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How to Embed a Podcast on WordPress

To embed a podcast on WordPress.com, simply copy the file URL into the post (in text mode/”edit as html”). Here is how to get the file URL on Podbean; then simply copy and paste it into your WordPress post. Here are samples of what the podcast episode will look like (audio and video) on a WordPress.com blog.



You can also set your Podbean account up so that new episodes auto-publish to your WordPress site. For WordPress.org self-hosted sites, you can customize the player; WordPress.com sites will have a simple play image which opens a new page to play the podcast.

You can find more information on using Podbean with WordPress in our Support Center (this article describes embedding on WordPress.com and WordPress.org). Contact our Support team anytime if you have questions.

13 comments on “How to Embed a Podcast on WordPress

  1. Hi there! I’m afraid this method doesn’t work. WordPress just shows the URL and doesn’t convert it to player. Is this behaviour depends on the theme selected in WodrPress?

  2. Does anyone post their podcast on their WordPress site? I’m trying to post my first episode, which for now is just a YouTube video. I made the link celebrityjosh.com/1-Israel-Diaz. But looking at other podcast sites, it seems I should have it in a category, so that the links are like celebrityjosh.com/podcast/1-Israel-Diaz, celebrityjosh.com/podcast/episodes/1-Israel-Diaz, celebrityjosh.com/episodes/1-Israel-Diaz… Something like that. I made a new category called Podcast, but I don’t know how to make that part of the links. Does anyone know how?

    • I’m going by my experience with my blogs. I’m not sure if this will work for you, but maybe. So to make a category go to the Post area and there should be a category option. Make a new category called Podcast. Then, when you make a post, you can put it under the Podcast category by checking Podcast. Also, when you post something that needs to be embedded, I’m guessing you might have to use the Text tab rather than the Visual tab. At least I have to use that if I embed Youtube video text. I haven’t tried Podbean embedding yet, but saw your request so I am writing hopefully useful infomation. I trust that embedding is embedding regardless.

  3. nice “support”

  4. As others have said, this does not work. I was hoping you could update your information. It’s disappointing you’ve given a link to a general Help page as well, which has none of the further information you’ve implied would be available. Normally I wouldn’t say anything and move on, but this is an actual Podbean support blog.

    As a business, you’ve been attracting bigger podcasts and more of them. Without a means of embedding them onto basic WordPress sites, your business will suffer. You might not think answering comments from users on here matters, but it does. The people who are trying to embed podcasts onto sites are influencers: writers, bloggers, and journalists. We are trying to share YOUR product.

    • That’s awesome that you’re so passionate about your podcast, Shanon! I haven’t yet started mine. I have an affiliate link for Podbean at http://go.celebrityjosh.com/podbean but I also have one for Simplecast at http://go.celebrityjosh.com/simplecast, which is the host my podcast teacher recommended. Add me at http://go.celebrityjosh.com/facebook and http://go.celebrityjosh.com/instagram and maybe we can help each other with our podcasting journey!

    • dustinjcoleman

      Many of you are having the problem of it not working. What the author of this blog failed to say is that you have to switch over to “HTML” mode from “Visual” mode when writing your post. If you just paste the embed code into visual mode, you’ll just get that code. In the top right corner of your post when you are writing it, you should be able to toggle back and forth from “Visual” to “HTML.” If you past the embed code on HTML mode, your podcast should embed.

  5. bredchris

    Per the WordPress support team they won’t allow the Podbean player to be embedded unless you have the business version of WordPress.com. Apparently it’s for security reasons. I could get it to preview the player but it would never render into the website. WordPress suggested moving podcast hosting to Soundcloud, as their player is supported, or switching to a business subscription on WordPress.

  6. Shannon Martin, Podbean

    Sorry for the confusion. We have updated the post to be more clear, as well as linking to detailed articles on our Support Center. This is the method for putting a play link into a WordPress.com site where full embeddable podcast players are not allowed (you can see the link to how to embed a full player if you have a self-hosted site using WordPress.org or business account). If you have any issues getting this to work, you can also reach out to our Support team at https://help.podbean.com/support/home anytime to look into it for you.

  7. Is there a way to just embed the whole podbean profile to a page so it can constantly show new podcast items published??

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