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Podbean’s Newest Embeddable Podcast Players

We’ve upgraded our embeddable podcast players to offer even more great options for Podbean podcasters!

For embedding a single audio episode, we now offer a square player along with the standard rectangular option. Simply go to “Publish”->”Episodes” and click on “Share and Embed” to see the player options.

We’ve upgraded the multi-track player to be better than ever also! Go to “Settings”->”Player”->Embeddable Podcast Player, for the HTML5, responsive, mobile-friendly player. This player updates instantly with your latest episodes!

Some of the great features of this player include:

  • Scrollable episode list (the most recent episode shows prominently at the top with an episode list at the bottom that users can scroll through to listen to older episodes)
  • A social share button at the top, making it easy for fans to share your content
  • A full screen option
  • Responsive design automatically adjusts for different size screens and mobile viewing
  • Customization: choose color, size (standard options or custom), font, show/hide the share button, and auto play off/on. Click “more options” to customize.


We hope you love the new players! You can contact us at support.podbean.com with any questions.

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  1. I am very pleased with this upgrade.

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