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Podbean Announces Unlisted Mode for Private Live Streaming and Remote Recording

Podbean Audio Live Streaming and Remote Podcast Recording

Podbean Live, Podbean’s Free Audio Live Streaming Platform, Now Offers Unlisted Mode for Invitation-Only Streaming and Remote Recording with Co-hosts and Guests

Podbean has added an “unlisted mode” to its audio live streaming platform (Android, iOS, and web). Livestream hosts can now choose the visibility for their live show: public or unlisted. A public live show is listed in the Podbean app and available for anyone to join. An unlisted livestream will not be shown in the Podbean app and requires the host to share a link to invite guests, co-hosts, and listeners.

Livestreamers can use unlisted livestreams as an engaging, exclusive experience for their most dedicated listeners, members or patrons. They can also be used for teaching and discussion groups. For example, Podbean has had several churches run unlisted live streams for their bible studies and college professors lead discussion groups using Podbean Live. Book clubs and other groups around the world are meeting online with Podbean Live. 

“People are looking for easy, free ways to stay connected and continue pursuing their interests. Audio live streaming often suits those needs well and this unlisted option gives groups the ability to run their own discussion or class, with just a few clicks, “ says David Xu, CEO. “We also see this as a simple solution for podcasters to record with co-hosts and guests remotely. For anyone thinking of starting a podcast, it is one of the simplest ways to get started.”

Podbean Live’s Unlisted Mode offers an easy remote recording solution for podcast hosts and their guests. Podbean provides a recording of the live stream when it is completed. The host can automatically publish it as an episode if they host a podcast on Podbean. Or, they can download the recording to edit and repurpose as a podcast episode on any platform. Podbean Live is free and open to everyone, so podcasters can use this tool no matter where they host their podcast.

About Podbean Live

Podbean Live is a free tool for audio live streaming. Users simply need to create a login (no hosting account required) and can livestream from any computer or their phone. Listeners can join via the free Podbean app. More information can be found at https://www.podbean.com/live-stream. Podbean offers free webinars for anyone who wants to learn how to successfully run a live stream.

About Podbean 

Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting services as an industry leader since 2006. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication, live streaming, monetization, and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting platform. The Podbean community consists of over 300,000 podcasts and a rapidly expanding app-user base. Podbean’s apps for Android and iOS have reached over 1 million active monthly users.

To learn more about Podbean, visit www.podbean.com.

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