Podbean Announces Unlisted Mode for Private Live Streaming and Remote Recording

Podbean Live, Podbean’s Free Audio Live Streaming Platform, Now Offers Unlisted Mode for Invitation-Only Streaming and Remote Recording with Co-hosts and Guests

Podbean has added an “unlisted mode” to its audio live streaming platform (Android, iOS, and web). Livestream hosts can now choose the visibility for their live show: public or unlisted. A public live show is listed in the Podbean app and available for anyone to join. An unlisted livestream will not be shown in the Podbean app and requires the host to share a link to invite guests, co-hosts, and listeners.

Livestreamers can use unlisted livestreams as an engaging, exclusive experience for their most dedicated listeners, members or patrons. They can also be used for teaching and discussion groups. For example, Podbean has had several churches run unlisted live streams for their bible studies and college professors lead discussion groups using Podbean Live. Book clubs and other groups around the world are meeting online with Podbean Live. 

“People are looking for easy, free ways to stay connected and continue pursuing their interests. Audio live streaming often suits those needs well and this unlisted option gives groups the ability to run their own discussion or class, with just a few clicks, “ says David Xu, CEO. “We also see this as a simple solution for podcasters to record with co-hosts and guests remotely. For anyone thinking of starting a podcast, it is one of the simplest ways to get started.”

Podbean Live’s Unlisted Mode offers an easy remote recording solution for podcast hosts and their guests. Podbean provides a recording of the live stream when it is completed. The host can automatically publish it as an episode if they host a podcast on Podbean. Or, they can download the recording to edit and repurpose as a podcast episode on any platform. Podbean Live is free and open to everyone, so podcasters can use this tool no matter where they host their podcast.

About Podbean Live

Podbean Live is a free tool for audio live streaming. Users simply need to create a login (no hosting account required) and can livestream from any computer or their phone. Listeners can join via the free Podbean app. More information can be found at https://www.podbean.com/live-stream. Podbean offers free webinars for anyone who wants to learn how to successfully run a live stream.

About Podbean 

Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting services as an industry leader since 2006. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication, live streaming, monetization, and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting platform. The Podbean community consists of over 300,000 podcasts and a rapidly expanding app-user base. Podbean’s apps for Android and iOS have reached over 1 million active monthly users.

To learn more about Podbean, visit www.podbean.com.

March Monthly Livestream Host Contest and Giveaway!

March Livestream Host Contest

It’s that time again, Livestreamers! We are proud to announce that we have once again partnered with Shure to bring you our March livestream host contest!

For March, our top live stream host will receive a Shure MV88+ portable audio-video kit.

The host with the second highest engagement score will get six free months of Podbean’s Unlimited Audio plan.

The third top livestreamer will receive three months of Podbean’s Unlimited Audio plan.

We will also be highlighting our top ten livestreamers via our social media channels!

Click here to start your own livestream at www.podbean.com/live!

Tips for Live Stream Success

Tips for Live Stream Success.jpg

We’ve gathered some of the best tips from our experiences over the past few months with Podbean Live. Whether you’re thinking about doing a live show or have already started live streaming, these can help you run successful live streams and build a larger, more engaged audience.

Set up your live stream for success

  1. Think of hot topics to cover in your live stream. What topics have you covered on your podcast that most interested listeners (highest # of downloads or most feedback)? What topics have listeners asked for? Is there a hot topic in your industry/niche right now, or a big event, product release, etc.? What’s everyone buzzing about? Is there a popular expert/guest you could have on the live stream? You can also use the live stream to make a big announcement or share some “behind the scenes” or more in-depth information.
  2. Come up with a catchy title. Once you come up with a topic that will be interesting, you need to grab listeners’ attention. Make sure the topic is clear (and easily searchable). Come up with something catchy, but not so clever that listeners won’t understand it or be able to find the live stream if they’re interested in the topic. Speaking of titles, make sure to make your nickname in Podbean Live something recognizable for your podcast, name or brand. On your home page in Podbean, you’ll see your nickname at the top left. Click the edit icon to change it.
  3. Two (or more) voices are better than one. Co-hosts or guests can make the live stream more interesting, and even encourage listeners to tune in. It’s easy for co-hosts, guests, and even listeners to call in using Podbean Live.
  4. Write an outline and prepare. Just because a live stream is a bit more spontaneous doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be well thought out. Don’t waste listeners’ time. Come up with a flow for the live show and come prepared with what you hope to cover. You might want to have extra material and ideas since you are live and things might not go as planned. Be prepared, but adaptable.
  5. Use a microphone and headphones or headset and test your audio equipment. To avoid echoing, ask all callers to use a headset as well. Here’s a video about how to use a USB mic or interface with Mac. Subscribe to the Podbean Youtube channelfor more video tutorials. Podbean also offers webinars to learn more.
  6. Be sure you have a good environment and internet connection. Try to live stream from a quiet environment where you won’t be interrupted. Test your internet connection.

Getting listeners to your live stream

  1. Schedule your live show in advance. Consider what time(s) will be best for listeners (you may even want to ask them/take a survey).
  2. Think about live streaming at a regularly scheduled time. This provides consistency and gets your listeners used to tuning in.
  3. Share your scheduled live stream on all your social media and communication channels. Under “actions” for the live show, you’ll find the share button so you can easily share to social media, via email, etc. And, don’t forget to promote your live shows in your podcast episodes! Ask listeners to follow you in the Podbean app so they will always be notified of new live shows.
  4. Encourage your followers to share too. Podbean’s live stream “engagement score” shows you a measure of how listeners are engaging with the show, and offers listeners ways to support you. One of the ways they can support you is by sharing your shows. Don’t forget to ask them to do so.
  5. Build excitement for your live streams. Don’t just share a link once and be done. Give potential listeners a hint about what will be happening or why they’d want to join. You can even build in suspense, by teasing a special announcement or guest. Ask questions and solicit listener feedback for the live stream in your social media posts.

Make your live stream awesome

  1. Consider integrating music. Podbean Live has built-in music you can use for background, intros, and interludes. Music adds atmosphere and can help with the flow of the live stream.
  2. Interact with your listeners. Thank new listeners for joining. Solicit listener comments and calls. Ask a specific question or for listeners to share an opinion on a topic you’re covering. Do a live listener “poll” or “vote”.
  3. Make it a conversation. Make sure you respond to listener comments (or assign a co-host to do so). Get a few callers on the live stream at once for a group call. Do a Q&A (respond to listener questions, ask listeners to submit questions for your guest).
  4. Minimize use of ads or promotional time in live streams. Especially while you’re building an audience, you may want to leave ads out of the live show. You can always edit ads in if you publish your live show as a podcast episode, or start adding them as you build a larger audience.
  5. Keep up a good pace. Don’t have dead air or bore listeners. This might take some time to hone, but have plenty of backup ideas and keep things moving along. Your live stream does not need to be a particular length, so if you find you don’t have enough content to keep it lively, shorten the time.
  6. Have fun with it. Podcasting is already an intimate medium. Live streaming adds another level to that intimacy and interaction. It’s a wonderful chance to have fun, try out new or more in-depth topics, experiment and create a community atmosphere. You’ll need to be adaptable, as things can change no matter how much you prepare. Have ideas in mind and don’t get stressed out. Listeners do not expect the same level of polish as they would from a podcast episode, but they like seeing your human side. Live shows can make a great blooper reel for a bonus podcast episode!
  7. Gamify it. You can even run contests or little competitions around live streams. Podbean shows listeners the level of support they’re giving to your show, including commenting, sharing, listening and sending gifts. From these actions, you see an engagement score. Take advantage of this gamification and encourage listeners to support you in the ways they prefer. This can make listening even more fun. And, you can also consider doing something such as sending top supporters podcast merch, like a sticker or pin. Or, just give them shout outs on the show.

After you’re done, analyze what worked and what didn’t. Use any listener feedback to improve. Even better, analyze results from a few live streams to test out different variables. Specifically ask listeners if they liked certain things, or if you should try something else.

Think about how you want to use live streaming in conjunction with what you’re doing with your podcast. Live streaming offers a great opportunity for listener engagement and doing new things. Think about how it might further your goals and fit into why you’re doing your podcast.

Learn more about Podbean Live and get started. It’s free and open to all podcasters!

Podbean Launches Free Livestream Service for Podcasters


Podbean Live provides opportunities for podcasts of all sizes to build audience engagement and monetize

NEW YORK, NY (Oct 9) – Podbean announces the full release of Podbean Live, their new podcast Livestream platform. The live streaming service aims to help podcasters easily expand their podcast with live audio shows to further audience interaction and add a new form of monetization.

“Podbean Live addresses some of the primary needs podcasters have shared with us. First, it is a tool to enhance the connection with the audience. Along with that comes a new opportunity to earn revenue,” shares David Xu, CEO of Podbean LLC. “We envisioned it as a virtual version of live podcast shows, which have really taken off in recent years. With Podbean Live, podcasters can set up such a virtual show without any cost and easily offer something special to their fans.”

Podbean Livestreaming is a truly interactive experience, bringing podcast listeners an opportunity to engage with their favorite podcasts and deepen the sense of community. Listeners can call in and send real-time messages during the show. The livestream host can invite multiple co-hosts and guests to join them, creating a dynamic show with ease.

Podbean Live introduces a new way for podcasters to monetize their content by allowing listeners to donate to their favorite content creators. Listeners have the option to send virtual gifts to livestream hosts, purchased with the in-app currency called “Golden Beans.” Podcasters can cash out points earned from gifts and live show ticket sales, creating a new revenue stream.

Podbean Live is now available with no added fee to all Podbean podcasters with paid hosting accounts. Other podcasters can request approval for access. After the live show, the host can publish the recording as a podcast directly in Podbean or download it for editing and post-production. To learn more about how live streaming works, check out the how-to guide.

Livestream Your Podcast – Five Reasons To Use Podbean Live

Livestream via platforms such as YouTube and Twitch has presented new opportunities for creators to engage and interact with their followers and vice versa. Podbean now brings these engagement opportunities to podcasters with Podbean Live, a new feature built specifically for you to livestream your podcast.  

Here are five reasons live streaming can be a valuable tool for your podcast:

Livestream your podcast from desktop

1. Engage with Your Listeners in a New Way

Your listeners already enjoy listening to your podcast.  With Podbean Live, your listeners can now interact with you and your show in real time.  They can send you messages via the chat function, interact with your fellow livestream listeners, and ask questions for you and your guests to answer during the livestream.  Your listeners can even call in to your livestream and can also give you gifts in real time (more to come on this later in the article).  

Get to know your listeners better and engage with them to build community and connections. This can also help you tailor your show for your audience and make it even better.

2. Invite Remote Co-hosts and Interviewees with Ease 

Co-hosting a show or recording a remote interview can be a challenge due to technology, distance and other factors.  Podbean Live removes that roadblock and allows your guests and co-hosts (up to five co-hosts/callers) to call into the show using the Podbean App from iOS and Android devices.  You can also easily send an invitation to them beforehand to join the livestream. All they need is to download the free Podbean app, if they don’t already have it, and sign up for a free account. You can effortlessly livestream interviews and have guest-hosted episodes without having to investigate and learn different call software, as all of these call features are built into the intuitive Podbean Live interface.  

You and your guests/co-hosts can use your external outboard gear (mics, headphones, interfaces) to make your audio quality even better.  Podbean strongly recommends hosts and guests use a headset or headphones and a mic to reduce echoes and background noise.

3. Monetize Your Podcast with Live Show Tickets and Virtual Gifts

Livestreaming offers a new option for monetizing your podcast, regardless of your listenership size.  By turning your podcast into a live show, you can sell virtual tickets and receive virtual gifts from your listeners.  Even with a few hundred listeners purchasing your live show tickets or giving gifts during the livestream, you have an opportunity to earn decent revenue.  If you have loyal fans, Podbean Live is a great way for your fans to support you financially while getting something new and exciting. And…it’s a smart way to earn revenue as it has multiple benefits and the content can be repurposed. So, you gain the revenue potential without a lot of wasted effort.

4. Use Your Live Shows To Host Special Events 

What if you’re planning a special event?  Perhaps an anniversary special or an exclusive guest spot that you want to celebrate beyond just an interview?

Podbean Live allows you to schedule your streams for future dates.  Blast the date and time of your livestream to your followers to ensure the maximum amount of participants.  This also allows your listeners to plan ahead and schedule time into their calendar. You can create buzz for your upcoming event and get listeners excited and sharing it too.

You may even consider livestreaming at conventions or ticketed live shows.  Your followers who can’t be with you in person don’t have to miss out. It’s a great way to extend your participation in conventions or conferences.

5. Turn Your Livestream into a Podcast Episode with a Few Simple Clicks

Along with all these benefits, Podbean Live lets you repurpose your content. When you’re done your livestream, it can become evergreen content for current and future listeners to enjoy.

Once you’ve ended your livestream, Podbean Live’s interface allows you to publish your livestream as an episode directly to your podcast, or download the audio so you can edit the audio and insert transitions.  

You can publish your livestream immediately as a new podcast episode in Podbean, cutting down your turnaround time for new content.  You can also download it, back it up to an external hard drive and keep it for your records. You can then do any post-production work you’d like and upload it to whatever podcasting platform you use. This also allows you to stay in control of your content and make the edits necessary for the most professional sounding podcast.  Either option can be worked into your podcasting plan, both expanding the range of what you provide your listeners and continuing to build your podcast catalogue.

Podcast livestreams are a new frontier.  Podbean Live gives you the tools you need to delve in and succeed with this opportunity. By adding podcast livestreaming to your plan, you can grow and interact with your podcast in ways you never could before.  

Learn more about Podbean Live and its monetization system here!

Podbean Livestream Show Schedule – 09/20-09/30


Podbean Live, our new livestream platform, has just been beta released for our pre-registered podcasters! Our live streaming podcast service aims to help podcasters easily expand their podcast with live audio shows to further audience interaction and add a new form of monetization.  Best of all, Podbean Live is available to any podcaster for free.

Every Monday, we will be releasing a blog post highlighting this week’s scheduled live podcasts in various categories.

Here’s your week of Livestream podcasts for the week of September 23, 2019.  
*Note: All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). After this blog, these highlights will be posted on Mondays and will highlight episodes scheduled from Monday-Sunday of a given week. Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how to submit your livestream podcast episode. 

Places and Travel

  • Geopats Podcast
    Date/Time: Thursday September 26, 2019; 7:00 AM
    About the Podcast: Geopats podcast aims to scratch your cultural curiosity itch with many themed shows. In this first live we are talking to American Expat Nicole Palazzo of the Expat Cast Podcast about podcasting abroad, her live plans for International Podcast Day and so much more. Geopats.podbean.com


  • The Hop Heads Guide Podcast
    Date/Time: Friday September 20, 2019; 9:00 PM
    About the Podcast: The Hop Head’s Guide to the Galaxy Podcast isn’t just a craft beer podcast. It’s an insight into all things craft culture. Craft distilleries, cigars, and food. The Hop Heads discussions about sports, pop culture, and travel will entertain and expand your mind. So sit back, get ready to laugh and let the Hop Head’s Guide your way through the galaxy.


  • Radio Underland Live
    Date/Time: Monday September 23, 2019; 11:00 PM
    About the Podcast: After 2 years underground the Boys (and Missie) are coming out of the internet closet to make the show public. After being sued, kicked off Youtube, and Soundcloud against their Attorneys advice they are going public. To be apart of the circus and watch it unfold live go to our link and tune in Tuesday nights at 8pm PST.
  • MJ And The Boys
    Date/Time: Monday September 30, 2019; 6:30 PM
    About the Podcast: A free weekly comedic podcast featuring discussions on music, movies, TV, weird news, pop culture, and life.


  • Trent 365
    Date/Time: Sunday September 22, 2019; 7:00 AM
    About the Podcast: Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.


  • Aimee Cabo on The Cure
    Date/Time: Friday September 20, 2019; 3:00 PM
    About the Podcast: The Cure is a place for healing, support and to join survivors and health professionals that can help and give advice. Visit https://godisthecure.com

News & Politics

  • Relentless Daring
    Date/Time: Sunday September 22, 2019; 11:00 PM
    About the Podcast: Irreverent breakdown on the news and body politic, from a right leaning perspective.

  • The Bob and Bob Show
    Date/Time: Saturday September 21, 2019; 12:00 PM
    About the Podcast: Podcast that attempts to bring people back to reality, with commentary on political and real world issues.

Religion and Spirituality 

  • Catholic Chat with Fr. Cody
    Date/Time: Thursday September 26, 2019; 9:00 PM
    About the Podcast: A podcast about Catholic topics to help you grow in your faith.

  • Shiloh Baptist Church New Site
    Date/Time: Sunday September 22, 2019; 10:30 AM
    About the Podcast: Welcome to the Shiloh New Site podcast. Our church is located at 525 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg, Virginia 22404. We hope that you enjoy the messages provided here. Please visit our website for more information about our Ministries. www.shilohnewsite.com
  • 5iveminutesofInspiration
    Date/Time: Saturday September 21, 2019; 5:00 PM
    About the Podcast: Our mission at 5iveMinutes is a commitment to bringing uplifting and encouraging inspiration to God’s Beautiful people through the Gospel of Christ

Society & Culture

  • TheGrindLeague
    Date/Time: Friday September 20, 2019; 4:20 PM
    About the Podcast: A little politics, a little religion, a little sports, a little music, and a lot of fun all on top of some serious self examination.

  • The Jason and Mindy Podcast
    Date/Time: Friday September 20, 2019; 7:00 PM
    About the Podcast: An informative and entertaining break from life’s daily grind.

  • Unapologetic Poetic Show
    Date/Time: Sunday September 22, 2019; 8:00 PM
    About the Podcast: The Unapologetic Poetic Show discusses different topics related to the Black Culture and society. A weekly show is uploaded to keep the Black community abreast and striving towards success.

Sports and Recreation

  • The Armchair Bookers Podcast
    Date/Time: Tuesday September 24, 2019; 10:30 PM
    About the Podcast: The Armchair Bookers Podcast brings to you a weekly episodic wrestling analysis by five avid wrestling fans. The Armchair Bookers Podcast brings you hot button topics, interviews with your favorite (or our favorite, really) names and minds from all walks of the wrestling landscape.
  • Sports Kings NFL Weekly Countdown Show
    Date/Time: Saturday September 28, 2019; 9:00 PM
    About the Podcast: The Sports Kings Podcast with David Ramon, MeanGene “The Sports Machine” and the Sports Queen Dolores Lozano
  • SRB Media Podcasts
    Date/Time: Monday September 23, 2019; 2:50 PM
    About the Podcast: All new podcasts recorded on srbradio.com.
  • JetUp Bleeding Green Podcast
    Date/Time: Wednesday September 25, 2019; 7:00 PM
    About the Podcast: Michael Pallas will bring you the latest news and opinions on the New York Jets every Thursday.The Armchair Bookers Podcast brings to you a weekly episodic wrestling analysis by five avid wrestling fans. The Armchair Bookers Podcast brings you hot button topics, interviews with your favorite (or our favorite, really) names and minds from all walks of the The Armchair Bookers Podcast
    Date/Time: Tuesday September 24, 2019; 10:30 PM
    About the Podcast: The Sports Kings Podcast with David Ramon, MeanGene “The Sports Machine” and the Sports Queen Dolores Lozano
  • Sports Kings NFL Weekly Countdown Show
    Date/Time: Saturday September 28, 2019; 9:00 PM
    About the Podcast: The Sports Kings Podcast with David Ramon, MeanGene “The Sports Machine” and the Sports Queen Dolores Lozano
  • SRB Media Podcasts
    Date/Time: Monday September 23, 2019; 2:50 PM
    About the Podcast: All new podcasts recorded on srbradio.com.
  • JetUp Bleeding Green Podcast
    Date/Time: Wednesday September 25, 2019; 7:00 PM
    About the Podcast: Michael Pallas will bring you the latest news and opinions on the New York Jets every Thursday.

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