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Podbean Announces VIP Program 

Bringing Your Podcast to the Ads Marketplace

New York, NY (March 8, 2023)  Podbean announced today the launch of their exclusive VIP Program designed to connect podcasts with large audiences in the Podbean Ads Marketplace.  Members of the VIP Program will receive free hosting and access to unlimited podcast channels as well as unlimited bandwidth and storage. The intention of the program is to allow podcasters the ability to focus on creating compelling content while Podbean will prioritize monetization and bringing in ad revenue.

Listen to the Podcasting Smarter episode about the VIP Program here.

Podbean CEO, David Xu commented on the announcement, “As a leader in the space, we understand the future of podcast advertising and the needs of our creators. With this new program, not only will Podbean promote your podcast to thousands of advertisers and provide you with demographic analytic data, but we are also offering access to our customer success team and regular free training on podcast creation and promotion. This program is a game changer for creators and will elevate their podcasts to the next level.”

The Podbean VIP program is by invitation only to large volume podcasts meeting marketable content criteria; podcasts with a minimum of 10,000 downloads per month, and content that complies with Podbean’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy- more information can be found here), and is not targeted towards children. To become a member, your podcast must commit to staying on the Podbean platform and opt in to our Programmatic Ads programs. But don’t worry, we don’t require exclusivity, so you can still get ads from other sources.

Take your podcast to the next level with Podbean’s VIP program by submitting your application here

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  1. I have never used this VIP program. however I see many people rate it very positively

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