New, Improved Podbean Podcast Player

Player Podbean

We’ve made some listener and podcaster-friendly upgrades to our Podbean podcast player. These improvements include:

1.Added quick skip forward and back buttons (i.e. fast forward and rewind). Listeners can go back or skip forward 30 seconds.

quick skip forward and back buttons

2.Play speed options. Listen at 0.75 speed, normal speed, 1.25, 1.5 or 2x.

Play speed

3.More share options. In addition to buttons to share to social networks, listeners can click “subscribe” and will be brought to the podcast’s subscribe page (where they can subscribe via the Podbean app or via RSS feed).

subscribe button

subscribe page

They can also click the link icon to copy the link, or the embed icon to get the embed code.

share link in embedded player

embed code

Podbean’s Newest Embeddable Podcast Players

We’ve upgraded our embeddable podcast players to offer even more great options for Podbean podcasters!

For embedding a single audio episode, we now offer a square player along with the standard rectangular option. Simply go to “Publish”->”Episodes” and click on “Share and Embed” to see the player options.

We’ve upgraded the multi-track player to be better than ever also! Go to “Settings”->”Player”->Embeddable Podcast Player, for the HTML5, responsive, mobile-friendly player. This player updates instantly with your latest episodes!

Some of the great features of this player include:

  • Scrollable episode list (the most recent episode shows prominently at the top with an episode list at the bottom that users can scroll through to listen to older episodes)
  • A social share button at the top, making it easy for fans to share your content
  • A full screen option
  • Responsive design automatically adjusts for different size screens and mobile viewing
  • Customization: choose color, size (standard options or custom), font, show/hide the share button, and auto play off/on. Click “more options” to customize.


We hope you love the new players! You can contact us at with any questions.