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Podbean Hosts “Summer of Discoverability” for Companies and Podcasters! 

Podbean announces the first of new virtual events focusing on maximizing podcast visibility for both branded shows and indie podcasters 

New York, NY (June 20th, 2023) – Podbean, a leading podcast hosting platform, is thrilled to host three educational events this summer focused on podcast discoverability. These events aim to provide valuable insights, strategies, and resources to help brands and indie podcasters boost their reach and grow their audience.

The first event, titled “Discoverability for Brands: Amplify Your Reach,” will feature prominent industry expert, Russ More from Pacific Content who will share his expertise and discuss effective strategies tailored for branded podcasts as well as independent creators.  Attendees will gain practical insights on how to enhance discoverability, leverage marketing channels, target ideal audiences, measure success, optimize SEO, collaborate with other podcasts, and optimize presence on podcast directories. 

The second event, “Branded Podcasting: Amplifying Your Brand’s Voice with Lower Street” on July 27th will feature Lower Street’s, Harry Morton, CEO and Shannon Martin, Head of Sales. Harry and Shannon will engage in a dynamic discussion on discoverability strategies specifically catered to branded podcasts. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights on topics such as conducting show audits, in-app promotions, programmatic advertising, podcast audit processes, organic promotion strategies, PR tactics, collaboration opportunities, and host-read ads.

The upcoming event in August is exclusively for indie podcasters and will provide valuable insights and tips to enhance their show’s discoverability, attract new listeners, and navigate the competitive podcasting landscape.

“We are thrilled to partner with companies and creators that are on the ground helping podcasts grow by bringing insights and events to our podcasting community,” says David Xu, Podbean’s CEO. “Podcast discoverability is crucial for both brands and indie podcasters, and these events will equip attendees with the knowledge and strategies to boost their reach and grow their audience effectively.”

These events are a must-attend for brands and podcasters seeking to amplify their voice through podcasting, offering engaging discussions and opportunities to connect with industry professionals and fellow podcasters.

Podcast Discoverability: Boosting Your Reach and Growing Your Audience with Pacific Content

Thursday, June 22nd, 2023, 6 PM EST/ 3 PM PST

Online event (Livestreamed on Youtube and Linkedin)

Cost: FREE

Register here

Branded Podcasting: Amplifying Your Brand’s Voice with Lower Street

Thursday, 27th, 2023, 6 PM EST/ 3 PM PST

Online event (Livestreamed on Youtube and Linkedin)

Cost: FREE

Register here

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Podbean is sponsoring and coordinating these events on their YouTube channel and Linkedin to make this content accessible to people all around the world. Participants can also register and follow all of Podbean’s events on Eventbrite.

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