Livestreaming In The Classroom with Podbean Livestream

When it comes to your classroom, communication is key. You want to ensure that you are properly reaching your students – and only your students.  No matter the day and age, you want a tool that will ensure that no one but your students will have access to your material and curriculum, and Podbean Livestream’sContinue reading “Livestreaming In The Classroom with Podbean Livestream”

5 Ways Podcasting In Education Enhances Your Learning Environment

By using podcasting in education, you can offer a new learning system that benefits mobile and non-traditional students, while providing long-distance learning opportunities to those that wouldn’t otherwise have them.  It can also provide room for extra content, teaching aids for traveling or otherwise absent teachers, and a new learning style that benefits all learningContinue reading “5 Ways Podcasting In Education Enhances Your Learning Environment”

Organization Podcasting: Educating a Wider Audience

The Culinary Institute of America is widely known as the premier culinary college. John Barkley is their Director of Strategic Initiatives, Digital Media. He shared his thoughts on why the organization uses podcasting and how it’s contributed to their objectives. Why did your organization decide to start podcasting? As the world’s premier culinary college, aContinue reading “Organization Podcasting: Educating a Wider Audience”