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Eight Corporate Podcast Ideas That Will Keep Your Employees Engaged

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Podcasts are a new-age solution to keep your employees engaged, up-to-date and well-informed. They are an innovative way to communicate with your team and can be used to share upcoming news, project updates and information.

Private podcasts are not only important for storytelling but also for building up the company culture. They improve the quality of training, internal communication and branding. Here are some corporate podcast ideas that can inspire you and your team. 

1. Company culture and history

A corporate podcast with an experienced enterprise podcast platform is an innovative way to communicate across departments and reinforce the company culture. It can build team morale and connection, sharing stories from the company’s past that emphasize its values.

Podcasts are an accessible and engaging medium, and corporate podcasts can be tailored to any audience. For example, an internal communications podcast could feature interviews with employees about their experiences at the company, or it could highlight company milestones, history and success stories. 

One of the most popular internal communications podcast ideas makes use of featured interviews with employees from across the company, at all levels, discussing what they do daily and how they communicate with other departments. Showing how they contribute to the brand can empower the overall corporate culture. 

Another possible topic can be delving into the company’s history and sharing stories about its founding, growth and evolution over the years. Success stories about how the company has grown and changed over the years can give listeners an insight into how it achieves its goals.

Highlighting different departments or divisions within the company and giving listeners an inside look at what they do and how they operate. Interviewing long-time employees can also foster a sense of ownership and create a sense of community among employees. 

2. Highlight employee achievements

Stories about employees making a difference in the company can build morale and encourage a sense of pride in the workplace.

One of the engaging ways to create a corporate podcast that features interviews with employees who have recently achieved something notable. This could be anything from pitching a big client to completing an important project. 

Shining a spotlight on these individuals can show the rest of your team that their hard work is noticed and appreciated. This podcast can also be used to share best practices and lessons learned, making it a valuable tool for internal communications.

In today’s business world, staying up-to-date on industry trends is more important than ever. 

By sharing timely, relevant information with your employees, you can help them stay informed about the latest industry trends and how they might impact your business. Not only will this ensure that your team is always up-to-date, but it will also encourage them to think critically about the decisions you make as a company. 

4. Share company news and updates

Creating a podcast about corporate news and announcements can be a way to improve your internal communications. Giving the employees the opportunity to discuss and learn about company policies and procedures can train them about the company’s values and vision.

Also, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of company events or projects is a sincere way to engage employees and give them a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. These internal communications podcast ideas can help them feel more connected to the company and its mission.

Sharing updates and introducing new employees in a fun and engaging way can emphasize the company culture and offer a warm welcome to newcomers. 

5. Q&A sessions with executives or other employees

As corporate podcasts continue to grow in popularity, many organizations are looking for ways to incorporate them into their internal communications as a collaboration tool.

One popular format is the Q&A session, in which executives or other employees answer questions from listeners. This type of podcast can be a great way to provide insight into the organization’s workings and provide employees a platform to share their expertise. 

Additionally, Q&A sessions can be used to address common questions or concerns about the company, providing a valuable resource for employees. Discussing common challenges leads to transparent communication at work and offers advice on how to overcome them to prevent crises before happening. 

6. Training

Using podcasts in large companies for communications serves for ongoing growth and improvement in your enterprise. 

Corporate podcasts offer a flexible, engaging format that can be customized to fit any need. Because they can be easily distributed and accessed on mobile devices, they are ideal for busy employees who need to be able to access training content on the go.

Educational content podcasts can be about the company’s services, products and updates, but also they can be used for the orientations for new employees.

They’re easy to produce and can be used to deliver a wide range of training content, from company updates and product information to customer service tips and sales techniques. And because corporate podcast ideas can be quickly and inexpensively created, they’re an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes. 

7. Feature guest speakers from other departments or outside the company

Podcasts are a great way for corporate communications teams to reach a wide audience with timely, informative content. 

One way to ensure your corporate podcast ideas are engaging and relevant is to feature guest speakers from other departments or outside the company. This can help bring new perspectives and insights to your listeners, and it can also help build relationships with other businesses. 

Of course, you need to be sure the guests you choose are a good fit for your corporate podcast and will be able to deliver interesting informative content. But if you take the time to plan and prepare, featuring guest speakers on your corporate podcast can be a great way to show your success in your field.

8. Hold contests and giveaways

In a corporate setting, podcasts can be a valuable tool for communication and engagement. They can be used to share announcements, give updates on company initiatives, and even discuss complex topics in an accessible way. And, of course, podcasts can also be a lot of fun. 

One way to add excitement to your corporate podcast is to hold regular contests and giveaways. These internal communications podcast ideas can incentivize employees to tune in and can also be a great way to generate some buzz for your podcast. Podcasts boost engagement if you choose the prizes relevant to the teams and make the contest rules clear.

Rewarding with prizes increases interest and creates a corporate culture of friendly competition. It also helps to further the corporate brand by getting employees more involved and excited about the company’s mission. 

Finally, it can be used as a recruitment tool to attract new employees who value these same corporate principles. As a bonus, this type of corporate interaction podcast can also serve as a training ground for future podcast hosts and help build a talent pipeline for the company.


Podcasts offer a unique way to engage employees, keep them informed, train them and set foundations for transparent communication. 

They can be used in various ways, from providing company news to highlighting individual employee successes. It functions as a communication tool and helps build morale and create a sense of community within your organization. 

If you are looking for a way to breathe new life into your corporate communications, consider using podcasts as part of your strategy.

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