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Win Podcast Sponsors With These 7 Simple Steps

Guest post by Heather Osgood, True Native Media "My show is small, but I want podcast sponsors; how do I find them?" As a longtime podcast representation agency owner, I get this top question from podcasters looking to make money. While I agree that it is time to think about capitalizing on your content, I always ask this question in return: Is your podcast ready for sponsors? If you can't answer yes right away, then now is the time to stop, step back, and re-evaluate your podcast before trying to reach out to advertisers. Your ultimate goal is to find, secure, and maintain long standing relationships with podcast sponsors. You can do this by following these seven simple steps:
  1. Create a business mindset.
  2. Assess the quality of your content.
  3. Understand your audience.
  4. Invest in yourself and your podcast.
  5. Determine your price.
  6. Create a sponsor outreach process.
  7. Join affiliate programs.
Create a Business Mindset The first step to creating a business mindset for your podcast is to evaluate your show honestly. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:
  1. Am I happy with the current state of my podcast?
  2. Am I putting in the most amount of effort I can into my podcast?
  3. Am I focused on growing my audience?
  4. Do I want a hobby or professional podcast?
  5. What are my goals for my podcast?
Shifting how you think about your podcast is the first step to financial success. Once you have determined the goals of your podcast, you can then work backward and make improvements to prepare for podcast sponsors. Assess the Quality of Your Content Brands want to work with influencers that align with business goals and brand messaging while bringing their own unique qualities to the table. So, next, your content needs to reflect the brand partnerships you hope to create. Poor sound, lousy editing, and childlike cover art ...
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New Podcast Website Themes: Modern User Experience, Simple Design Tools

Podbean’s development team works hard to be sure our podcasters have access to the best tools for their podcasts. Web design and technology continues to evolve and, accordingly, we have been busy creating new podcast website themes to fit the latest standards. We have just released two new themes, Waves and Elegant, that offer podcasters and listeners lots of benefits, such as:
  1. More intuitive customization experience. View in real-time while editing. Click on different sections to edit.
  1. More flexible podcast website display options:
  • Light/dark modes
  • Grid or list episode layouts
  • Add custom sections (text blocks or text and picture blocks)
  • Add various links for the top navigation menu including external links, seasons, tags, and any pages you create in your dashboard.
  1. A responsive, customizable audio player runs at the bottom enabling listening to continue while navigating the site. Easily play episodes, pause and skip while browsing.
  1. Clean, modern designs in keeping with trends and best practices. SEO and mobile optimized.
  1. Social media buttons and app options integrated in the podcast website: easy for your audience to enjoy and share your podcast. App buttons will automatically show for any podcast apps that you have submitted to/added in your Podbean dashboard so that your listeners can click to easily listen wherever they prefer.
Podcast Website Themes: Choose Yours Today Waves shows off your podcast with a large banner image and intuitive layout. Elegant keeps things simple with a text-based design that you can have up and running in seconds.  We encourage you to choose one of these themes for your podcast website so that you and your audience can start benefiting from an improved experience. We will be retiring old themes that no longer fit today’s web and mobile design standards. Getting started with your podcast? Visit to start for free. Learn more about ...
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Suicide Prevention Month: Podcasts for Awareness and Help

Guest post by Al Levin, The Depression Files September is Suicide Prevention Month. This very important month now carries extra weight, given the pandemic. In addition, the polarization of politics and our race relations have caused an incredible amount of stress and trauma on many throughout the US and the world. Suicide Prevention Month in a time when advocates, professionals and others bring suicide prevention awarness to the forefront. It’s important that we understand that it is okay to talk about suicide. We need to continue work at ending the stigma so that conversations around mental health and suicide are normalized. This type of normalization will also foster a community in which people become more comfortable sharing when they are struggling with mental health or suicidal thoughts and, more importantly, reach out for the help they may need. One way that I have been working at ending the stigma is through my podcast, World Suicide Day, September 10, will mark the fourth anniversary of the launch of my podcast. It’s an all-interview format that began with stories of men who had struggled with depression and/or other mental illnesses. I have now expanded and include “Deep Dive Conversations” around various topics of mental health with Guest Experts. The goals of my podcast are to support some and to educate others while chipping away at the stigma. In addition to my podcast, there are many others that focus on mental health and suicide prevention that you may want to check out during this very important month (listed below or in the Podbean app). I hope, for those of you who already advocate on the topic, September may be a time for you to amplify your work. For those of you who have not advocated or have little knowledge on suicide prevention ...
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Sticky Listening: High-end Podcasting in Business with Susi O’Neill, Head of B2B Brand Content at Kaspersky

PodBean connected with Susi O'Neill, Head of B2B Brand Content at Kaspersky, to find out more about their success in connecting to new target audiences with their novel take on high-end podcasting. Susi gave us her top 5 tips for creating best-in-class, pre-recorded podcasts – while managing a budget. Even in a new medium such as podcasting, it is already noisy out there. If you are not going to simply be shouting in the crowd, then slick, high-end production can help you stand out. The math is simple; most businesses are small to medium businesses. They are not sitting with a top-100 budget. So, if you have a small to medium budget, what can you do to ensure you spend it wisely?  1. Set the Bar High  When Kaspersky entered the podcasting space using PodBean, they did so with accolades and awards for their video productions. It is no surprise then that they were determined to innovate and aim for the same high level with their pre-recorded audio documentary, Fast Forward. This audio documentary was developed to expand Kaspersky’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) message. Kaspersky's Audio Series, "Fast Forward". Susi O'Neill would have been aiming high anyway, even without such award-level standards to uphold, because as she says: “How do you reach people if you are not in the top 100 broadcasts?”. Her answer: “Be better”. This is not just an assertion; the rest of her tips tell you exactly how to do that. 2. Know your niche Susi challenges you to target your approach. Your high-end content must be entertaining, educational, or informative; else, why should people listen? 3. Hire people that know what they are doing! Kaspersky’s Brand Activation Studio has a commission budget, meaning that, while the team did all the coordinating, they hired the best talent ...
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Podcasts SEO: How to Make Your Podcast Rank

Guest post from Rosalyn Moreno As business dynamics change, there is a need for businesses to keep reinventing themselves. Podcasting is one of the newest tactics for marketers that is proving effective in enhancing digital marketing efforts. With so many people being avid podcasts fans, creating podcasts provides an avenue to reach new potential customers with each episode. Podcasts allow you to communicate your expertise and knowledge in your niche, hence building your brand credibility and authority. Additionally, it helps you connect with your customers at a more personal level. They are also a great way to drive traffic to your website in the most affordable way if you, for example, plan to start blogging. However, to experience these benefits, your target audiences have to actually consume your content. That is why it is important for your podcast to be visible to a large number of people. It is natural to start researching ways to make your podcast rank up in the search engines while at the same time not spending a lot. But of course just as personal finance statistics show, people still like to invest in order to grow their business since it is usually successful and worth it. So, here are five tips to make your podcast SEO-friendly and increase the chances of being discovered and listened to. Use rich keywords Most people turn to the internet in search of specific answers to their queries. If your podcast can provide these answers, you can be sure that it will draw the attention of people and increase clickability. However, for you to be able to provide these answers, you need to know the questions that your target audiences are asking. From this, you can discover important keywords that relate to your niche. Choose the ones that are most ...
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Tips from the Podcast Pros: Creating a Successful Corporate Podcast

Guest post from Lois Herzeca and Rob Sanchez, MouthMedia Network The head of corporate training at a global company called us in a panic. He had a mandate to deliver a new training program using podcasts. His internal training team had developed and executed a podcast series for their sales teams and recently launched it across the company. The results were in - and it was devastating. The sales teams were tuning in to the podcast, but they had an average drop off rate of 85% after the first 2 minutes! We agreed to review their podcast series and see if we could help. What did we find? The first 5 minutes of each episode consisted of routine corporate announcements, followed by a reading of legal disclaimers. The next few minutes were speaker biographies. It took almost 12 minutes before any interesting or useful content was delivered! No wonder the employees were dropping off after the first few minutes! We sat with the company’s training team and offered them guidance and support. We began by emphasizing that each podcast episode, even a corporate training session, is essentially a story. And not just a story - it has to be adapted to the medium of audio. It has to engage the listener, particularly in today’s multidimensional environment where listeners are busy and have competing demands during their workday, their time with family and friends, and their personal leisure time. A good podcast episode engages the listener within the first 30 seconds. We suggested that the team move the announcements and legal disclaimers to the end (or the middle for critical announcements) of each episode. And, importantly, we suggested that they begin each episode with a 30 second key takeaway that would instantly engage the audience. We then carefully addressed each aspect ...
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The Benefits of Podcasting in Business with Lauren Smith of St. James’s Place

Click here to watch the full video interview with Lauren Smith of St. James's Place [audio src="" /] Click here to listen the full audio interview with Lauren Smith of St. James's Place Keeping your employees connected and engaged with your company’s initiatives, goals, and training is at the heart of internal communication strategies. Companies also strive to not just grow their brand’s market share, but also to become a thought leader in their given field. St James’s Place Wealth Management discovered that the accessible, intimate medium of podcasting allows them to achieve and excel in both of these areas. Read on to learn how St. James's Place has incorporated private podcasts and company branded podcasts into their place of work. Based in Cirencester, England, St James’s Place established their foothold in podcasting in 2019. SJP’s Content Strategist Lauren Smith explained that while they started with two channels, St. James’s Place has now grown to host five podcast channels. “We launched two podcasts in September (last year) and now we have five. So they really blossomed over that time, which is a testament to their popularity and potential. We have five podcasts in total. Four of them are internal. I’m responsible for two of them from the investment division." Their company branded podcast, “Tomorrow Comes Today”, serves as a vehicle for St. James’s Place to grow in the public eye as an authority in the wealth management space. “That’s one of our two flagship content formats where famous guests will join with internal experts to explore the trends and ideas that are shaping the space that we’re in. The purpose behind that one is to help establish SJP as a thought leader and increase our reach/visibility among our target audiences and really be part of the conversations that the industries ...
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How a Podcast Can Help Your Business Grow

With more than half the population listening to podcasts, this is a medium businesses can’t ignore. Every business assumes they need a blog; today’s businesses should also be considering what a podcast (or podcasts) can do for them. We’ll explore some of the ways businesses are using podcasts and how they’re helping with today’s business challenges to move companies successfully into the future. Company Branded Podcasts: Telling the Story of Your Business People learn from stories, not statistics. According to this informative piece from Harvard Business, “storytelling forges connections among people, and between people and ideas”. They open up people to learning and convey complex ideas well. This helps “solidify relationships in a way that factual statements encapsulated in bullet points or numbers don’t.” Most importantly, stories stick--with research showing facts are up to 20x more likely to be remembered if they’re part of a story. What this means for your business is that if you want to convey a message or engage potential (and current) customers, build loyalty, and promote the why behind products and services, your most effective method is probably storytelling. And, stories told via audio have even greater “stickiness” and meaning. As humans, the words themselves are only a small part of our understanding. Tone of voice, inflection and audio cues tune us into so much more. And, they provide the intimacy and connection that reading does not. Branded podcasts share stories in a way that advertising can’t capture. They help us connect with why the work a company does matters or what issues they’re solving. They give us a connection to their people, mission, etc. A podcast is quite different from a commercial as the “sell” is subtle. It is more about building connections and a long-term relationship as well as reputation and ethos. The ...
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Podbean introduces brand new feature, Fan Club, for Podbean Live!

Fan Club is a group of your loyal fans in Podbean Live. You can earn more revenue with your Fan Club and boost engagement with them. You can earn money when listeners pay to join the fan club and they enjoy being part of the special group that supports you and the work you’re doing. Fan Club members can also gain various privileges, such as priority on the call-in list, a unique member label, special emojis, and a cool entry visual effect. Here’s how to enable Fan Club in Podbean Live. How To Start a Fan Club for Your Live Podcast with Podbean Live *Note that Fan Club is only available to Level 2 hosts and above. You can become a level 2 host by continuing to raise your engagement score. Check out our Support article in the description on how to raise your engagement score and host level. First, we’ll go over how to enable Fan Club from your desktop browser.
  1. Log into your Podbean account.
  2. On the left hand column, click the Live Stream button.
  3. Click the Fan Club button.
  4. Click the Activate button.

Fan Club should now be enabled for your livestream account. Now, we’ll go over how to enable Fan Club from the Podbean iOS and Android App.
  1. Open the Podbean app and log in using your name and password.
  2. At the bottom right corner, click Profile.
  3. Click the Live icon.
  4. Click the three dots next to Achievement, then click the Fan Club button.
  5. Click the Activate button.

Fan Club should now be enabled for your livestream account. HOW FANS JOIN FAN CLUB After you activate your Fan Club, your fans and listeners can join your Fan Club in three ways:
  1. The first way is as follows:
    1. During a livestream, click the host’s profile photo.
    2. click the Fan Club button.
    3. Click the Join ...
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How Collaborative Corporate Podcasts Helped One Company Reach Ambitious Goals

Better Communications, Better Results A Fortune 500, international banking organization with ambitious goals for their business realized how podcasting might help them. From exploration to implementation and expansion, their story offers valuable insights about how companies can benefit from podcasting. Why Corporate Podcasts? The Needs With an international team and plans to continue expanding, along with the need to be abreast of industry trends, customer/business needs, regulations and so much more, communication is essential. Team members need information at their fingertips. They need to be able to access knowledge quickly and easily. The company understood more meetings were not the answer, especially with divergent time zones and busy schedules. They wanted to enable people with the knowledge and information they need, without creating more barriers or headaches. Most importantly, for the business to grow efficiently, team members need to be able to share knowledge. Like many businesses, this company struggled with easily distributing this flow of information and leveraging the internal knowledge they have. This needed to be easy, efficient, and collaborative. Collaboration: Empowering the Flow of Knowledge The company launched their podcast program using Podbean’s Unlimited Enterprise Solution. With enhanced team member functionality, they can empower all their departments and locations to create podcasts and share them with anyone in the organization. Each channel user has administrative power so that there are no barriers to creating and sharing content. They can easily add different admins to assist with creating and managing the podcasts. The collaboration tools have really broken down the barriers to knowledge sharing in the organization. Information is flowing from all levels so that things are no longer siloed within a department or geography. Employees in the Asian and European offices create podcasts that are being listened to by employees in North America and so on. This ...
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