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Podcast 101 Wednesdays

Podcast 101 Wednesdays, featuring Podbean's HOW TO RECORD YOUR PODCAST webinar and PODBEAN 101: LEARNING THE TOOLS OF PODBEAN webinar.

Welcome to Podbean’s Podcast 101 Wednesdays!  On Podcast 101 Wednesday, we offer two different podcast webinars built to introduce you to podcasting.  Not only do you get an introduction to the technical side of podcast recording, but we also walk you through Podbean’s interface and how to start uploading your podcast!

How To Record Your Podcast

In the world of podcast recording, there are so many different tools that you can use to record your podcast! Which tools should you choose to suit your needs? This webinar will aim to help you understand how to record high-quality podcasts and give you a general understanding of audio gear, as well as best practices to achieve the best results.

The topics in this webinar will include:

  • How to effectively prepare and plan recording your podcast
  • Essential gear for home or remote recording (mics, headphones, interfaces, and more)
  • How to record high-quality audio from anywhere in the world
  • Editing tips and tricks for producing your own podcast recordings

Presented by: John Kiernan, Head of Marketing

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Podbean 101: Learning The Tools of Podbean

Whether you’re brand new to Podbean or have questions about parts of the interface that you’re looking to start using, this webinar will walk you through all the key points of your Podbean dashboard. 

This webinar will help you:

  • Choose a Podbean site layout that suits your podcast best
  • Find your RSS feed and learn about the different things that change and affect it
  • Decipher your analytics and how learning from them can help you grow your podcast in the long run
  • Discover a couple of our monetization options readily available and built into the Podbean interface

Presented by: Roni Gosch, Podcast Specialist

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All of our webinars are recorded with links sent to the registrants, making our webinars a continuous resource for any podcaster, no matter where they’re at in their podcasting journey. If you’re interested in taking your podcast further, also check out our other webinars on podcast livestreaming, monetization, and promotion!

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