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How To Get Featured on Amazon Music

Want to get your podcast featured on Amazon Music? Check our out post to learn more!

Looking for a new way to get your podcast promoted?

Podbean is partnering with Amazon Music in a brand new promotion: submit your podcast to Amazon Music, and win a chance to be featured on their Podbean-exclusive playlist!

Between May 15th and 29th, Podbean podcasts that are submitted to Amazon Music’s directory will be entered to win a place in Amazon Music’s featured podcast playlist, to be displayed on June 19th! We’re looking for podcasts that fall in the Society & Culture category, so make sure that your podcasts are properly categorized before submitting.

Follow our instructions here to submit your podcast to Amazon Music!
For other promotion opportunities this month, check out our post on the Podcast Accelerator program!

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8 comments on “How To Get Featured on Amazon Music

  1. What about podcasts already on there? I only put mine up on here a few weeks ago and already followed all the podcast app submissions.

    • Roni Gosch

      Hi Lee! If you’ve submitted your podcast previously, you are still eligible for the promotion!

  2. My comment is the same as Lee’s. My podcast was accepted by Amazon Music/Audible in that category months ago? Are we still going to be considered as being listed in their featured playlist if our podcast has been on their platform for months already and they haven’t done anything to promote it?

    • Roni Gosch

      Hi Kim, your podcast is still eligible for the promotion with Amazon Music.

  3. Similar question – my podcast is already accepted but I believe under the Health category and not Society/Culture. So guessing that means my podcast isn’t eligible? Any other suggestions for how to get it promoted/featured on Amazon?

  4. If we are already on Amazon Music and already in Society/Culture do we need to do anything further? Thanks!

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