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Podbean’s New Enhanced Statistics System

Podbean will soon be releasing a revamped statistics system to give podcasters better insight in to their podcast’s performance and audience. With Podbean’s enhanced statistics system, podcasters can get information about their podcast audience to understand who the listeners are, how they found the podcast, when and how they play the podcast, where they’re located, their favorite episodes and more!

Podbean Empowers You to Reach Further with Your Podcast

The Enhanced Podcast Statistics System is FREE to all Podbean users with a paid account. The new statistics system provides Podcasters an easy-to-understand interface with great reports and information such as:

Overall Summary Report
Top Performing Episodes Report
Day-to-Day Report
Episode Performance Report
Month-to-Month Trending Report
Top Referrer Report
Map of Users’ Locations

The Podbean Statistics System provides helpful graphs and trend reports, so you can tap into the important information you need to help your Podcast succeed and grow. And, unlike other systems, Podbean includes all of this with your account*, so there’s no extra costs for the information you need!

Check out your new stats and let us know what you think!

* All paid accounts include the Podbean statistics system. Professional plan users get additional reporting capability. You will see more detail in your statistics system, with the option to upgrade if desired.


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