7 thoughts on “New Podbean Feature: Shareable Videos for Your Podcast Episodes

    1. Unfortunately, Youtube began limiting the ability to do this via the API. So, yes, we now create and provide the videos for you to use for uploading to Youtube and anywhere else instead. Podcasters had been asking for this too, and we had to find a workaround due to YT’s changes.

      1. If you previously had auto share set up, it should still be functioning also. For new users, we won’t continue the auto share since YT is limiting it, but offer this option instead.

  1. Well, I’m not a new user, but apparently, Youtube won’t accept my podbean feed, anyway. That’s probably it for me and Podbean. I’m not switching to a new podcast service; I’m just going with Youtube Live.

  2. I gotta also admit that this is a huge blow. Integration, specifically was a huge reason why we chose podbean to begin with and now we just have manually do it all? That’s a lot of extra effort on our end. I get that APIs are hard but any thought to updating the price scale to reflect less integration?

  3. If the users now have to manually download the video, and then upload it to YouTube or other service, I don’t understand why you still only allow it every 7 days, and you require a YouTube account to be set up under “Social Share”. You should just introduce a “generate video” checkbox, and if you want to limit the number of videos, just set a relatively high limit of 10 or 20 per week.

  4. this is part of the reason I moved from the free version to the paid version so that I could promote on YouTube, then found I could only post every seven days. now this rigamarole. not good.

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