What is a Podcast Manager and What Does It Do

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If you’re relatively new to the world of podcasting, you may still be learning the terminology and overall process. Podcasting involves a lot of steps, from the planning stage to the promotion stage, and starting one from scratch can be difficult, especially if you’re using the format to revamp the method of communication in your enterprise. 

If you wish you had help with recording, editing, and publishing, you should try using a podcast manager like PodBean for your enterprise podcast.

You may be asking, “what is a podcast manager, and what does it do?” If you’ve never heard of that term before, stick around – we’ll walk you through it.  

What is a podcast manager? 

From the recording stage to the promotion stage, there are a lot of extra steps in between that require your attention. In the world of podcasting, many podcasters don’t have the time or the capacity to do everything themselves. 

Some podcasters hire someone to manage their podcast and take care of all the scheduling, editing, and promoting. While this is a great way to get the job done, not everyone has the luxury of paying someone a full salary to manage and produce their podcast for them. 

Instead of hiring someone, many podcasters use a podcast manager so they can do everything themselves easily without much of a hassle. 

A podcast manager is a software platform that allows the host to manage their podcast themselves. Many software platforms will allow the host to record, edit and publish their podcasts so that listeners can then download them all within the same platform. 

The best podcast managers will have a variety of tools that act as virtual assistants to your podcast journey so you can make the best internal communications podcast for your enterprise.

What does a podcast manager do? 

As stated above, a podcast manager assists with the hosting process. It can help you do a number of things, from recording to tracking listening stats. Of course, depending on which platform you choose, there are several tools you can make use of to help make your podcasting journey easier. 

Podcasting is a lot of work, so any tools you can use to streamline your process should be welcomed. Here is a list of some of the features of podcast manager platforms:  


A podcast manager can assist you in the recording process. Recording can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have much experience working with audio or sound technology. A managing platform allows you to record your podcast within the same software you will publish it with later. 

If you don’t have the budget for fancy recording gear, plug in a set of headphones, go to a quiet space, and you can start recording directly into your smartphone or mobile device. 


No need to be a professional producer, a podcast manager can help you easily edit your podcast right after you record. Instead of doing it the fancy way by exporting large files from a digital audio workstation, the software can help you edit, crop, and choose what you want to post. 

PodBean’s fully-integrated hosting platform allows you to add music or sound effects and even blend the intro or outro all within the app. 


Once you’ve finished editing, it’s time to publish! A podcast manager will help you do so and provide you with the means to share it on other platforms with links or embeddable players. 

Also, if you’re also looking for cover art and a professional podcast website, PodBean’s podcast manager platform can help you to create that for free once you make an account. 


We are currently in the age of the live-stream, where many people enjoy being a part of things as they happen. If your podcast manager platform allows you to go live, this can be a great tool to incorporate as part of your podcast series. 

Within an internal communications podcast, a live-streamed Q&A session where listeners can call in and ask questions will make your podcast more engaging for your employees. It is also helpful to be able to track listener engagement during the stream. 

Tracking analytics

This is one of the most important features of a podcast-hosting software platform. The best way to determine if a podcast episode or series is well-received is to track the analytics afterward. While you may not be speaking to a live audience as you record your podcast, you can gauge your virtual audience’s interactions through listener data. 

If you are still in the pilot stages of your podcast, using analytics is a great way to tailor your content to what listeners respond best to and track growth. 

Which podcast manager platform should I use? 

Now that we’ve answered the question, “what does a podcast manager do?” you may be wondering how to choose the right platform. There are several platforms available, but how do you make sure you are choosing the right one for your internal communications podcast?

The right platform will depend on your needs or, in other words, your experience and time. 

Do you have experience with podcast hosting and the specifics of audio recording and editing? Do you have a team to assist you, or are you kickstarting this on your own? And finally, what is your budget, and how much time do you have on your hands? 

Ultimately, the ideal podcast manager will be one that can help you from the recording and editing stages to the publishing and promotion stages. 

With PodBean, you can do all of this from one platform. So, even if you’re not an expert in recording or editing audio, PodBean makes it easy to do this with the PodBean app. The platform also includes a live-streaming feature, where PodBean will track live engagement data during and after the podcast stream so you can look back after you’ve completed it.

PodBean’s fully-integrated podcast hosting platform allows you to record, edit, publish and track analytics all within the same software. Listeners are even able to listen and download episodes using the same platform.


PodBean is a fully-integrated podcast management platform designed to streamline the podcasting experience and make your new venture easier. From beginner to seasoned expert, PodBean can assist you and make your enterprise podcast hosting experience much easier. 
To get the tools you need for your enterprise podcast all in one platform, try PodBean’s enterprise podcast solution.

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