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Fighting For Ukraine Podcast Marks 1-year Anniversary

New York, NY (March 13, 2023)

Podbean announced today the “Fighting for Ukraine: On the Ground with Yuriy Matsarsky” podcast has officially marked one year.  “Fighting For Ukraine” is produced by Stevie Manns and hosted by Yuriy Matsarsky who was working as a radio journalist when Russia invaded Ukraine. Yuriy’s depiction of the world around him is a real, unfettered and emotional peek inside the lives of Ukrainian civilians, many of whom traded their day jobs to become soldiers and fight for the country they love. 

With over 130 episodes, “Fighting For Ukraine” debuted on March 9, 2022 featuring short, regular dispatches from the frontline. However, unlike other podcasts and reports, host Yuriy Matsarsky is also a soldier for his native Ukraine, fighting for his country.  Regular listeners come to realize that when the podcast is absent of new episodes for a few days, it’s because Yuriy has been sent to a new location in Ukraine to fight. 

Fighting For Ukraine” Producer, Stevie Manns commented on the anniversary, “Yuriy is doing something truly unique. The quality of his storytelling and level of realness from the trenches is as compelling as it is human. When the war is over, hopefully sooner rather than later, Yuriy wants to tell stories about the rebuilding of his country.”

“Yuriy’s courageous work and captivating storytelling on the frontlines is authentic,” added David Xu, Podbean CEO.  “The service he provides by sharing daily updates to the rest of the world while under immense pressure and danger, exudes an undefinable bravery that deserves the utmost respect and recognition. Podbean is proud to be the hosting sponsor for the ‘Fighting for Ukraine’ podcast.”

To donate to Yuriy’s efforts: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-yuriys-family

Fighting For Ukraine can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts.

About Yuri Matsarsky:

Yuriy is a Ukrainian journalist based in Kyiv who has spent most of his professional media career covering warzones. Now he finds himself in one and the battle is his. Yuriy has put down his journalist pen and picked up a rifle to protect his country against the Russian invasion. 

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