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Why and How to Create a Church Podcast

Benefits of Starting a Church Podcast

As a pastor, it makes me feel good to know that I’m creating something of value to our church family that makes a daily investment in their walk with Christ.

Many have told me it has been a help in their spiritual growth to be able to listen to the Bible/prayer. Quite a few have young children and they feel like their devotional lives have suffered because it’s a challenge to sit down and read. Having an audio recording to listen to has been a big help. Several have told me that the podcast is the first thing they listen to when they wake up in the morning. –Pastor John Stange, The Chapter-A-Day Audiobible

There are so many benefits to creating a church podcast. It is a convenient way to provide inspiration to your followers. A church podcast offers members who cannot attend services the chance to stay connected to your community. You can offer enhanced bible study, devotionals, or more in-depth teachings. A church podcast brings your message into followers’ regular lives. It offers a sense of connection throughout the week.


How to Start a Church Podcast

  1. Choose your content. You may record your weekly sermons, or create a special message. You could read key passages or create a special bible study. You could even repurpose old content. Many churches have recordings/CDs of old sermons or events. They can easily be converted for your podcast. *If your audio is already in MP3 format, you can upload it to your podcast site as is. If not, there are many programs to easily convert different files. You can contact our Support team for recommendations.
  2. Set up media hosting for your church podcast. Podbean handles all your media storage (audio and video available). This ensures your files are easily served up to your followers. Our affordable hosting accounts provide all the tools you need, including a blog-like site for your podcast and inclusion in our apps. Your followers can enjoy your content anywhere, via phone or computer. Here’s a quick start podcasting guide.
  3. Record your content. Check out our guide to turning sermons into a podcast in three steps, to record using your phone. Or, you can use the recording equipment you already have on hand. If you’re new to recording, the Podbean app is an easy solution and you can join our Podcasting Smarter Facebook group if you’d like equipment recommendations and tips.
  4. Publish and share. You can record and publish your church podcast directly from the Podbean app. Or, simply upload your files to your Podbean account and create a post. You can add show notes, additional text, pictures and more if desired. Podbean offers automatic social sharing so it’s easy to get the word out about your content. You can also integrate your podcast with your existing church website with embeddable players or directly linking the sites.

There are so many benefits to starting a church podcast. And, it doesn’t have to be hard to do. It’s one of the easiest ways to broaden your outreach to church members and beyond. Learn more and start your free podcast hosting trial today.

Shannon has been working in marketing and communications for over 15 years, helping businesses communicate their messages and build community. She is Podbean’s Director of Communications and Corporate Podcast Specialist. Shannon has extensive experience in blogging, digital marketing, writing, editing, and public relations.

3 comments on “Why and How to Create a Church Podcast

  1. Mable Chan

    Hi Brian, Meet Sara. Hi Sara, Meet Brian.

    Greetings from New York!

    I’ve talked about working with you – Brian – sound designer/producer, and Sara – Harvard student/branding producer for One in a Billion and an episode/blog contributor as a twin voice about bicultural biracial identity.

    Brian has signed us up for Podbean. Thanks! And this Podbean eNewsletter makes me think of Sara’s circle of work with church, in which podcast can play a role. Sara, it may give you some ideas?

    I hope to have a meeting with you two before I begin my first interview of 2017 Summer/Fall Season.

    But my first interview – Kimberly Jung (based in Chicago) who’s in Boston for business, may be interviewed by me on 4/14 8a-9:15am at Podcast Garage. I’m waiting for Podcast Garage to confirm that time slot is avaialbe. It may/may not be.

    But before I begin the first recording of the year 2017 – I’d love to have a production meeting with you two.

    These are 2 meeting time slot options – Saturday 4/15 or 4/22 2-3p 3-4 or 4-5p?

    This will be after Kimberly’s interview if all works out with her interview on 4/14.

    Once you let me know your availability, I’ll let you know more about Kimberly’s story in our 2017 podcast series focus on *- “She has Overcome.”*

    Thanks! Mable

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  3. Don Davies

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