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Podbean Partners with International Audio Drama Festival

The International Audio Drama Festival is back in Canterbury for its 9th edition, and this year’s theme is “The Floor of Heaven.” The festival takes place from March 27 to March 31, 2023, at the historic Eastbridge Hospital in Canterbury, UK. The festival has received 100 submissions from 23 countries in 27 languages, making it the only outward-looking audio drama festival in the UK.

The festival has selected 36 plays for the Long Form category and 14 for the Short Form category from the impressive list of submissions. The festival is a hybrid event that offers listeners the option to join actual listening sessions with fellow enthusiasts or listen to the plays online.

Tickets for the festival are available here.

The jury for the festival will be live, and the festival is delighted to welcome Oana Grigorescu and Stefano Gianotti, who will co-chair the event. In addition, the festival is organizing a Meet the Writer event with radio dramatist Sue Teddern at Waterstones and an online event to discuss the art and craft of audio drama worldwide.

The festival also offers awards for Long and Short Form plays, as well as the Deacon prize for a young producer, which is an excellent way to look to the future. Last year, Frances Barber gave out the awards, and this year’s presenter is yet to be announced.

Podbean is proud to sponsor the 9th International Audio Drama Festival – as the festival’s celebration of audio drama aligns with Podbean’s commitment to supporting audio content creators and their audiences.

The festival’s location, the Eastbridge Hospital, is a significant historical landmark that has welcomed pilgrims to Canterbury since 1190. The festival’s organizers encourage attendees to join them at the Eastbridge Hospital or join online through the festival’s website to listen together and share amazing stories told in incredible ways. The festival aims to make Canterbury the center of audio drama for the world for five days.

The 9th International Audio Drama Festival promises to be an exciting and unique event for audio drama enthusiasts worldwide. With its impressive lineup of plays and hybrid format, the festival offers a great opportunity to discover new talent and celebrate the art of audio drama. We look forward to seeing you at the festival, whether in-person at the Eastbridge Hospital or online.

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  1. Excellent festival with an amazing range of radio / audio drama from around the world. Highly recommended. The plays (+ scripts) are now all online and will remain there for several weeks.

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