How to Embed a Podcast on WordPress

To embed a podcast on, simply copy the file URL into the post (in text mode/”edit as html”). Here is how to get the file URL on Podbean; then simply copy and paste it into your WordPress post. Here are samples of what the podcast episode will look like (audio and video) on aContinue reading “How to Embed a Podcast on WordPress”

How to Embed Your Podcast into Google Sites

If you have a Google Sites website, you can embed your Podbean-hosted podcast there with just a few steps. Check out this great video demo from GED 400CPP on YouTube or find the steps below. Login to your Podbean account. Go to “Episodes” and click on “Share and Embed”. You’ll see the Podbean player whereContinue reading “How to Embed Your Podcast into Google Sites”

How to Embed My Podcast on a Website (Embeddable Players)

Displaying your podcasts on your own blog, website, social network, etc. is simple. Podbean makes it easy with various embeddable players. You can customize your player as well. Just follow these easy steps: To embed a single episode: Once you have published a post, just go to the “Publish”->”Episodes” page, then click the “Embed Code”Continue reading “How to Embed My Podcast on a Website (Embeddable Players)”