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Improved Comments Management in the Podbean App

Thanks to valuable podcaster feedback, we’ve made some great changes to the Podbean app. Users mentioned that it could be hard to locate and manage listener comments. You can now manage comments all in one spot, so there’s no more scrolling through episodes trying to find new comments.

Here are the easy options for viewing and managing your podcast comments:

  1. Go to your user center in the Podbean app and manage all your comments right there. The comments here will include all your podcast’s comments as well as any comments you’ve made on other podcasts. You can click “manage comments” to view, reply, delete or block comments on your podcast (and view profile or reply to comments on other podcasts).managecommentscomment
  2. Go to the podcast page. You will see a red button at the top, “Comments” where you can view all the comments on the podcast.comment2

The listener engagement functions in the Podbean app are a great way to interact with your listeners and build a strong community. Happy podcasting!




10 comments on “Improved Comments Management in the Podbean App

  1. The comments don’t appear on my podcast webpage, however.

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    Eitber way, great website аnd I loߋk forward to ѕeeing it improve ᧐ver time.

  3. Hello! What if you have written a comment below some other podcast’s episode and you would like to delete it?

    • i have the same problem and you guys haven’t solved it yet! I was shocked to see my own face photo (an old one which I changed a month ago) for my gmail account. I changed my photo on podbean but the photo still hasn’t changed on the comment. I decided to ask the podcaster to delete my comment instead so that my mug wont show. So far he hasn’t done it yet (although it is too early to have him read my requests). I may send him a tweet soon. But you guys, please have listeners the choice to delete their comments on other people’s podcasts.

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  5. Can I reply comment via browser in my personal computer instead of podbean app? Is it possible? If so what should I do? I can’t find the way to do that at the comment. Many thanks.

    • I’m having the same problem. Cell phones are great for mobility, but they’ll never replace a keyboard for typing comments. I would like to comment on these podcasts but I’m not willing to turn on my cell, log in to some app and slowly punch in my comment. I use Podbean a lot, but only on desktop PC.

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