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How to Promote Your Podbean Premium Podcast Content

Podbean makes it easy to promote and share your premium content across the web! We’ve created html coding you can grab right from your dashboard to embed “Buy Now” and “Subscribe” buttons.

It’s as simple as this: When you create premium content (as a single episode or as part of a subscription plan), simply click on “Share and Embed” by that episode. You’ll be directed to the share and embed page where you will find the html coding for premium content below the embeddable player information. For single episode premium content, the coding will create a “Buy now” button; for subscription content, it will embed a “Subscribe” button which takes customers to your Podbean premium plans page.


For more information on creating premium content with Podbean, check out How to Charge a Fee for Single Podcast Episodes and our Premium Content FAQs in the Podbean Support Center. Podbean makes it easy for you to earn income from your podcast content!


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