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Livestream Your Podcast – Five Reasons To Use Podbean Live

Livestream via platforms such as YouTube and Twitch has presented new opportunities for creators to engage and interact with their followers and vice versa. Podbean now brings these engagement opportunities to podcasters with Podbean Live, a new feature built specifically for you to livestream your podcast.  

Here are five reasons live streaming can be a valuable tool for your podcast:

Livestream your podcast from desktop

1. Engage with Your Listeners in a New Way

Your listeners already enjoy listening to your podcast.  With Podbean Live, your listeners can now interact with you and your show in real time.  They can send you messages via the chat function, interact with your fellow livestream listeners, and ask questions for you and your guests to answer during the livestream.  Your listeners can even call in to your livestream and can also give you gifts in real time (more to come on this later in the article).  

Get to know your listeners better and engage with them to build community and connections. This can also help you tailor your show for your audience and make it even better.

2. Invite Remote Co-hosts and Interviewees with Ease 

Co-hosting a show or recording a remote interview can be a challenge due to technology, distance and other factors.  Podbean Live removes that roadblock and allows your guests and co-hosts (up to five co-hosts/callers) to call into the show using the Podbean App from iOS and Android devices.  You can also easily send an invitation to them beforehand to join the livestream. All they need is to download the free Podbean app, if they don’t already have it, and sign up for a free account. You can effortlessly livestream interviews and have guest-hosted episodes without having to investigate and learn different call software, as all of these call features are built into the intuitive Podbean Live interface.  

You and your guests/co-hosts can use your external outboard gear (mics, headphones, interfaces) to make your audio quality even better.  Podbean strongly recommends hosts and guests use a headset or headphones and a mic to reduce echoes and background noise.

3. Monetize Your Podcast with Live Show Tickets and Virtual Gifts

Livestreaming offers a new option for monetizing your podcast, regardless of your listenership size.  By turning your podcast into a live show, you can sell virtual tickets and receive virtual gifts from your listeners.  Even with a few hundred listeners purchasing your live show tickets or giving gifts during the livestream, you have an opportunity to earn decent revenue.  If you have loyal fans, Podbean Live is a great way for your fans to support you financially while getting something new and exciting. And…it’s a smart way to earn revenue as it has multiple benefits and the content can be repurposed. So, you gain the revenue potential without a lot of wasted effort.

4. Use Your Live Shows To Host Special Events 

What if you’re planning a special event?  Perhaps an anniversary special or an exclusive guest spot that you want to celebrate beyond just an interview?

Podbean Live allows you to schedule your streams for future dates.  Blast the date and time of your livestream to your followers to ensure the maximum amount of participants.  This also allows your listeners to plan ahead and schedule time into their calendar. You can create buzz for your upcoming event and get listeners excited and sharing it too.

You may even consider livestreaming at conventions or ticketed live shows.  Your followers who can’t be with you in person don’t have to miss out. It’s a great way to extend your participation in conventions or conferences.

5. Turn Your Livestream into a Podcast Episode with a Few Simple Clicks

Along with all these benefits, Podbean Live lets you repurpose your content. When you’re done your livestream, it can become evergreen content for current and future listeners to enjoy.

Once you’ve ended your livestream, Podbean Live’s interface allows you to publish your livestream as an episode directly to your podcast, or download the audio so you can edit the audio and insert transitions.  

You can publish your livestream immediately as a new podcast episode in Podbean, cutting down your turnaround time for new content.  You can also download it, back it up to an external hard drive and keep it for your records. You can then do any post-production work you’d like and upload it to whatever podcasting platform you use. This also allows you to stay in control of your content and make the edits necessary for the most professional sounding podcast.  Either option can be worked into your podcasting plan, both expanding the range of what you provide your listeners and continuing to build your podcast catalogue.

Podcast livestreams are a new frontier.  Podbean Live gives you the tools you need to delve in and succeed with this opportunity. By adding podcast livestreaming to your plan, you can grow and interact with your podcast in ways you never could before.  

Learn more about Podbean Live and its monetization system here!

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