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10 (And A Half) New Year’s Resolutions for Podcasters for 2023

With 2023 on the horizon and concerns with what the new year will look like, you may be wondering, “What sort of New Year’s Resolutions can I set for me and my podcast?” We’ve pulled together a list of resolutions to try setting for yourself for podcasting success!

1. “I will listen to more podcasts!”

How many podcasts do you listen to each month? Do you branch out at all, or do you stick to your favorite genres and categories? Make it a New Year’s resolution to try listening to a new podcast each month that’s different from what you usually listen to – you never know what might catch your attention, or inspire the direction you’re going with your podcast! 

Also, take some time to analyze your favorite podcasts! Listen to their audio levels, speaking cadences, transitions between segments, and more. By analyzing podcasts you enjoy, you can create an even more professional podcast for your listeners.

2. “I will aim to have high-tier guests on my podcast!”

If your podcast includes interviews, make a list of your most longed-for guests and aim to issue at least one invite this year! Reaching out to people that you admire can sometimes be daunting, but through reaching out to them and inviting them to your podcast, you’re creating a relationship with them! Not only will that be something to treasure over the life of your podcast, it will also be a great avenue through which you can promote your podcast!

Having a media kit is a great tool for attracting high level guests. Check out our sample media kit and learn more about creating a podcast media kit at this link.

3. “I will go to this conference and network!”

Conferences are a great way to network and meet industry pros. They’re also great places to learn more about podcasting so you can improve your craft! Make it a podcasting New Year’s resolution to commit to attending at least one conference (virtual or in-person), so you don’t miss out on the connections and learning opportunities.

3.5. “I will speak this conference and share my experience and knowledge!”

Conferences and other such networking events feature guest speakers and panelists from all walks of life. If you find that an event you want to attend has applications open for speaking, don’t hesitate to fill one out! Not only do these speaking opportunities improve your speaking skills, they promote your podcast and elevate your content to the next level! Also, if you’re accepted as a speaker, this can also help elevate your profile and credibility in your given topic field! 

4. “I will improve my recording and editing skills!”

Recording and editing your podcast takes time and effort. You’ve probably nailed down the best process for you and your podcast. But is there an area where you’d like to improve? A facet of content creation that you think you could stand to polish? Maybe you’d like to learn how to cut down your editing time. With this podcasting New Year’s resolution, you can take the time to figure out the one area you’d like to improve in, and research some different methods that you can try to improve your recording and editing skills.

Looking for a place to start? Check out our free webinar on how to record your podcast! 

5. “I will take my podcast promotion to the next level!”

What are you doing to promote your podcast? Take stock of what methods and tools you’re already using. Figure out what new method you could introduce, or what you could do to take one of your current methods to the next level. (We also have a whole webinar available for free that talks about promotion, so if you’re struggling with what methods you can try that’s definitely the place to start!)

6. “I will better organize my content releases!”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: organization is the key to success. If you don’t already use organizational tools like planners, content calendars, or a media kit, make it a New Year’s resolution to utilize these tools to keep your and your podcast content organized. (We linked to our media kit already, but we also have a free content calendar available!)

7. “I will take better care of my gear!”

We’ve got some tips and tricks from our friends at Samson and Apogee about sanitizing and cleaning your gear, but this podcasting new year’s resolution is another reminder to keep your gear clean and properly maintained to ensure that it continues to work to its best ability. A well-maintained microphone can last years. Frequent checks of your various pieces of gear will also ensure that you’re always ready to podcast with less hiccups and technical snafus to worry about. 

8. “I will expand my brand and invest in merchandise!”

Even if you only create a few designs and post them on a print-on-demand service like Redbubble or TeePublic, this paves the path for future monetization paths while offering your listeners a way to support and represent the show. We’ve discussed before why it’s important to have merchandise for your podcast, so make it a resolution to look into creating designs for merchandise. You never know whose new favorite shirt you’ll be making! Monetizing your podcast is an essential part of continuing to grow your podcast, so this goes hand in hand with point five! 

9. “I will cultivate my podcast community!”

Once the podcast convention center has closed its doors, it’s important to cultivate the community you’ve laid the groundwork for. Reach out to other podcasters you’ve met, follow up with your interview guests, and grow the relationship you’ve made with any of your fans. This community is going to be THE place to find friends and talk about your favorite topics, and after a year with so much isolation it’s going to go above and beyond in improving your mental wellbeing. 

Who did you meet at these podcast conventions? Ask them if they’d like to set up some time to chat via Zoom. Seeing an increase in your listeners episode to episode? Utilize discussion boards (Discord or Facebook Groups as examples) to engage with your audience after your episodes are released! Even consider creating a free livestream via Podbean Livestream to have your listeners be part of a special show!

10. “I will lift up other podcasters and be a resource if any of them have questions or need help!”

Podcasting is more than a hobby or a job – it’s created a world-wide community full of people who are all passionate about creating podcasts. It doesn’t take much to lift one another up – a kind review on Apple Podcasts, suggestions on tech issues, tips on recording. Reaching out and lifting up other podcasters will help keep the podcasting community a great place for podcasters of all shapes and sizes.

With 2022 on its way, it’s hard to predict what it will bring and how it’ll turn out. The last few years gave the world a lot of twists and turns, highs and lows, and the general hope that the future will bring something better. With these New Year’s resolutions, you can take the steps to seize your future and make it the best it can possibly be!

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