How to submit your podcast to PlayerFM
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How To Submit Your Podcast To PlayerFM

There’s a new directory podcasters can submit to right from their dashboard: PlayerFM! Check out this post to learn how!

Podbean is proud to announce that there’s a new directory podcasters can submit to right from their dashboard: Player FM!

Player FM is a podcast directory app available on both Android and Apple devices, and allows users to also access videos, audiobooks, interviews, and more!

Here’s how to submit your podcast to Player FM in 5 simple steps!

1. Navigate to Distribution ==> Podcast Apps on your channel dashboard.

2. Scroll down to Player FM and click the blue plus.

3. Make sure that your podcast meets the conditions listed.

4. Agree to the listed terms and conditions. 

5. Click the green “Submit to Player FM” button, and you’re done!

Once your podcast is approved and available on Player FM, your Player FM URL will be listed on this same page. You will also receive an email that contains your Player FM URL as well.
Curious about how to submit to other podcast directories? Check out our master post here!

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4 comments on “How To Submit Your Podcast To PlayerFM

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  2. Carol DelGrosso

    How do you attach your podcast branding to PlayerFM? I shared and everything is generic on PlayerFM

    • Roni Gosch

      Hi there! That’s a question to direct to PlayerFM, as they’re the experts on everything involved with their site!

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