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New Report: Executive Listening Habits

More than Half of Business Owners are Regular Podcast Listeners

A new survey has shown that a majority of business owners are regular podcast listeners – with 55% saying they considered podcasts to be a regular part of their daily routine.

The study, conducted by Lower Street in partnership with ContentFX, examined the listening habits of over 500 business owners and execs in the US and UK, and found that 43% said podcasts were their primary source of information, and 36% used them to learn new things and as a tool for staying ahead of the competition. 

Those surveyed held a wide range of job titles within the business environment – including owners and founders, upper management & executives and employees. 

A similar study, conducted by MediaRadar found that 4 in 10 business owners and executives said they always listened to the ads in podcasts – and 6 in 10 said they would likely buy a product mentioned on a podcast.

The findings help to emphasize that podcasts can build trust and rapport with business owners and executives by capturing their attention with high-quality information that’s easy to understand. It also shows that podcasts can help build brand awareness, increase purchase intent and stay top-of-mind among potential customers and clients with an audience that typically has a higher level of disposable income. 

Four Ways to Reach Business Owners Today: 

Leverage the Engaged Audience: Podcast listeners tend to be highly engaged and attentive. Advertisers can leverage this attention to effectively convey their message and engage potential customers. 

Target Your Advertising to Save Money: Advertisers can use podcasts to reach this specific demographic—business owners. A targeted approach tends to be more efficient and cost-effective than broader advertising methods.

Look At Building Long Term Relationships: Consistent podcast advertising can help build long-term relationships with podcast audiences. By becoming a regular sponsor or advertiser on specific podcasts, brands can foster a sense of loyalty and recognition among listeners.

Seek Out Influencer Endorsements: Many podcasts feature hosts who have established credibility and influence within their niche. Advertisers can benefit from host-read ads or endorsements, which can be particularly persuasive to listeners.

A strategic approach to advertising is essential. This includes identifying the appropriate podcasts, tailoring the message to the right audience and medium, and understanding the preferences and behavior of podcast listeners. As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about industry trends and audience behavior is crucial for advertisers looking to maximize the impact of their campaigns.

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