Enterprise Podcast Episode Ideas That You Can Implement Today

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An enterprise podcast is a great way to engage your employees and develop a positive company culture, as they are more personal than daily emails or message boards. 

They give you a prolonged amount of time in the listener’s ear so you can provide relevant information, including announcements, company updates, news, and more. 

Good content is engaging, and since you have so much time with your audience, it’s important to keep them engaged with interesting podcast episode ideas! If every podcast is the same, it can quickly become boring and defeat the purpose of the podcast itself. 

Thankfully, the podcasting format gives you a lot of room for creativity. We’ve created a list of podcast episode ideas you can implement (even in your first episode) to help keep your  podcast fresh and exciting for your employees. 

First podcast episode ideas  

So, you’ve got your podcast equipment set up. Your microphone, headphones, and recording device are all waiting for you to begin. But what do you start with? 

Starting something new can be challenging, especially if it is a new communication platform for you and your target audience. If you’re just starting an enterprise podcast at your company, it may seem a bit daunting to have to come up with interesting ideas to keep your listeners interested. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some ideas for your first podcast episode:  

Welcome your audience and introduce yourself

The first podcast episode is a great opportunity to address your audience for the first time and let them know a bit about you. 

If you’ve ever watched a talk show, the host always addresses their viewers and listeners and then briefly introduces themselves. You’re the host, so your listeners should know who you are. It’s especially important if you’re choosing the enterprise podcast format because your team works remotely. 

People are more inclined to listen to those they trust. And, while trust is built over time, providing a short intro about your role in the company and how long you’ve been there can help set your listeners at ease. You can even add a personal detail, like a favorite color, to keep it upbeat. 

Give a brief background on the podcast 

Why are you starting the podcast? In an internal communications podcast, employees may be curious about the new format so let them know that this is where they will be receiving company updates and announcements.  

Introduce the structure for each episode, and the posting schedule 

Now that you’ve introduced yourself and the reason behind the podcast, it’s a good idea to give your listeners the rundown on how each episode will be structured and when to expect new episodes. Of course, the structure may develop over time and add special episodes here and there, but try to give at least a general overview of what to expect.

If you’re still a bit unsure about how to get started, listen to other podcasters’ first episodes for more first podcast episode ideas. 

Add a personal touch

As the host, you have the opportunity to infuse bits of your personality into the podcast. Instead of trying hard to find unique podcast episode ideas, be yourself. Like writers in their stories, different speakers integrate their quirks into their speeches. 

If you like telling jokes, start off with something funny each time — even dad jokes become something to look forward to. Or, try giving a riddle at the beginning of each podcast and provide the answer at the end or in the next episode, daily newspaper style. 

This will give your listeners an incentive to keep listening and tune into the next episode.  

Future podcast episode podcast ideas  

Now that you’ve gotten your first episode down, what’s next? Here’s a list of some podcast episode ideas you can use to keep your podcast interesting and engaging. 

Once you have a steady structure going, you can keep some of these in your toolbox for later use.

Discussion panels

A discussion panel is a great way to include several guest speakers at one time and give your listeners a variety of perspectives on a certain topic. You can ask a series of questions and allow each member of the panel to answer. 

For example, if you’re looking for ways to solve a problem in the company, an enterprise podcast panel can help to bring perspectives from multiple divisions. This helps to give each department a voice and allows your employees to feel like a part of the solution, even if they are not one of the guest speakers featured.  

How-tos and Tutorials

These types of episodes can work well for any enterprise, whether you work remotely or in the office. Perhaps there have been some complaints or issues with a particular process or new feature. Creating a walkthrough is a great way to provide an accessible solution to all staff. 

Holiday-themed episodes 

Try planning some of your episodes around the holidays for some fun-themed episodes. This will help to situate your enterprise podcast in the work environment and company culture. Invite your guests to participate in some holiday-themed games and giveaways. 

This is also an opportunity to recognize other holidays and traditions you may not celebrate personally. Even if you do celebrate them, invite a guest speaker to speak about some of their favorite holiday traditions. 

This encourages diversity amongst your team and allows employees of all cultural backgrounds to feel included as part of your enterprise. 

Try different podcast lengths 

Podcast lengths can vary depending on the genre, but on average, they will be anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes. 

If all your podcasts run to a similar length, try mixing them up. Some podcast episode ideas will run longer than others; for example, a quick update or tutorial will be shorter than a discussion panel-style episode. So, using a variety will keep it interesting. 

How to come up with episode ideas  

If you’ve exhausted this list, you may be wondering how to come up with ideas for future episodes. It’s simple — research, research, research. Here are some tips: 

  • Ask your employees. The best way to know what people like is by asking them. This will also help them feel included in the process and the company as a whole. 
  • Use metrics and analytics. Data can determine which content is the most successful. One of PodBean’s hosting platform features provides you with comprehensive data so you can see what’s working. 
  • Listen to podcasts. Like great writers are often avid readers, great podcasters often listen to podcasts to keep them updated on current trends. Be aware that what may work for one company’s culture may not work for yours. 
  • Trial and error. Trying new things can be awkward and uncomfortable, but gauge the response and move forward from there. You may strike gold!


Running a podcast can be a lot of work, but planning your podcast episode ideas makes your journey a lot easier and less stressful. 
If you’re looking for the best way to implement these ideas into your enterprise podcast, try PodBean’s enterprise podcast solution to help you create the best podcast for your business.

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