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Calling all gamers!  PC or console? Playstation or XBox?  No matter how you play, we’re all united by our love of video games.  We’ve put together a list of our favorite video game podcasts for you to enjoy, covering everything from game playthroughs to video game news from industry experts!  Whether you roll retro or are waiting anxiously for your latest preorder to drop, there’s a podcast in this list perfect for you!

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Game Addicts Podcast


We talk modern and retro video games! All the latest news and additions to our collections.

Girls On Games


Weekly video game podcast with a dash of geek culture! The GoGCast features industry news, round table discussions and engaging interviews.

The Champion’s Cast


Welcome to Zelda Dungeon’s weekly podcast show, The Champions’ Cast!

Enchantment: A DA:O Let’s Play Podcast


Brandon and Manny play through all of Bioware’s Dragon Age franchise, currently with Dragon Age 2!

Level with Emily Reese


Great conversations about music in games, as well as voice actors, musicians, developers, audio directors, and more

The Fortnite Podcast


A weekly podcast covering Epic’s video game Fortnite w/2LoudTX & MonsterDFace.

The Destiny Community Podcast


Gaming Podcast covering Bungie’s video game Destiny.

Cartridge Club


The Cartridge Club is a community of game enthusiasts who meet together online and at conventions to share their experiences and passions.

Game Buzz


Game Buzz is a weekly video game news and discussion show that keeps you up to date with the biggest headlines of the week.

PocketPod: Animal Crossing 


PocketPod is a silly, song-filled, weekly Animal Crossing podcast about Pocket Camp and New Horizons. Join JoeyBoey, Rar, and Leesh on their journey through these delightful games.

POWER PROS: Nintendo News & Views


Former Nintendo Power editors talk Nintendo news and topics

Leaguecast: A League of Legends Podcast


Longest running podcast about all things League of Legends! We discuss builds, lore, listener feedback, and so much more! If you want to just sit back and have a good time listening to some good old fashioned conversation (with a few laughs thrown in) then this is the podcast for you!

Gigaboots Podcasts


Bi-weekly gaming podcasts featuring Dan & Bob from GigaBoots, KZXcellent, and Mr. Feel. Twice a week you’ll get podcasts about gaming news, spoilercasts, Armchair Devs, and Gamer Premonitions!

Arcade Attack Retro Gaming Podcast


A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob


  1. We all share a common bond – our love of video games. And among those beloved games, Retro Bowl stands out as a classic, a game that has stood the test of time and remains popular among players of all ages.

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