The Benefits of Employees Listening to Podcast at Work

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Podcasts are trending as an entertainment option for individuals and an enterprise solution for organizations. More than 100 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly. 

Corporate podcasts are intimate mediums with their private nature when it’s used to communicate with employees. It provides an innovative way to engage with the employees in a friendly and organic way. Audio broadcasting can add a human touch to corporate communications while attracting employees with its entertaining feature.

By using internal podcasts that are empowered by Podbean, a leading enterprise podcast platform, you can boost employee involvement, enforce company culture and develop direct leadership communications. Here are some proven benefits of having an internal podcast and 

employees listening to podcasts at work: 

Stimulating creativity

Podcasts stimulate mental imagery and force listeners to build the pictures in their minds using their imagination. It is better than reading or watching with the quality of encouraging to pay more attention. That is why most people feel more productive while listening to podcasts at work and feel their creative juices flowing.

Moreover, sometimes employees might need a break from their daily routine. Employees listening to podcasts at work will have an opportunity to recharge and feel energized by the new ideas that they learned from the podcast.

Spreading knowledge 

Podcasts are an innovative way to give information and stay informed about current events. 

Since emails create clutter with back-and-forth responses, podcasts create direct contact while enabling personal touch. 

Using a podcasting app allows employees to receive a lot of information quicker, and since they develop a better understanding of ongoing activities related to their roles, productivity increases significantly. 

Enhancing motivation 

Especially listening to podcasts that deliver success stories can enhance motivation and inspire employees at work. 

Podcast content, such as highlighting employees’ success, mentioning the company’s milestones and accomplishments, can assist employees in building connections to the company. It can also boost morale and motivate team members to succeed more. 

Moreover, podcasts aiming at productivity can promote collaboration and team bonding. If a company can develop a consistent podcast culture with employees’ contributions, this can smooth the work progress in every area and reinforce the feeling of belonging in a community.  

Boosting engagement 

Big or small successful enterprises constantly look for a more accessible and engaging way to connect with their employees. With their technologically appealing features, podcasts offer the potential for better engagement. Employees see podcasts as a way to learn and to be entertained.

Internal podcasts offer higher engagement as a personal form of communication. They provide more engagement by allowing adding a personal touch by hearing podcasts from the leaders and colleagues. 

By featuring interviews with company leaders or offering insider tips and advice, podcasts show that your business is invested in its people and products. As a result, employees are more likely to feel loyalty and trust towards the company, which are both key ingredients for long-term success.

Especially when the podcasts are shaped in story form, they tend to widen their influential effect because the listeners remember it longer in storytelling. Delivering information using audio helps people to recall information quicker. 

Optimizing efficiency

Finding ways to optimize efficiency is essential for both businesses and individuals. Podcasts allow employees and employers to use time more efficiently by enabling access to different scenarios. A private company podcast can help the organization to share the news widely and enable employees to use their time effectively while creating an efficient workforce.

Podcasts are a great way to share information quickly and easily. Whether it’s about a new product or an update on company policy, podcasts allow businesses to get the word out in a concise and engaging format. Plus, podcasts can be easily shared through email or social media, ensuring your message reaches your employees.

Enabling accessibility

Podcasts can be listened to on-demand anytime, but should employees listen to podcasts at work?

Employees listening to podcasts at work have more benefits than setbacks. This engaging tool that is used for communication or training purposes serves a great convenience and eliminates wasting time scheduling meetings, events or training hours. 

When employees want a break or need specific information covered in the podcast, they can go through that audio publishing. Because it is easy to access, just at their fingertips, staff can fit it anywhere in their schedule. Since the podcasts give the employees the freedom to control when to listen, it states the idea that the company cherishes their employees’ time. 

Increasing effectiveness

Communication actualizes itself with 38% through tone of voice. Only 7% are achieved by words. This means audio tools that consist of speaking and listening have a higher impact on understanding and creating an emotional connection. 

That is why podcasts are an effective way to distribute knowledge, train employees and pass information. Employees tend to take faster action when they hear it on podcasts.

In addition, employees listening to podcasts at work can also give their eyes a break from screens that exhaust them all day long while focusing on the message. 

Enriching training 

Internal podcasts are customizable tools that provide a convenient and engaging way to learn about new tools and strategies. 

Podcasts appeal to employees as a contemporary medium, and they can get training about new things within the industry by fitting podcasts at work into their busy schedules. Through podcasts, employees, leaders and staff can excel in their skills or refresh their required skills for their current roles. 

Using a podcast hosting solution such as Podbean, which provides user engagement intelligence on the system, you can get insights and follow the employees who complete training podcasts. With this data, you can better understand your employees’ behaviors and adjust your next content accordingly.

Supporting remote employees 

Global businesses work with remote employees and teams all over the world. Podcasting as a communication instrument takes communication to another level. It represents the perfect platform for distributing information and keeping in touch with remote employees. It provides support and information for them with easy access. 

Corporate podcasts are also a great solution for teams who travel around for work. For example, podcasts provide the sales teams the flexibility to listen to them during their own working hours, which can be different from the rest of the staff. Salespeople have to keep up with the current news even when they are on the road, and podcasts can keep them up to date all the time. 


There are definitely positive impacts to creating an environment for employees listening to podcasts at work. It is an effective way to enhance employee motivation, creativity and morale. 

Podcasts at work are also accessible and efficient. It can be used for training the teams and new members on board. It keeps everyone updated about the company and industry-related news while creating strong bonds between members.

To achieve productive podcast listening at work, you should determine specific goals and key points before recording a podcast for the employees. The clear objectives will give the staff a focus on employees listening to podcasts at work. 

When establishing your podcast connect strategy, try reinforcing the positive behaviors you want to see at the workplace and emphasizing the company’s core values. The podcast can be a great way to encourage positive behaviors for employees listening to podcasts at work.

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