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How to Listen to Podcasts with Alexa

You can play podcasts with the skill “Podbean Podcast Player” in Alexa for Echo and other devices.

Here’s how you play podcasts via Alexa:

1. Search for “Podbean” in Alexa and enable the skill “Podbean Podcast Player”.


2. Play podcasts with the following commands:

A. Listeners can play select top podcasts by title, such as “Alexa, ask Pod Bean to play the podcast Podcasting Smarter”. These can be played with or without a linked Podbean account.

B. Link your Podbean account to Alexa. Then, you can play the podcasts you’ve followed in Podbean using a shortcut command, such as “Alexa, ask Pod Bean to play followed podcast number one” or “Alexa, ask Pod Bean to play my podcast number one”. You can replace “one” with whichever podcast you want to play from your sequential followed list in Podbean. Any podcast that’s in MP3 format can be played this way.

If you’re a podcaster and want to know more, read our FAQ.

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