard, go to Distribution–>Podcast Website. Click on any theme. You can view it to learn more and see examples with different options. Click “Activate Now” when you have picked a theme. Then, you can begin customizing it with simple point and click editing.

If you have any questions, contact our Support team anytime at ...
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new podcast websites from Podbean

Podbean Offers the Best Podcast Websites: New Themes, Features, and Customizations

The Podbean team has been making major updates to the podcast website themes we offer as part of our podcast hosting plans. With these new themes, features, and customizations, podcasters can easily create the best podcast website quickly and easily. The themes not only look amazing and show off your podcast to the world, they also have special podcast functionality to make listening and connecting with your podcast easy for potential listeners. The podcast landscape is increasingly competitive and Podbean strives to offer the best tools so even the smallest podcast can make a big impression. Podbean has just released the latest theme, Podisc, which has a sleek, cool design. It features a waveform player for the latest episode in the top banner and it is sure to impress visitors. Podisc theme, dark grid option There are several new themes so you can find what fits your podcast best and customize it to your needs in no time at all. All the themes let you:
  • Customize and edit the site inline with point and click editing
  • Easily add new sections and arrange the sections by drag & drop
The new podcast websites offer the following benefits to podcasters and listeners:
  • Faster site response loading times
  • Improved mobile responsiveness, support for all devices
  • Newly designed podcast players
  • Floating audio player across site pages to ensure listeners can enjoy the podcast while navigating throughout the site
  • Video player upgrade: minimized player continues to play the video while users navigate throughout the site
  • Display of all podcast apps where your podcast is available so listeners can quickly navigate to their preferred app to listen and follow your podcast
  • Social media footer to display your social media accounts so listeners can connect and engage with the podcast
New themes are available to all Podbean users. Paid account users have extra features, ...
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Promote Your Podcast with Cross Promotion and Advertising with Podbean!

How can you create buzz for your podcast to a brand new audience? How can you get your podcast into more eyes and ears? What tools are at your disposal to grow your listener base? Podbean has always strived to offer an array of services for podcasters to do their best work. Podbean offers various ways for podcasters to promote their podcast with Podbean’s cross promotional in-app advertising opportunities. Check out how you can promote your podcast with Podbean!

Podbean Featured Podcast
Cross Promote Your Podcast
Advertise Your Podcast Podbean Featured Podcast Podbean offers special feature opportunities in the Podbean directory and our app. We can help put you front and center to attract new listeners. Additionally, the Podbean app helps users with discoverability via topics, categories, recommendations and suggestions based on their listening habits. Your podcast will be placed for one week in our "Featured" section of the Podbean App and website in exchange for host-read ads. Note: This option is exclusive to Podbean hosted podcasts only. Click here to submit your podcast Cross Promote Your Podcast Podbean is the best Podcast App & Podcast Player on Android & iOS with over 6M downloads, 150K reviews, 1 Billion+ episodes downloaded, and an average rating of 4.7/5. As one of the top podcast apps on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, the Podbean app can help you grow your podcast audience by reaching passionate podcast listeners right in their podcast app. Your podcast will appear on the Podbean app’s homepage in the banners that run across the top, for high visibility to everyone who opens the app.

If you have a significant-sized podcast audience and/or community and would be interested in sharing Podbean's products or services with them in exchange for Podbean promoting your podcast, please click the Apply button below ...
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Podbean releases auto-generated podcast transcription and closed caption feature!

Podbean releases auto-generated podcast transcription and closed caption feature!

Podcast transcripts are a great way to maximize your podcast’s SEO on search engines and podcast directories. Podcast transcripts are also a powerful tool for connecting with a potential audience who may have hearing accessibility needs. Podbean has just released their auto-generating podcast transcript and closed caption feature for any paid Podbean plan. The closed captions will show on the podcast website, embedded players, and the Podbean Pro app. Once the podcast is transcribed, you can download the transcription as a .SRT file or a .TXT file. Using Podbean’s brand new Closed Caption plugin, you can upload the caption of your audio or video, which can be automatically displayed when your audience listens to your podcast. If you’ve already created a .SRT transcription file, you can simply upload that. You can also have Podbean transcribe your episode for you.
Here are the steps to add closed captions to your episodes.
  1. Log into your Podbean account.
  2. Click on Podcast dashboard.
  3. On the left hand column, click on Settings - Plugins.
  4. Click the Get More Plugins button.
  5. Click the “Closed Caption” button. On the left hand side, click the Get The Plugin button.
  6. You’ve now added the Closed Captions plugin to your podcast channel. Navigate to Episodes - Episodes List.
  7. Highlight your cursor over any episode, then click the Closed Caption button.
  1. If you already have a podcast episode transcript in the form of an .SRT file, you can upload it here now. You can also have Podbean transcribe the episode for you for only $0.20/minute. If you choose this option and click Transcribe, you will then be asked to type in your billing information.
  2. Once authorized, the system will generate the transcripts for you. We will notify you by email when it is ready. An average turnaround time for a 30-minute podcast is 20 minutes. An ...
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