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How to Manage Multiple Podcasts in One Podbean Account

In Podbean, we refer to different podcasts (sites/feeds) as channels. If you have a network podcast account (Podbean’s Network Plan), you can easily manage multiple channels in one account. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into your Network account. Click the “Channels” tab in “My Dashboard” page. Enter the podcast subdomain. Click the “Create a new channel” icon to add the podcast as your channel.


Step 2: Click the “Manage” button: you’ll be redirected to your new channel to publish.

*See Podbean plan pricing for all podcast hosting plan options. Podbean no longer offers a network plan, but our Business accounts also offer multiple channels and other custom features; please contact Podbean for pricing and specs.


3 comments on “How to Manage Multiple Podcasts in One Podbean Account

  1. Yes, all Podbean podcasts are included in the Podbean app and we offer special opportunities to be featured. For our Business users, we also create white-label apps.

  2. Joan Yanez

    How many channels can you have under the business plan?

  3. On the pricing plans page it says that one channel is included with the business plan, but does it cost extra to add a channel and is there a limit to how many channels you can have in one business account?

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