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Set Up Your Podcast Episodes to Be Played Directly in Facebook

Podbean makes it easy to make your podcast social. For example, you can automate sharing your episodes to Facebook (and many other destinations). To set up Facebook auto-share, simply connect your Facebook account (go to “Settings”–>”Social Share” and click the “Connect to Facebook” button).


By popular demand, we’ve created a way for you to share your episodes as a native video in Facebook. This give you the opportunity to take advantage of Facebook’s timeline algorithms, which heavily favor video.

You now have two options for auto-sharing your podcast episodes to Facebook:
Click the pencil icon to choose how to display your podcast on Facebook.


If you check “post link”, a URL to your episode will be published (see example below). This enables a user to click the link and open your episode in a separate window outside of Facebook.


The new option we’ve added is to post the episode as a native video. If you check “Upload as video to Timeline”, your episode will be shared as a video that can be played directly in Facebook. Video podcast episodes will play as is; audio podcasts will play the audio with a static image combining your episode artwork and title, as shown below.


We hope you love this new feature. Our team wants to make Podbean the ultimate platform for podcasting smarter. Contact Support if you have any questions.

12 comments on “Set Up Your Podcast Episodes to Be Played Directly in Facebook

  1. Nice feature. Will use it definitely. Thanks

  2. Nice article pure informative and knowledgeable thank you for sharing it.

  3. Great article! Quick question, if you publish a podcast as native video to Facebook, will those clicks count as a download? In other words, will this help increase the stats of the episode? Thanks!

  4. Thank you!!! Excited to use this feature!

  5. Stephanie Lewis

    I’m not tech savvy. But reading this article makes it seem really easy to upload a podcast. Thank you!

  6. Hi.
    You can use http://www.postsonfire.com to download videos from Facebook.

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  8. Purchased Unlimited for exactly this feature. Guess what!??!! It doesn’t work. I got a “sorry it’s Facebook’s fault” message AFTER paying.

    • Alius Umbra

      It’s been over a year now… So did this feature EVER work?

      • Ryan Dobson

        Never for me. Asked for my $ back and they only gave me 1 month back. LAME!

    • Richard Meriveles

      It doesn’t work?

    • Richard Meriveles

      Does it really work? FB doesn’t allow autoplays from other content provider. You have to click out. Unless its FB native.

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