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How to Publish a Podcast with Podbean

This video gives a brief overview of setting up your podcast channel on Podbean and creating an episode.

When you use Podbean for podcast media hosting, you will upload your audio or video files to your Podbean account. Podbean handles storing and serving up your media files to your listeners. Your account comes with an RSS feed that is used to share your content across the web (for example, on iTunes and other directories and apps). Once you have uploaded new content, your RSS feed updates these other sites accordingly (sometimes iTunes and other sites may have a slight delay in updating).

Podbean also creates a blog-like site for your podcast (the domain will be username.podbean.com, with the username you set when you create your account). You can use this as your primary website, or you can set your own domain if you already have a website or wish to include your podcast as a page within a larger brand (or you can use our embeddable players on any site).

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