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10 reasons to start a podcast for your business

10 Reasons Your Company Needs A Podcast

Why should you start a podcast for your business? Podcasts are in the homes of over 50% of US population, and over 70% of the US population is familiar with podcasting, which makes it the perfect tool for both company-branded podcasts and private internal content. Its accessibility reaches both public audiences for sake of branding, and internal employees looking for internal communications solutions. Here are ten reasons why you should start a podcast for your business.
  1. Company branded podcasts help with public branding.
  2. Company branded podcasts help create a more personalized experience for your audience.
  3. Company branded podcasts allow you to advertise/cross-promote your services in your content.
  4. Podcast advertising pays well.
  5. Company branded podcasts help with your company's SEO.
  6. Private internal podcasts are a mobile form of communication for employees on-the-go.
  7. Private internal podcasts spread stories of employees doing good, highlighting employees going above and beyond.
  8. Private internal podcasts formalize and standardize employee training across a large company.
  9. Private internal podcasts allow you to share content you’ve already made (newsletters, notices on employee intranet, etc).
  10. Private internal podcasts better organize your employee documents (organize specific podcasts for sales, marketing, etc)
Company Branded Podcasts Private Internal Podcasts Company Branded Podcasts 1. Company branded podcasts helps with public branding Your brand, and your public image at large, is one of the most important things - if not the most important thing - that your business will put its resources into. Any impact to your brand’s portrayal can impact your sales, deals, resources, and growth. By deciding to start a podcast for your business, you’re giving your brand a new direction to grow in the public eye. You’re also showing that you’re paying attention to communication trends, and offering a form of media that is quickly growing and openly desired by audiences around the world. 2. Company branded podcasts help ...
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How to Build a Pro Podcasting Studio

How to Build a Pro Podcast Studio – Andrew Abrams from Gator

Becoming a podcaster means more than creating content; it means organizing your time as well as your space. Our "How To Start a Podcast" guide gives you some more insight as to what to spend your time on, but what about your podcasting space? We sat down with Andrew Abrams of Gator to talk about podcasting gear, and tips on building your podcast studio. Gator started as a company for musical instrument cases, with its first line being Gator Cases. “Gator, as a whole, as a company, was founded in 2000 by Crystal Morris and her father, so it’s a family-owned business. It started with a case line, Gator Cases, which you may be familiar with. You know, a lot of people in podcasting do cross over to that musician’s side, and a lot of the people in the music industry have heard about Gator Cases.” But as they grew, and their audience grew, they noticed that there was a growing audience of podcasters in need of studio equipment. So they made the decision to expand their Gator brand into lines of podcast studio equipment. “So we started as Gator Cases and really started to expand into different lines. So now, today, and here we are in 2021, we’re a total of six different brands. In particular, in the music segment, we have Gator Frameworks which is the podcasting studio side, Gator Cases protecting all of those instruments, and then Levy’s Leathers that we recently acquired in 2018, that does guitar straps, and I can keep going from there. We house a bunch of different solutions and love every bit of it. “Whether it’s podcasting or studio, the organization will stay the same. And really, taking care of your gear and having these simple solutions, it makes you look more ...
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podcast storytelling

Storytelling in Podcasting

Human brains are wired for storytelling; it’s a mode of learning that we’ve adapted since cave paintings and shadow puppets. Storytelling came about as a way to teach each other about our history, about any dangers awaiting us, things we want to celebrate, and more. When we talk about storytelling, especially podcast storytelling, it’s common for confusion to be a primary reaction. “I’m running a podcast on pop culture/sports/talk show topics/wrestling, what story am I supposed to tell if I’m covering a real-life topic? Isn’t storytelling what you do when you’re making something up?” When you’re running a podcast like that, your first concern is reporting the factual truth as well as your respected opinion on the topic. Exaggerating the truth is the opposite of what you’re going for. But storytelling is far more than making things up. According to psychologists, we’re 20 times more likely to remember facts presented in a story than in less-structured formats. Think about it - what sticks with you more: “I was given a counterfeit bill while running a Girl Scout cookie booth, and lost a day’s earnings from my job.” Or: “I was a Girl Scout leader and on the very first shift of cookie-season, I had worked my first shift as a server so got to the booth late. We’d been rushed to set up the booth, and we were still trying to get organized when a woman came up with a hundred-dollar bill and the desire to spend $20 on cookies. We didn’t have change at the time, so I volunteered my day’s earnings thinking we’d easily earn the money back. But as the woman walked away, we took a closer look at the bill she handed us and realized it was fake. We tried to chase her down, but she ...
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How To Start A Podcast in 2021

Why Should You Start A Podcast? There are a thousand reasons to learn how to start a podcast, just like there are a thousand reasons to listen to them.
  • Are you looking for a new medium to tell a story?
  • Do you want to deliver communications for your company through a new method?
  • Is there a topic you’re passionate about and want to share with others?
  • Do you have information to turn into a resource for others to utilize?
  • Are you looking to deliver training to your employees in a new, innovative way?
  • Do you have a brand that’s looking to expand into a new medium?
Even if none of these reasons resonate with you, there’s no wrong reason to start a podcast. Podcasting, as a medium, has a low threshold for entry. It offers an open route for content creators curious about new avenues through which they can explore a topic and tell a story. Time To Learn How To Start a Podcast!
  1. Conceptualizing
    • The ‘Why’ Behind Your Content
    • Who is your audience?
    • What is your podcast's elevator pitch?
    • Naming your podcast
  2. Planning Your Episodes
    • Episode length
    • Organizing your content
    • Your posting schedule
  3. Recording Your Podcast
    • How to record your podcast efficiently
    • Quick-start podcasting
    • Hardware
    • Software
  4. Publishing and Distribution
    • Your podcast logo/cover
    • Your podcast host
    • What is your RSS feed?
  5. So Now You’ve Published Your Podcast . . . Now What?
1. Conceptualizing The ‘Why’ Behind Your Content On the road to learning how to start a podcast, asking yourself why you want to start one is the first step. It’s at this point that you make the most crucial decisions about your podcast. Your answer now will inform your marketing moves and the way you build your content. Here are a few points to consider:
  • Is your podcast an extension of something else you do (a blog, a Youtube channel, a newsletter, etc) or is the podcast the centerpiece that ...
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Making Podcast Playlists on the Podbean Pro App

Podbean has added some exciting new playlist options to its Podbean Pro podcast app for businesses and enterprises. Users can now create customized playlists for themselves, such as creating a playlist on a certain topic or a playlist of favorite/”go to” episodes. For example, an employee might create a quick reference playlist of episodes they feel have important information they may need frequently. Another employee might create a “Personal Development” playlist of episodes such as inspiring employee stories, leadership messages, and continuing education for upskilling. Company admins can also use this functionality to share playlists with the organization’s private members. For example, a company might create a “New Employee Onboarding” playlist with a list of key episodes for new employees. Or, they may create a “New Product Sales Training Course” playlist to provide training on how to present new products. The possibilities are endless for creating playlists to highlight certain topics and make content easier to discover and locate. How to Create Playlists in the Podbean Pro Podcast App How to Create Playlists in the Podbean Pro Podcast App 1. Go to the Following page and click the My Playlists button-->click the “+” icon-->input a playlist name, pick sort order (episodes will show in order of oldest to newest or vice versa), then click the checkmark icon. 2. Go to the channel page and click the three dots icon next to the episode title-->click the “Add to playlist” button to add the episode to the playlist you created. 3. You can also change the episode order by taping the menu icon on the top right corner in a specific playlist, then long press the three lines icon to move the episode. How to Share Playlists with Your Organization’s Members in the Podcast App To give your organization’s private members access ...
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New Embeddable Podcast Player with Custom Playlist – Podbean

You asked, we delivered. We are glad to announce that Podbean now offers an embeddable podcast player with the ability to create custom playlists.  You can get the code for an embeddable podcast player with the custom playlist by going to the “Distribution”->”Embed Player” page. You can customize your playlist in three ways: 
  • Custom Playlist by Tags. This means you can create a playlist by topic. For example, if you have two tags, Company News and Sales Training, now you can create two embed players , one comes with all podcast episodes with the tag “company news” in the playlist and another comes with all podcast episodes with the tag “Sales Training”. Moreover, the playlist is dynamic, which means if you add a new episode with the tag “Company News”,  the new episode will automatically be shown in your “Company News” embeddabble podcast player. You can embed the player once and deliver dynamic content to your site visitors.
  • Custom Playlist by Season Number.  If you set the Season Number <itunes:season> for your episodes, now you can create embed podcast players for each season by simply selecting the season number.  The Season player is also dynamic, so if you add new episodes to the season, the new episodes will automatically be shown in the embedded player.
  • Custom Playlist by Publish Time.  For example, a teacher can create an embeddable podcast player for all episodes created by students this semester and embed it into the school site. Again, the playlist is dynamic. Any new episodes added in the selected time period will automatically be shown in the player. 
More customization options:
  • Episode Order: Now you can set the order of episodes: new to old or old to new.
  • Player Color: You can change the player color and play button to fit your site/brand.
  • Player Size:  You can set ...
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Podbean Unveils New Embeddable Players with More Custom Options

Podbean now offers podcasters more options for the styles and customizations of embeddable players. Check out the changes below. Updated Styles

1 . Podbean offers two embeddable player styles: Classic and Stylish. 2 . The redesigned players have a new style which includes sound waves on the player. Customizable Height Users can customize the height for the stylish player (previously known as the square player). The default height is 300px. Other options are 450px, 600px or custom size. More Multiplayer Playlist Options For the multiple episode player, Podbean has added more custom options for the playlist:
  1. Display order: Episodic (From New to Old) or Serial (From Old to New)
  2. Episode Filters: Publish Time, Season Numbers (if users set season numbers for the episodes). Tags (if users set tags for the episodes).
You can create multiple playlists using Publish time, Season Number and Tags. Season Number <itunes:season> Episode Level: The episode season number. If an episode is within a season use this tag. Click here to learn more. Episode Tags Episode Tags can be used to organize the episodes on your podcast site. You can add tags in Podbean when creating or editing an episode. Click here to learn more ...
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How to explode your listenership and grow your podcast with Ben Leavitt

How To Explode Your Listenership And Grow Your Podcast – Ben Leavitt

One of the more challenging parts of podcasting is the journey to grow your podcast fanbase and listenership. As we create our content, we’re often left wondering who will enjoy it, and how they’ll discover it out in the sea of content that already exists. One thing we can do to make the best use of the platforms available to us is to know how to properly engage on them. Ben Leavitt has built a content empire out of helping people do just that. In fact, his goal with his content is to help other podcasters and content creators as they look for their audience. In our interview with us for Podcasting Smarter, he says, “So what I do professionally is I’m a podcaster, and I’m also a social media strategist. I run a social media agency to help people grow audiences and communities.” Despite having such a wide range of platforms and places that he can be found, his podcast is where he finds most of his value, and inspired him to help others grow their podcast and find their audiences. "Podcasting is definitely near and dear to my heart; I’d say the first piece of content that broke through for me was my beginner’s guide to podcasting I made about two or three years ago. I made that over on Youtube. The reason why I did it was because I was podcasting and I took so much value from having a show but I made so many mistakes along the way, so I wanted to share that in a video, and it resonated with people. And that was the first big break I had on Youtube." The success he finds on other platforms lies in the fact that he creates content catered to each particular platform. "I think ...
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Podbean podcast finance week event

Finance Podcast Week Launches March 22nd March 28th, 2021

The Finance Podcast Week event will be live-streamed on Podbean, featuring top speakers and podcasters from around the world New York, NY (March 9th , 2021) - Podbean announced it will host Finance Podcast Week (March 22nd- 28th, 2021), a weeklong livestream and podcast event focused on finance podcasts. “Finance Podcast Week is a great opportunity for people to understand finance through podcasts and discover shows they’ll gain value from,” shares David Xu, Podbean CEO. “ We’re curating content that brings podcasters and community together!” The event features daily, exclusive live-streamed panels with world-renowned finance podcasters discussing personal finance, cryptocurrency, investing, 2021 market trends, women in finance, real estate, money mindset, and the Gamestop bubble and Robinhood aftermath. Some of the well-known macroeconomics, investing and personal finance podcasters participating include:
  • Grant Williams of The Grant Williams Show
  • Peter Schiff of The Peter Schiff Show
  • Jamila Souffrant of Journey To Launch Podcast 
  • The Remote Real Estate Investor’s Tom Schneider, Emil Shour and Michael Albaum offering a live show! 
  • Chelsea Brennan of The Smart Money Mamas Show 
  • Afford Anything’s Paula Pant
  • George Grombacher of The LifeBlood podcast
  • Moolala: Money Made Simple’s Bruce Sellery
  • BiggerPockets Money Podcast’s Mindy Jensen
  • Nugget’s News’ Alex Saunders 
  • Diania Merriam of Optimal Finance Daily
  • Krisstina Wise of the Wealthy Wellthy podcast
  • Canna Campbell of SugarMamma's Fireplay 
  • Money Girl Laura Adams
  • What Bitcoin Did’s Peter McCormack
  • Financially Savvy in 20 Minutes’ Natalie Torres-Haddad
  • Bogleheads on Investing’s Rick Ferri
  • Robert Leonard of Millennial Investing from The Investor’s Podcast Network
  • Redefining Wealth’s Patrice Washington
  • Justin Klein of InvestTalk 
  • Jake McClure of The Personal Wealth Coach podcast
  • The Intelligent Investing Podcast’s Eric Schlein
  • Andrew Sather of The Investing for Beginners Podcast
  • The Thought Card’s Danielle Desir
  • Marco Santarelli of Passive Real Estate Investing 
  • Broke to Woke’s Jerremy Newsome
  • Dr. Miranda Moloto and Vangile Makwakwa of The Property Magicians Podcast 
  • Pernille Enggaard of FinanceUnplugged 
  • Dr. Jim Dahle of The White Coat Investor Podcast
  • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen of Top Traders Unplugged
  • Catherine Morgan of In ...
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10 most commonly-asked questions about podcasting

Top 10 Most-Asked Questions About Podcasting in 2021

Podcasts have been around for a long time, especially considering how quickly things can age in the technical field. And yet some things have stayed the same, and stumped podcasters of all experience levels. This post looks to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, and address some common podcasting concerns! 1. What is a podcast? One of the most asked questions about podcasting is the origin of the name. The word ‘podcast’ came from a portmanteau of the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast. The iPod was the original device through which one could listen to podcasts before smartphones were a thing with their apps and such. Despite the medium’s growth over the years into something beyond mp3 players, the name has stuck! Today, a podcast is defined by its ability to stream online or downloaded for listening while offline, and is usually part of a series that listeners can subscribe to in order to receive information on future episodes. Podcasts can be either audio or video, though audio podcasts are a bit more popular, and they can be found on different platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the like. 2. How does my podcast get to other places like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc? Do I have to pay to be listed? Out of all the podcasting questions, this is one of the most important to know the answer to. You do not need to pay to be listed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any of the other directories we offer walkthroughs on submitting to. In order to have your podcast listed on any of the podcast directories, you need to submit something known as an RSS feed. In doing so, these directories will have a direct line to your content as you publish it, and can update your ...
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