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Livestreaming In The Classroom with Podbean Livestream

When it comes to your classroom, communication is key. You want to ensure that you are properly reaching your students – and only your students.  No matter the day and age, you want a tool that will ensure that no one but your students will have access to your material and curriculum, and Podbean Livestream’s unlisted feature is the ideal tool for the job.

Host Your Classes Online

Podbean Livestream allows you to deliver an audio only livestream to a large volume of listeners. You can ensure that your students can listen no matter their circumstances.  With the unlisted feature, you can make sure that your students are the only ones that can access the livestream.  

Podbean Livestream features a live chat feature that allows students to chat with you directly in the interface. You can also enable or disable the call-in feature for your students, thus allowing a classroom-like setting without worrying about everyone being in the same location at the same time.  And if for any reason someone attempts to crash your livestream, there is a block button readily available.  

No matter a student’s circumstances, they should still be able to get the educational materials and get the chance to interact with their peers. Podbean Livestream’s unlisted feature provides the opportunity for both students and teachers to keep up classroom interactions.

Give Students Extra Time for Review and Study Halls

Your students could have outside situations that impede their ability to come to a class scheduled during normal school hours. They may need extra help or extra time with you to get the material. With Podbean Livestream’s ability to schedule a livestream at any time, it gives you the maneuverability to host them at any time, for any reason.  

With Podbean Livestream’s unlisted feature, you can host livestreams at any time with the focus being on reviews, study halls, or general office hour-esque questions.  Students can ask questions that are then answered for the benefit of everyone in the livestream (or even for the benefit of those that could be listening later if you upload your livestream post-broadcast).  

You can also hold livestreams for review and study hall sessions. These can offer your students chances for collaboration and conversation surrounding the material. They can receive help from each other during the stream, as well as getting their questions answered by you. 

You can also give your students the opportunity to teach the material through the call in feature.  Whether it’s to one fellow student or the entire livestream class, they can demonstrate their knowledge to you while cementing their own knowledge of the material.


One of the best ways to accommodate a wide variety of issues is to offer a mobile option for their learning. With Podbean Livestream, they can easily tune in to listen, chat, or call in from their mobile device no matter where they’re located.  

Podbean Livestreams are accessible from an iOS or Android device using the Podbean App. By marking your livestream as unlisted, you get the added benefit of security, knowing that the only people in your livestream are the students you’ve invited.

This mobility gives your students flexibility with how they learn, from giving them the option to attend while they’re traveling or commuting to letting them multitask while they listen to a lecture. The mobility of audio-only livestreaming allows your students to find the best way for them to learn and engage with the material.

Remotely Record Your Content

Podbean Livestream’s unlisted feature serves both as a tool to connect with your students, and a tool to remotely record content to push as a podcast episode. Simply launch an unlisted stream, record your content, and then download it after the stream has ended to edit as you see fit, or publish directly into your Podbean feed.

Podbean Livestream allows you to create a recording on either your desktop and mobile device. With this method, you are able to record without worrying about the lack of intricate recording equipment becoming a roadblock between your students and your content.  

Education and the paths it takes are forever expanding as students and teachers alike encounter new situations and learning styles.  Podbean unlisted livestreaming aims to assist teachers as they look for new ways to reach and help students as they encounter new methods for learning.  

Learn more about Podbean Livestream and its interface with our Podbean Livestream webinar, and check out how to start an unlisted livestream with our video tutorial

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