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Podbean Begins IAB Certification Process

Podbean has begun the process of IAB certification for podcast statistics.

Podbean embarks on the IAB Tech Lab Compliance Program for Podcast Measurement

New York, NY (April 29, 2020)- Podbean announced today that it is undergoing the compliance process from IAB Tech Lab for podcast measurement

According to IAB, “The IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement Compliance Program certifies that companies are adhering to the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, released in December 2017. These guidelines establish a common set of ad metrics for podcasts and a base set of principles that any measurement system should support.” This helps to address industry challenges such as lack of uniformity in measurement systems and how metrics are defined.

“We look forward to undergoing this process to reassure customers, advertisers, and third parties that we provide compliant measurement according to these industry standards within the Podbean hosting and dynamic advertising ecosystem,” shared David Xu, CEO of Podbean.

“We don’t expect significant changes as we have been using IAB guidelines for some time, but podcasters may notice minor changes as we make adjustments. Additionally, we are optimizing our system as part of this audit process. For example, we recently added a listener statistic. This gives you additional insight into your audience reach.” 

About Podbean 

Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting services as an industry leader since 2006. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication, live streaming, monetization and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting platform. The Podbean community consists of over 400,000 podcasts and a rapidly expanding app-user base. Podbean’s apps for Android and iOS have reached over 1.5 million active monthly users. To learn more about Podbean, visit www.podbean.com.

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