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Podbean Adds Enhancements to The Podbean App – Music, Production, and More!

Podbean has released a new version of the Podbean Podcast App, with significant optimizations regarding the workflow for recording and publishing. 

1. Add Intro/Outro Music 

2. Enhanced Post-Production

3. Season Number and Episode Type For Mobile

1. Add Intro/Outro Music

You can select intro and/or outro music from Podbean’s royalty free music library to add to your podcast recording. 

  1. Once you’re done recording your podcast in the Podbean App, navigate to the Recording page. 
  2. Tap the Add Intro/Outro button
  3. Click on any track’s image to listen to the music. Click the “+” next to any track to add it to your intro/outro music list. 
  4. Tap the three dots at the top right of the Podbean App. 
  5. Tap and hold on the three lines next to any track (recording or intro/outro music) to re-order the tracks.
    1. Make sure that your intro music is above your recorded audio and your outro music is below your recorded audio before merging your tracks.
  6. Once the tracks are in order, tap the check circles on the left of the audio files that you wish to merge.
  7. Click Merge.
  8. You should now have a brand new file that is the combination of all of the merged files. 

2. Enhanced Post-Production

Our enhanced post editing allows you to remove unwanted parts of your recording. 

  1. Once you’ve completed your recording in the Podbean App, tap the three dots next to the recording title. 
  2. Tap the Edit button to clip the recording. 
  3. Drag the green line and the red line to cut out the segments between them. 
  4. Click Cut Out to remove the desired section of the recording.
  5. Click Save.

3. Season Number and Episode Type For Mobile

For directories that support season number and episode types, you can now input these fields on the Podbean App when you’re uploading your recorded show. 

  1. When you’re uploading your show from the Podbean App, tap the Advanced Options button.
  2.  Tap on the season number or episode number to insert the season and/or episode number. You can also set the episode type as Full, Trailer, or Bonus.
    1. Full (default): Specify full when you are submitting a standard podcast episode.
    2. Trailer:  Specify trailer when you are submitting a short, promotional piece of content that represents a preview of your current show.
    3. Bonus: Specify bonus when you are submitting extra content for your show.
      Example: behind the scenes information or interviews with the cast or cross-promotional content for another show.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team anytime at help.podbean.com.

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