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Podbean Optimizes Video Player for Podcast Websites with Mini Player and More

Alongside Podbean’s brand new podcast website themes, we’ve also optimized our video players. These optimizations are sleek and allow listeners to easily watch your podcast videos* while navigating through your podcast website. 

*Note that uploading videos to your podcast is available on our Unlimited Plus and above tiers. Click here to learn more about Podbean’s video podcasting services.

1. The feel of the video player has been updated to a modern, sleek framing.

2. Mini Player – With the miniplayer, users can switch between pages on your podcast website and the video will continue playing at the bottom right corner.

3. Users can expand the mini player to normal size and watch the video in a full, visual capacity.

4. For mobile browsers, the video player will stay at the top of the page. 

How to Set Up a New Podcast Website

In your Podbean dashboard, go to Distribution–>Podcast Website. Click on any theme. You can view it to learn more and see examples with different options. Click “Activate Now” when you have picked a theme. Then, you can begin customizing it with simple point and click editing.

If you have any questions, contact our Support team anytime at help.podbean.com

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