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How To Review Your Spotify Podcast Statistics

Since Spotify began including podcasts on their platform, podcast listening has booomed there. With changes to their app to highlight podcasts, you can expect they will continue to be an important player in podcasting. Podbean and most podcast hosting companies developed partnerships with them, meaning you can submit your podcast directly through your hosting company.

Learn more about submitting your podcast to various directories and other best practices for promoting your podcast.

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Spotify Download Statistics

If you submitted via your podcast hosting company, you will typically get some Spotify stats in your hosting dashboard.

Podbean was selected to be part of Spotify’s passthrough program, which means your content is fed to them via your RSS feed much like most podcatchers. This offers a few benefits to podcasters, including Spotify statistics being measured and displayed in the same fashion as other downloads. Here’s more on viewing your Spotify Statistics in Podbean.

In Podbean stats, you can view sources of downloads, including Spotify, under “user agents”.

More Show Analytics in Spotify for Creators

Spotify also provides direct access to their specific performance statistics. You will need to open a Spotify account if you don’t already have one (can be created for free on www.spotify.com/us/signup/) and follow the steps below to verify your show(s).

  1. Log into Spotify for Podcasters.
    This will be connected to a Spotify account, so please make sure you are logging in with the account you want to be associated with your podcast
  2. Click on the “Add Your Podcast” link on the side bar.
  3. Add the RSS feed for your podcast that is already on their platform.
  4. Verify that you own the podcast.
    They will send a verification code to the email address in the RSS feed so check that email for your code.
  5. Type in the verification code.
  6. ID additional metadata associated with your podcast (country, language, categories).
  7. Press Submit. You will then have access to their analytics for this podcast here, along with your download statistics in your hosting platform.

You will be able to gain access to multiple individual podcasts via this feature. Similarly, the rest of your podcast team can access the statistics for specific podcasts as well, as long as they have access to the email address in the RSS feed.

For questions about creator show verification or Spotify analytics, contact their support team at podcasters-support@spotify.com. You can also visit Podbean’s Help Center for tutorials, FAQs and to reach our Support team.

Shannon has been working in marketing and communications for over 15 years, helping businesses communicate their messages and build community. She is Podbean’s Director of Communications and Corporate Podcast Specialist. Shannon has extensive experience in blogging, digital marketing, writing, editing, and public relations.

15 comments on “How To Review Your Spotify Podcast Statistics

  1. I’ve never seen stats for Spotify in my Podbean account. I have to view them in Spotify.

    • Shannon Martin, Podbean

      Did you sign up with Spotify via Podbean? If you submitted to Spotify outside of Podbean, you won’t see the stats as you aren’t connected through the Spotify API which feeds those back. If you did sign up through Podbean, they will be included amongst all your other download stats. Spotify is one user agent (if it isn’t one of your top ones, you may not see it in the graph, but can click more to see the breakdown).

      • No, my podcast was on Spotify prior to me joining Podbean. It’s disappointing that it’s so difficult to truly track statistics. I thank you for your response.

  2. Shannon Martin, Podbean

    Ah yes, so that means you are not on there through the passthrough partnership/API. I believe we could get you switched over–you can contact Spotify support to check what needs to be done if you want to sign up via Podbean but already are listed on Spotify to be sure it’s seamless. That way, not only would Spotify’s stats get passed back into all your other stats, but you could also (even if a future consideraion) benefit from any dynamic ads you ever participate in for Spotify listens. https://help.podbean.com/support/solutions/articles/25000014165-viewing-spotify-statistics-for-your-podcast

    • I appreciate the insight. I don’t want to mess anything up. I may look into it when I have the time. Lord knows that whatever can go wrong has gone wrong since I moved from Blogtalkradio. I just don’t have confidence that they’re trying over there. I like Podbean though. It seems like a forward-thinking company.

      • John Kiernan

        Thanks for the kind words, Quincy! Again, any questions you have you can always feel free to reach out to us also. We always try to be forward thinking, but we also can definitely communicate as much as possible. Have a great one and happy podcasting!

  3. Cody Littleton

    Hi Shannon,

    When I follow the steps listed above the final result is Spotify telling me that my podcast is already added and does not give me access to the stats or list it under my podcasts. Any recommendations?


    • Shannon Martin, Podbean

      Your Spotify downloads will show in your normal Podbean stats, assuming you submitted through your Podbean dadhboard. To check the analytics they provide in addition, you should be able to see then when you login to Spotify for Podcasters. Best bet may be to reach out to Spotify Support if it’s not showing.

      • Hi podbean,

        I have tried to use further stats on spotify for podcasters and copy the RSS but i keep recieveing the message:
        Your podcast RSS feed is missing some things:
        Email address
        even though my email for my podbean and spotify accounts are the same. Please help!

  4. Shannon Martin, Podbean

    Please tech out to Podbean’s Support team and they can look into it for you. It may be something more on Spotify’s end but they can check everything and also reach out to them if things still aren’t working/you can’t get a resolution from them.

  5. Will podbean develope a way music from Spotify can be used in the podbean platforms.

    • Shannon Martin, Podbean

      That will really be up to Spotify–we’d certainly love something like that. Right now, they have provisions for music but only within their ecosystem, which I think you probably already know. Podbean has/is however also doing some work with some music providers/licensing companies to connect podcasters with options for legally using music in their podcasts.

  6. Is there a comparable connection for Apple Podcasts to get platform-specific data?

    • Roni Gosch

      Hi Katelyn! With Apple Podcasts’s setup for you to submit your feed to their directory, you do have to create an account for your podcast through their platform. That is where you’ll find their platform-specific data!

  7. Hi podbean,

    I tried to register my Podcast at spotfify but I keep recieveing the message:
    Your podcast RSS feed is missing some things:
    Email address
    Please help!

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