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How to Schedule Podcast Episodes in Podbean

Scheduling a podcast allows you to set the time and day for your podcasts or blog posts to be published. The scheduling feature conveniently helps you plan ahead and/or ensure consistent timing of episodes. Here’s how to set up podcast scheduling:

Step 1: After you have written your post, click the triangle icon on the right of the “Publish” tab for the dropdown menu and choose “Publish on…”. Enter the date and time you wish to publish the post and click the “Schedule post” tab.


You can always go to the “Publish”-> “Episodes” page to re-schedule your posts by clicking the pencil icon of each post and then changing the date/time. You can also edit the content of a scheduled post.


Your post is now scheduled for publication and will appear on your site at the time and date you’ve arranged. This is great for planning around times when you’ll be away or just batching your work to make things more efficient!


2 comments on “How to Schedule Podcast Episodes in Podbean

  1. Abby Glassenberg

    What time zone is this set for?

  2. Junk Drawer

    What time zone do you use?

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