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Podcast Movement: Evolutions 2023 Recap from Podbean (as told by Roni with video!)

We had a blast at Podcast Movement: Evolutions 2023! Check out our recap by our very own Customer Success Account Manager, Roni!

“The TLDR recap of Podcast Movement: Evolutions (also affectionally called PME) :

  • We had a great time vibing with everyone there!
  • Las Vegas is very large.
  • Norma Jean, Voice Of Podbean, did an amazing panel and we are so proud
  • Did we mention that Las Vegas Was Large? 
  • Did you have fun with PME Live? We sure did!

The not TLDR:

While others visit Las Vegas for the atmosphere or the gambling, we visited because for some reason, all of our fun podcasting friends were there that week as well! And since we were all in one location, we figured it’d be the perfect place and time to do some networking!

I’d never been to Las Vegas before, and boy howdy was I conflicted about the weather. On one hand, my home state was sitting below freezing when I left so I was happy to see any kind of warmth. On the other, though, Las Vegas’s 50*F and Nebraska’s 50*F are two very different temperatures. I came ready to walk into some desert heat, and instead I spent the week regretting not packing a jacket. 

We met and reconnected with so many great creators and vendors at PME! We have no favorites, of course, but one can’t deny that there’s something about getting breakfast with someone that makes you Best Friends (especially since it was our friends at Capsho!). Out of all the meals we had in Las Vegas, the breakfast at Denny’s (that we legitimately walked to) was a highlight.

In case you didn’t know, by the way, Las Vegas is very large. If you ever pop into the city and think to yourself, “Oh yes, I can walk there!” please know that I’m in the background shaking my head ever so slowly. We won’t judge you for catching a taxi. Save your walking for checking out the conference you’re there to visit.

Speaking of visiting, conferences have this funny way of bringing us all together – literally! At Podbean, we’re all remote workers, so conventions and conferences are the few times we get to hang out in person. No Zoom lag to make us interrupt each other, no internet to disrupt someone’s explanation of anything, it was all great! We all look forward to hanging out and catching dinner together.

One of our illustrious group, Norma Jean, also moderated the most amazing panel! We heard from quite a few people that her panel was the highlight of the conference – so if you’re emailing her any time soon, tell her congrats for putting it all together!

The coup de grace of the whole event, however, was our PME Livestream! We streamed on both Wednesday and Thursday, and we got to meet up with some fantastic folks there at the conference. Much like us, they were from all around the world and in Las Vegas to see what knowledge they could glean from their peers. (You can check out the replays of the streams here and here!)

Want to check out more con-centric livestreaming? Keep an eye on our socials and our blog for an announcement about upcoming livestream events!”

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  2. The mention of the panel moderated Garten Of Banban 4 by Norma Jean and the PME Livestream adds an extra layer of interaction and value to the event.

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