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Why Your Marketing Funnel Needs a Podcast

A Recently Released Study Suggests that if Your Brand Doesn't Have a Podcast, You Could Be Missing Out.

What works at the top of the marketing funnel has changed dramatically in the past few years and a study recently released by Lowerstreet Media suggests that podcasting is emerging as one of the best tools available to build the influence of your brand. The findings paint an intriguing picture – a staggering global audience of 465 million podcast enthusiasts, a considerable portion of whom wield significant influence in the business world. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that 43% of US business leaders, spanning from entrepreneurial visionaries to top-tier executives, have integrated daily podcast consumption into their routines. Perhaps even more telling are the study’s insights into listener intent.

Leveraging the Search for Continual Learning

According to the study, A remarkable 36% of podcast aficionados cite their primary motivation as “acquiring new knowledge.” This underscores an exceptional opportunity for brands to establish themselves as hubs of wisdom and expertise. Brands can easily leverage this potential, by crafting podcasts that deliver actionable insights, decode industry trends, and share expert perspectives. In doing so, your brand becomes synonymous with continuous learning and innovation, ultimately bolstering its influence.

Actively Engage with Decision Makers

Business decision-makers, spanning the gamut from enterprising entrepreneurs to seasoned executives, are not passive consumers of podcasts; they are dynamic participants. The study found over 40% of them seamlessly integrate podcasts into their daily routines. To magnify your brand’s impact, curate content tailored explicitly to this audience. Speaking directly about their challenges, sharing stories of triumph, and presenting pragmatic solutions will trust and establish credibility, positioning your brand as a dependable resource.

This is where the inherent strength of podcasting truly shines. It’s not merely about delivering content; it’s about positioning your brand as a thought leader. Dive deep into the pulse of industry trends, delve into thought-provoking conversations, and invite industry experts to share their invaluable insights. Your podcast evolves into a platform for substantial discussions, and your brand takes center stage as a trailblazer within your sector.

Consistency is Key

Beyond the creation of relevant and engaging content, its important to ensure that you are reaching your audience regularly. With daily listening found as a hallmark of over half of the business decision makers surveyed, one of the best things you can do for buildilng your listenership and ultimately your brand influence with regular releases of new content. This fosters continued engagement and encourages repeat visits. Building a dedicated listener base may require patience, especially in the initial stages. Nevertheless, as your podcast gains traction, so too does your brand’s influence.

The results of this study not only signal a resurgence in podcasting but also mark its ascension as a strategic avenue for magnifying your brand’s influence. With an ever-expanding global audience and US business leaders broadly integrating podcasts into their daily routines, the potential for brand expansion is significant. Starting a podcast for your brand and building a dedicated listener base may require some time, experimentation and patience, especially in the initial stages. However, as your podcast gains traction, the impact on your brand’s influence will become increasingly evident, propelling it to newfound heights of authority and resonance in the ever-evolving digital arena.

What to dive deeper? The complete study and in depth analysis on its findings are available available here.

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