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Podbean releases brand new podcast website theme, Zen.

Podbean recently released two brand new mobile responsive podcast website templates to their podcast website themes, Waves and Elegant. We are excited to announce another brand new Podbean website template, Zen.

Podcast website template
Podcast website template

Our Zen layout is an attractive design with a large banner image and simple display of your episodes and pages. Easy customization, lightning fast page loads, SEO optimizations, and responsive mobile experience. It also offers a large banner image and simple display of your episodes and pages.

With the addition of our new Zen podcast website template, our Waves and Elegant themes have also been updated to include the “simple view” episode layout. So now there will be grid view, list view, and a simple list view options for all three brand new themes.

We’ve also added a new bottom player. Users can choose different styles of the bottom players. Also supported in Waves, Elegant and Zen.

The Zen template is now available for your podcast website, as well as more options for your episode list layout and onsite player!

Podcast website template - Zen. Mobile responsive and simple.

We encourage you to choose Zen or one of our brand new themes for your Podbean website so that you and your audience can start benefiting from an improved experience. We will be retiring old themes that no longer fit today’s web and mobile design standards.

About Podbean’s brand new templates:

Podbean’s development team works hard to be sure our podcasters have access to the best tools for their podcasts. Web design and technology continues to evolve and, accordingly, we have been busy creating new themes to fit the latest standards. These new themes give podcasters even more customization options for their Podbean sites in an easy to use UI.

Getting started with your podcast? Visit podbean.com to start for free. Learn more about all the podcasting features we offer.

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  1. I personally lobe the theme!

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