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Podbean Speaks at Radio Days Asia

New York, NY (August 31, 2023)

Podbean announced today they will be speaking at Radio Days Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Wednesday, September 6th at 10:30am UTC+8.  Norma Jean Belenky, Head of Events and APAC Enterprise Sales for Podbean will address the real challenges of launching a show and the solutions to navigating through the first five years of your podcast journey as a creator. 

By understanding and learning from common mistakes many creators make, you will be better equipped to navigate the early years of the podcasting journey and set yourself up for long-term success. Incorporating consistent publishing schedules, making sure you foster audience engagement, implement effective marketing and promotion strategies, and not overlooking the importance of collaboration will all be highlighted. Belenky will cover these scenarios and more during the 30 minute session.

Podbean CEO David Xu added, “For more than a decade, our Podbean experts have navigated the ups and downs of podcast launches, witnessing both the hurdles and the triumphs. Our focus has always been on direct guidance and providing creators the best tools to enhance their audience and revenue streams. This session is a valuable opportunity to learn from the Podbean team and will be extremely valuable to anyone looking to expand their reach and monetization opportunities.”

To set up a personal meeting with Norma Jean at Radio Days Asia reach out to her directly at Normajeanb@podbean.com

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