6 tips to make the most out of your podcast conference experience
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6 Tips to Make The Most out of Your Podcast Conference Experience

Podcast conferences are amazing places to network and get the vibe for the podcasting industry as a whole. Click here for our tips on making the most of your experience!

Podcast conferences are amazing places to network and get the vibe for the podcasting industry as a whole. When it comes down to it, there’s no other event quite like it. Everyone there is just as passionate and curious about podcasting as you are, the energy is high, and it can open some amazing doors.

But how do you make the most of your podcast conference experience?

Before the Conference

– Research who’s going to be there, and what type of material is going to be presented. From there, you can plan out your schedule ahead of time. Plan what sessions are can’t-miss events, and email your connections ahead of time to set up a time at the conference. That step is crucial, especially if you’re looking to chat with an industry professional – setting a dedicated time beforehand will ensure that your meeting gets priority treatment, as opposed to trying to hunt them down halfway through the conference and hope that they’ve got some free time to chat.

– Let your listeners know that you’re going to be there, and see if any of them are going as well! It’s the perfect place to plan a meet-up. Even if they’re not all attending and are simply in the area, you can plan for a casual get together outside of the conference or even plan something more formal at another venue. A physical meeting will go a long way in forging deeper bonds within your community.

During the Conference

When you’re posting about being at the event on your social media accounts, make sure to use the event hashtag and tag the event’s account as well. These social media accounts are going to be looking for exciting things to comment on and share. As they do so, it will boost your account to everyone who follows them – whether they’re at the event or not. (Also make sure to tag any fellow attendees in your posts as well – they could be a future collaborator!)

– Remember that you are your podcaster’s primary promoter! How you go about interactions with vendors, event staff, and other attendees will inform them of what kind of tone you set for your podcast. Giving your all into a great first impression for yourself is the same as giving a great first impression of your podcast.

After the Conference

– While your first impulse is to strike while the iron is hot and keep rolling with the momentum of the event, hold off on sending any follow-up emails until a few days after the conference. As fun as the events are, they’re also demanding physically and emotionally; by the time the event’s over, everyone will be ready for some downtime to recover. Whoever you’re following up with will appreciate the space to get the energy back up and check in on anything missed while they were out.

– Put what you learned at the conference into practice! Whether you were going as a first time podcaster or an industry veteran, every conference has the capability to impart new knowledge on its attendees. Check out your notes and make a plan on how to implement your new podcasting strategies (and post a thanks on your socials to the speakers who shared the information).

Ready to get started? Check out our Podcast Conference 101 post to learn more about what to expect at your first conference, and our Pod Con Packing list for what you should prepare before the con!

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