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How to Successfully Create a Private Podcast

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If you are looking for an effective way to communicate with your employees and staff in a private setting, an internal company podcast can be the perfect solution. 

They can be used for sharing important news, announcements, updates and knowledge with your audience. Here are some innovative solutions and tips for how to create a private podcast. 

Why private podcasting

  • Private podcasting is a unique way for storytelling and internal communication.
  • Internal company podcasts are more effective than emails, which means no emails back and forth, and no waste of time.
  • They are perfect for training, especially for micro-learning, reinforcement, subject-matter knowledge, and internal events.
  • Corporate podcasts keep teams up-to-date and help them to follow the latest information in the organization.
  • They can be reached from anywhere, anytime or on any device for the staff, partners or vendors. 
  • Private podcasting and its success can be measured by analytics. 
  • They keep the community together, especially in the case of companies that work remotely. 
  • Employees and members can share stories, knowledge, product updates and wellness content.
  • These private podcasts can develop self-improvement through expert talks and leadership interviews. 

Private podcasts can generally be split into two categories. One is the internal podcast for employees and members, and the other is a branded podcast for public targets. Either way, it will support the inclusivity, accessibility and productivity in your business. 

How to start an internal company podcast 

Starting a corporate podcast can be a great way to share information internally and build team morale. To get the full benefits of this innovative communication tool, you should consider your purpose, format and the right platforms accompanying you. 

The reason that you want to start a corporate podcast, the message you want to deliver and the content you want to share should be the first questions you ask yourself. These elements should meet the needs of the target audience in your corporate team; therefore, they can get the best benefits from private podcasts. 

There are many different ways to format a podcast, so choosing one that will work best for your purposes and conveys the desired tone is important. For example, if you are looking to share long-form interviews, a conversational format might be best. However, a bullet-pointed list or mini-episode might be more suitable if you want to deliver brief updates on company news or pump up employees with some short motivational clips.

Finally, you need to determine how often you will release new episodes of your podcast. This will depend on how much time you have to dedicate to producing the show. Most podcasts are generally released weekly, but some shows are released daily or multiple times per week. Once you have decided on a release schedule, stick to it as much as possible to build a following among your audience.

Podcasting tools and resources 

In recent years, podcasts have become increasingly popular, with millions of people tuning in each day to listen to their favorite shows.

For businesses, starting a corporate podcast can be a great way to share information and build community within a company. But it is crucial to choose the right software or a secure podcast host with expertise and experience. 

If you choose a podcast hosting solution for large organizations such as Podbean, you can easily create, edit, publish, and promote on the same platform. You can use Podbean’s analytics tools to track how many people are listening to your podcast and which episodes are most popular.

In addition to choosing the right software and platforms, you also need to determine who will host the show and how often it will be released. Taking these steps can create an internal company podcast to help build community and share important information with employees.

How to create a private podcast

Starting an internal company podcast is a great way to communicate with employees and share information in a concise and engaging way. 

When creating a private podcast, it is important to consider the audience and the purpose of the podcast. For example, an internal company podcast can be used to share company news, provide training information, or give employees an opportunity to share their ideas and feedback. 

Once the podcast’s purpose is determined, it is time to plan the content and how you will create it. To find the most engaging topics, you can do employee surveys or ask for feedback about what they want to hear on the corporate podcast. 

After selecting a platform, you need to create an account and set up your show. This includes choosing a name for your podcast, as well as selecting intro music and artwork. Audio editing software can be used to add music or sound effects, and most software options also allow for transcripts to be added. 

Promote your podcast

After practicing how to launch an internal company podcast, make sure to promote it within your company to boost engagement, so employees are aware of it and can start listening. You can promote it through social media, internal newsletters or even physical flyers and posters around the office.

To promote the content, you can share it through the company intranet and app with notifications. You can create discussions during the meetings about the private podcasts and feature members on the podcasts. You can also reward your team with prizes you promoted on the episodes. 

Also, for promoting your podcast to others and running ads, you can use the tool that comes with the podcast hosting platform, such as Podbean Advertising Marketplace.


If you are looking for a more intimate way to communicate with your team, staff or partners, it is a creative solution to learn how to make a company internal podcast. Starting a corporate podcast is a unique way to storytelling, training and leadership. It also creates a community around your brand or organization by empowering communication.

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