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Podbean Speaks to Experts for Kidney Disease Awareness Month!

Join Podbean for Empowering Those with Chronic Kidney Disease: Insights & Strategies for Improved Health

New York, NY (March 22nd, 2023) – Podbean is proud to present Empowering Those with Chronic Kidney Disease: Insights & Strategies for Improved Health. This virtual event brings together top medical podcasts and experts to raise awareness about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), a silent epidemic affecting millions worldwide.

This event is for anyone living with kidney disease or anyone who wants to learn more about this critical health issue. Register today and join us in our mission to raise awareness and support those affected by Chronic Kidney Disease. Attendees will also be able to ask their questions live on YouTube, where they can join the conversation, ask their questions in real-time and watch the replay.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2023, 4 PM Eastern
Online event (Live Streamed on YouTube and LinkedIn)
Cost: FREE
Register to join
*live on YouTube, replay link will be sent to registrants

“Chronic Kidney Disease is becoming an epidemic and Podbean is in a position to utilize our platform and voice in the industry to help bring awareness to this disease,” says Podbean CEO David Xu. “We’ve gathered top nephrologists and most trusted experts in the field to raise awareness, education and hope to everyone within the podcasting community for a cause that’s very close to our team.” 

The event will feature a lineup of expert speakers from Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development’’s Podcast, Mayo Clinic Talks and The Pharmacy Podcast Network, the National Kidney Foundation of Delaware and Maryland and Nephrology Associates of Delaware including top nephrologists, a pharmacist, and patient advocates, sharing experiences and insights on topics such as the transplant journey, kidney function, available drug therapies, dialysis, in-home dialysis, and the emotional toll of living with kidney disease.  

Attendees will learn about the latest advances in kidney disease research and treatment options, as well as practical strategies for preventing and managing this chronic condition. You can also follow and learn from many of these experts through Mayo Clinic’s Podcast, Mayo Clinic Talks, and The Pharmacy Podcast Network.

The event will include the following expert speakers:

  • Dr. Aleksandra Kukla, Transplant Nephrologist at The Mayo Clinic
  • Dr. Swathi Varanasi, Integrative Health Pharmacist, and Host of The Element Apothec Show with the Pharmacy Podcast Network
  • Dr. Prayus Tailor, the Managing Partner of Nephrology Associates in Delaware, and former president of the Medical Society of Delaware
  • Nicole Scharf, Associate Executive Dir. of the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland & Delaware

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