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Top 5 Gifts for Podcasters

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year to figure out the best presents for the podcaster in your life (or what to put on your podcasting wish list for your not-so-tech-savvy family). Our friends over at Headliner made a fantastic gift guide covering gifts for podcasters, but we’d love to add a few suggestions for you to consider. No matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate it, these gifts will delight podcasters of all experiences and backgrounds!

Top Five Gifts for Podcasters

  1. Gear upgrades
  2. Advertising and promotional tools
  3. The gift of content
  4. Conferences and networking events
  5. Podcast hosting

1. Gear Upgrades

Podcasting is the type of activity that allows anyone to step in and create content. Whether you’re podcasting on-the-go from your phone, livestreaming your content using an audio-only livestreaming platform, or podcasting from your home studio, podcasting has many paths to the goal of creating and publishing content. This also means that there’s a wide variety of different types of gear suited for all sorts of podcasters and podcasting styles!

A microphone upgrade is always a welcome gift for any podcaster, though some initial research and information needs to be gathered. There are different types of microphones that require different things in order to function properly, so you want to ensure that you don’t gift an XLR microphone to someone who doesn’t have an external interface to use it with. (Unless you’re giving them an interface as well, in which case go for it!) So feel free to ask about your podcaster’s gear and what type they use so you have an idea of what you can help them upgrade to. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out the Shure MV88+, the Samson Q2U, and the Rode NT1A

If the intended podcaster already has a mic setup they enjoy, keep in mind that there’s other type of gear involved. New headphones and cables are things that people don’t think to upgrade as they upgrade their microphones, so it’s a definite step towards helping your podcaster improve their sound.

2. Advertising/Promotional Tools

Helping your podcaster grow their podcast is a great gift, and one of the best ways to grow your podcast is through advertising and promotion. From ads on Facebook and Instagram and through Podbean’s Ad Marketplace to utilizing tools like Canva and headliner, there’s a myriad of paths and tools to use in promoting and advertising their content. Gifting them a budget goes a long way in helping them grow their podcast.

Tools we suggest contributing a budget to:

3. The Gift of Content

What type of podcast does your podcaster run? What sort of content do they provide, and from where do they source it? Another gift to consider is securing them a steady stream of content that they can utilize for their podcast. 

Do they run a sports podcast? Purchase them a subscription to a service that allows them to view more games. Do they run a news podcast? Invest in a newspaper subscription to their favorite news source. Do they run D&D podcast? Can’t go wrong with new dice!

Use their content as a springboard for gift ideas, which then in turn helps them invest in more content for their podcast. 

4. Conferences and Networking Events

Both in-person and online conferences and events are great for networking and connecting with other people in the podcasting industry. Whether your podcaster is going for an hour or for a an entire week, putting money towards tickets and travel for these events helps them reach out further to the podcasters around them so they can cultivate their community. 

2021 has a wide variety of both virtual and in-person events in the works, from genre-specific conferences like CrimeCon to general podcasting conferences like Podcast Movement. Depending on your podcaster’s chosen podcasting genre, you can also invest in tickets for gatherings based on their content (such as Book Expo for literature podcasters).

5. Podcast Hosting

Your podcaster invests in their podcast by paying for their podcast hosting – and if they haven’t, they’re going to want to in order to help their podcast grow. One of the best gifts you can give to the podcaster in your life is the gift of podcast hosting so they can spend more time focused on creating content and growing their podcast. 

Giving the gift of podcasting can also give them the chance to experiment with new features within the paid hosting tier you’re giving. This helps them grow their experience in podcasting in general, and has the potential to point them in a completely new direction with their content.

Whether it’s for a birthday, for Christmas, or just-because, finding gifts for podcasters shouldn’t cause undue stress. With this guide (and the one from our friends at Headliner), you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the podcaster in your life!

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12 comments on “Top 5 Gifts for Podcasters

  1. It depends on how much you are willing to spend. Good gear is always handy. A list of topics when they are out of ideas. Or if you want to get personal, decorate podcast space for them. Many may not see it, but it will inspire the podcaster.

    • ayankonthefooty

      That is a great idea regarding the topics. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a year into my podcast, and I’m ready to upgrade my gear (as well as expand into a 2nd completely different avenue with another podcast.) My family does’t listen ot my first podcast. They might listen to the 2nd one. Most of my interviews now are 10K miles away, so finding a quality, stable recording platform is very important to me. I’ve used Ringr the last year, but didn’t renew, as I had some glitches with it. While it isn’t the best audio, I’ve been using Zoom recently, and it is refreshing to be able to actually engage with the guest when you can see them. Decorating? Another great idea. I don’t have a dedicated space yet (working on it), and will hopefully have one in the coming months. Then on to getting up sound dampening and a workspace.

      • John Kiernan

        Hey there! It’s all great feedback. Having the dedicated space helps in so many different ways from dampening noise to getting you in an overall feel and mood to record. Good luck and happy podcasting! 🙂

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