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New Report: Executive Listening Habits

More than Half of Business Owners are Regular Podcast Listeners A new survey has shown that a majority of business owners are regular podcast listeners - with 55% saying they considered podcasts to be a regular part of their daily routine. The study, conducted by Lower Street in partnership with ContentFX, examined the listening habits of over 500 business owners and execs in the US and UK, and found that 43% said podcasts were their primary source of information, and 36% used them to learn new things and as a tool for staying ahead of the competition. Those surveyed held a wide range of job titles within the business environment - including owners and founders, upper management & executives and employees. A similar study, conducted by MediaRadar found that 4 in 10 business owners and executives said they always listened to the ads in podcasts - and 6 in 10 said they would likely buy a product mentioned on a podcast. The findings help to emphasize that podcasts can build trust and rapport with business owners and executives by capturing their attention with high-quality information that’s easy to understand. It also shows that podcasts can help build brand awareness, increase purchase intent and stay top-of-mind among potential customers and clients with an audience that typically has a higher level of disposable income. Four Ways to Reach Business Owners Today: Leverage the Engaged Audience: Podcast listeners tend to be highly engaged and attentive. Advertisers can leverage this attention to effectively convey their message and engage potential customers. Target Your Advertising to Save Money: Advertisers can use podcasts to reach this specific demographic—business owners. A targeted approach tends to be more efficient and cost-effective than broader advertising methods. Look At Building Long Term Relationships: Consistent podcast advertising can help build long-term ...

Why Your Marketing Funnel Needs a Podcast

What works at the top of the marketing funnel has changed dramatically in the past few years and a study recently released by Lowerstreet Media suggests that podcasting is emerging as one of the best tools available to build the influence of your brand. The findings paint an intriguing picture - a staggering global audience of 465 million podcast enthusiasts, a considerable portion of whom wield significant influence in the business world. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that 43% of US business leaders, spanning from entrepreneurial visionaries to top-tier executives, have integrated daily podcast consumption into their routines. Perhaps even more telling are the study's insights into listener intent. Leveraging the Search for Continual Learning According to the study, A remarkable 36% of podcast aficionados cite their primary motivation as "acquiring new knowledge." This underscores an exceptional opportunity for brands to establish themselves as hubs of wisdom and expertise. Brands can easily leverage this potential, by crafting podcasts that deliver actionable insights, decode industry trends, and share expert perspectives. In doing so, your brand becomes synonymous with continuous learning and innovation, ultimately bolstering its influence. Actively Engage with Decision Makers Business decision-makers, spanning the gamut from enterprising entrepreneurs to seasoned executives, are not passive consumers of podcasts; they are dynamic participants. The study found over 40% of them seamlessly integrate podcasts into their daily routines. To magnify your brand's impact, curate content tailored explicitly to this audience. Speaking directly about their challenges, sharing stories of triumph, and presenting pragmatic solutions will trust and establish credibility, positioning your brand as a dependable resource. This is where the inherent strength of podcasting truly shines. It's not merely about delivering content; it's about positioning your brand as a thought leader. Dive deep into the pulse of industry trends, delve into thought-provoking conversations, and ...
top tips for podcast subscription success

Top Tips for Podcast Subscription Success

With the rollout of Apple Podcasts’ new subscription option, a brand new avenue of podcast monetization is now at your fingertips! Whether it’s your only monetization tool, or you use it alongside other money-making methods, it’s a steady source of income that allows you to further strengthen your relationship with your listeners. But how do you create a success podcast subscription? Check out our top podcast subscription tips! Declare Your Value Upfront Before you start putting content behind a paywall, ask yourself what you’re going to be offering at a premium compared to your free content. Will it be the ad-free version of your podcast? Will it be a longer version of an edited-for-time interview? Are you going to record content separately for your podcast subscription? Formulate a plan and figure out what type of content works best for you and your audience before you register for anything. This is where your audience avatar can come into play. When targeting your podcast, you can take that same avatar and ask yourself, “What extra content would they want based on how they engage with my podcast? At what price point would they be comfortable paying for that extra content?” Price Yourself Accordingly Apple Podcast Subscriptions have several preset price points for you to select from, meaning that you can choose how much to charge for your subscription fee. Compare what you’re offering to what other podcasts may be offering and what their price points look like. Things that impact what price you should choose from include:
  • How often you’ll be uploading your podcast subscription content
  • How long the subscription-only episodes are
  • If you’re going to have the subscription-only content be released for free at any point
  • What kind of content you’re sharing to your subscription channel
The important ...

Don’t Be Scared to Create Customized Campaigns for Spooky Season!

Leveraging your brand during the “spooky season,” which typically coincides with the Halloween period, is a fun and creative way to boost brand visibility and engage with your audience. As an advertiser, you can tap into this eerie excitement by crafting Halloween-themed ads and promotions that capture the spirit of the season. Here are some successfully proven strategies to make the most of the season: Themed Content: Create Halloween-themed content for your website, blog, social media platforms and specifically, your podcast advertising campaigns. Halloween is all about creating a spine-chilling ambiance, and your ads should follow suit. Think eerie sound effects like creaking doors, howling winds, or ominous music. Make your ads more engaging and entertaining with character voices - adding suspense and leaving your listeners on a cliffhanger. These elements can help set the mood and draw your listeners into the Halloween spirit. Halloween Promotions: Since it’s a time of “treats,” offer limited-time promotions or exclusive discounts that are only available during the Halloween season. This can create a sense of urgency and encourage your audience to take action quickly. For example, you could offer a "spooky savings" discount code or a "Trick-or-Treat" special. Thematic Giveaways and User-Generated Content Contests: Engage your audience by hosting Halloween-themed giveaways or contests. Encourage listeners to participate by asking them to share their own spooky stories, costume photos, or Halloween traditions. Reward the winners with Halloween-themed prizes, such as gift baskets filled with candy and spooky merchandise. This not only promotes engagement but also helps build a sense of community around your brand and your podcast partners. Collaborate with Halloween Enthusiasts: Partnering with individuals or businesses that are passionate about Halloween can be a great way to add authenticity to your podcast advertisements. Collaborate with haunted houses, holiday influencers, costume shops, or even ...

Podcast Subscriptions and YOU

When it comes to monetizing your podcast, podcast subscriptions may not be your first thought. Truthfully, the first thought that comes to mind when you say “make money with my podcast” is ‘advertising’. And of course, podcast advertising is also a fantastic avenue for monetizing your podcast. But introducing a subscription to your podcast listeners doesn’t have to compete with your podcast ads. In fact, a podcast subscription has quite a benefit to you and your listeners! What is a podcast subscription? Just what it says on the tin! Using a subscription model means that fans of your podcast can pay a specific price per month (or per year) for extra access to your podcast. As for what you can offer with your subscription, you can include:
  • Bonus content cut from publicly available episodes: for example, if your twenty-minute interview runs long, you can share the full uncut episode to your subscribers while sharing the cut version to your public listeners.
  • Behind-the-scenes content: Sometimes you record content by accident, or let the recording run long as you have off-topic discussions. While this would normally be edited out and discarded, you can offer the full cut (or just the cut bits) to your subscribers.
  • Ad-free episodes: This is where your podcast subscription can fit in tandem with your advertising monetization strategies - your subscription is where listeners can go to get ad-free content, so that regardless of your ad status the episodes are making money for you and your podcast.
Benefits of Podcast Subscriptions Podcast subscriptions can offer you quite a few things, like:
  • Steady income: Subscription-based monetization provides podcasters with a reliable source of income. Unlike advertising revenue, which can fluctuate based on listener engagement and market conditions, subscription fees are predictable. This stability allows podcasters to ...

Podbean Presents, Kids Podcast Deep-Dive with Hero Complex

Live virtual event showcasing Rob Tinkler’s podcasts for kids including Imagination Meditation and 8 Tiny Reindeer New York, NY (Sept. 14th, 2023) - Brace yourselves for an enchanting rendezvous with the world of children's podcasts, as Rob Tinkler, the imaginative genius behind "Imagination Meditation" and the esteemed Hero Complex network, invites you to a captivating hour of discovery. Whether you're a parent, an educator, or an ardent podcast aficionado, this live-streamed interview is your passport to exploring the enchanting universe of audio storytelling tailored for kids. Step into a realm where audio storytelling ignites young minds and sparks boundless creativity. Join us for an unforgettable experience that unveils the artistry behind crafting immersive podcast narratives designed to captivate and inspire. "This event showcases the inner workings of children's podcasting and we’re excited to share Rob’s valuable insights into captivating young audiences with immersive audio experiences.” said David Xu, Podbean’s CEO. “Podcasters will glean techniques to create engaging content, fostering a new level of storytelling that resonates with kids and parents alike." Event Highlights:
  • Podcasting Pioneer's Insights: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of podcasting maestro Rob Tinkler, as he shares the keys to unlocking children's imaginations through the power of sound.
  • Behind-the-Mic Magic: Gain an exclusive glimpse into the making of podcast gems like "Imagination Meditation" and Hero Complex productions, uncovering the intricate process that brings stories to life.
  • Captivating Storytelling Techniques: Delve into insider tips on how to weave spellbinding narratives that resonate with young hearts and minds, leaving an indelible mark.
  • From Podcast to Book Deal: Unveil the journey from podcasting to literary success, as Rob divulges the secrets behind securing a book deal stemming from his podcasting ventures.
  • Interactive Q&A: Seize the opportunity to engage with Rob Tinkler directly during the live Q&A session. Pose your burning ...

Authentic Podcast Marketing: Connecting with Your Audience While Staying True to Yourself

Think of your favorite podcast. If you're like most people listening to it is one of the best parts of your week. You love discovering new podcasts but do you hesitate to market your podcast because it feels inauthentic? This is a surprisingly common problem in the podcasting world. Amazing creators aren't necessarily experienced marketers and as a result risk making amazing content that only a lucky few ever discover. The good news is that people love to share podcast recommendations so your content can do 80% of the job for you. That remaining 20% is just the job of making sure the RIGHT people hear it. Embrace Your Passion Odds are that someone, somewhere is out there right now hoping to find more content like yours. In every undertaking to promote your podcast, step one is to tap into the genuine passion that led you to create it in the first place. Remember why you started your podcast and the impact you want to make and then create your approach from that space. When you're passionate about your content, promoting it becomes an exercise in finding likeminded people and sharing in that passion together. Wherever you go to consume content, you should also consider for promoting yours. Submit your podcast to be featured on the directories where you like to listen, mention it in social channels you share with likeminded enthusiasts, and look for similar podcasts also looking to grow to work out ways you can each reach the others audience. Focus on Value Don't like talking about yourself? Good. You shouldn't, at least not directly. Shift your perspective from promoting yourself to providing value to your potential listeners. Instead of aggressively pushing yourself as a voice that should be heard, position yourself as a resource to your ideal ...

Discoverability vs Retention: What You Need To Know For Your Podcast

As summer draws to a close, so must the Summer of Discoverability. And what a summer it was! We had quite a few live events on the topic, and a few blog posts highlighting it as well. We’ve also emphasized the importance of audience retention, and how it went hand-in-hand with discoverability. But why does your podcast need both? Discoverability Discoverability is how easy it is for new listeners to find your podcast. As more and more podcasts come into the world, you have to make sure that your podcast is fully prepped to compete for listeners’ attention. This means making sure that your podcast has good SEO, has a well-written description, and a cover that can catch your audience’s eye. Tips for Improving Discoverability:
  • Optimize Your Podcast Title and Description: Use clear and relevant keywords that describe your podcast's content. This helps search engines and platforms categorize your podcast correctly.
  • Eye-Catching Cover Art: Design an attractive and memorable podcast cover art. It's the first thing people see when browsing, so make it count.
  • Leverage Social Media: Promote your podcast on social platforms, engage with your audience, and encourage sharing. Word of mouth can be a powerful discoverability tool.
  • Guest Appearances: Collaborate with other podcasters or influencers in your niche. Appearing on their shows can introduce your podcast to their audience.
  • Consistent Release Schedule: Stick to a regular release schedule so that your audience knows when to expect new episodes.
Audience Retention: Keeping the Flame Alive Audience retention, on the other hand, focuses on how well you keep your existing listeners engaged and coming back for more. It's about nurturing the relationship you've already established with your audience. This means giving your listeners space to congregate and chat, and ensuring that your podcast is still putting out all ...

Enter The Podcast Trailer Contest and Win Free Promotion For Your Show!

Have you ever listened to a podcast trailer that gave you goosebumps, made you laugh out loud, or left you eager for more? Now's your chance to craft your very own captivating podcast trailer and win free promotion for your show! All you need to do is create an engaging 30 second MP3 file that introduces your podcast and leaves listeners craving more. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or new to the scene, this contest is your platform to shine. Submissions Open: September 5, 2023 Submissions Close: September 30, 2023 Public Voting: October 9 - October 13, 2023 Winner Announcement: October 15, 2023 Our expert judges pick the top 10 podcast trailers, giving your creative work industry recognition. Once finalists are unveiled, it's up to the podcast-loving community. Listen, vote, and rally support! The trailer with the most votes becomes the Podcast Trailer Contest winner, receiving a 14-day promotion in the Podbean app. Two runners-up will be selected to earn a 7-day featured directory spot. Craft your stories into bite-sized trailers, unleash your imagination, and grow your show. Submit your entry before September 30th for your chance to win! Not seeing the submission form? Click Here to Submit Your Entry ...

Crafting Compelling Exclusive Content for Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Through Podbean's integration with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions you now have a powerful tool to enhance your image, engage your audience, and establish a loyal following. By offering the right premium content to dedicated listeners, you can deepen their relationship with your podcast by providing an avenue to help support your show in exchange for even more value in your content. Unlocking the Power of Exclusivity The allure of exclusive content lies in its ability to offer something extra, something that sets dedicated subscribers apart from the general listenership. These exclusive perks can take various forms, from bonus episodes and extended interviews to behind-the-scenes insights, early access, and interactive Q&A sessions. The key is to provide value that goes beyond the regular podcast episodes, giving subscribers a sense of being part of an inner circle. Ideas for Compelling Exclusive Content
  1. Early Release: One of the most effective ways to use exclusivity is to make content available to your subscribers before it is available to the general public. You can use this tactic to help generate buzz around your episode releases while creating an insider feeling for your core audience.
  2. Deep-Dive Discussions: Consider diving deeper into topics discussed on regular episodes. Exclusive episodes can explore nuances, offer more in-depth analysis, and engage listeners who crave a more comprehensive understanding.
  3. Expert Interviews: Collaborate with industry experts, thought leaders, or guests with unique perspectives exclusively for your subscribers. This fosters a sense of privileged access and adds value to their subscription.
  4. Workshops and Tutorials: Offer exclusive educational content, such as workshops, tutorials, or how-to guides, catering to your audience's interests or industry-related skills.
  5. Narrative Extras: If your podcast involves storytelling, provide behind-the-scenes commentary, additional anecdotes, or even alternate storylines exclusively for subscribers.
Balancing Free and Premium Content When implementing exclusive content, it's ...