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Podbean Relaunches Official Podcast with New Format and Expanded Content

Podcasting Smarter podcast

New York, NY (January 20, 2022)
– Podbean announced the relaunch and revamp of its official podcast, Podcasting Smarter, a weekly podcast focused on podcast production, news, best practices, interviews with podcasters and updates directly from the Podbean team.  

“Podbean hosts over 600,000 podcasts and we see the diverse needs of podcasters in this fast-growing space. We want to continue to offer podcasters tools and resources as well as celebrate what’s happening in podcasting with our community of creators” shares David Xu, Podbean CEO. 

The show’s new format consists of short weekly episodes with a live hour-long episode per month.  Podcasters will be able to submit their questions to be answered on the show as well as apply to be a featured guest on an upcoming episode.  

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned podcaster, you’ll get helpful tips and gain insight from the Podbean team and our special guests. Learn how to get the best start on your podcast launch, discover resources to improve your podcast, ways to grow your audience, how to make money from your podcast, and more.

You can find the Podcasting Smarter website here and listen on the Podbean app or wherever you listen to podcasts. Listeners can also tune in live via YouTube for the monthly live episodes.    

About Podcasting Smarter: 

Podcasting Smarter is Podbean’s official podcast that showcases updates from the company, podcasting best practices, resources and trends within the podcasting industry.  The podcast offers listeners the opportunity to learn about different aspects of podcast production, monetization, business use cases, trends and news from Podbean.  

To learn more about Podbean, visit www.podbean.com.

Press contact: Norma Jean Belenky, podcastingsmarter@podbean.com 

Shannon has been working in marketing and communications for over 15 years, helping businesses communicate their messages and build community. She is Podbean’s Director of Communications and Corporate Podcast Specialist. Shannon has extensive experience in blogging, digital marketing, writing, editing, and public relations.

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