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Podbean announces Group Recording function with The Podbean App

We’re excited to announce our newest release: Group Recording using the Podbean App! 

Group recording lets you record an audio podcast episode with co-hosts and guests by simply using the Podbean app. You can invite up to eight guests to join you during your recording. Once completed, you’ll receive both a single mp3 cloud recording for your whole session, as well as individual local recordings of you and each of your co-hosts. 

Traditionally,  the sound quality of each host and the overall recording in a remote interview or virtual recording decreases due to network issues. Podbean’s Group Recording function allows you to get clear, high quality individual recordings of each host, as these audio files are saved locally on each host’s smartphone. Your co-hosts recording audio quality is not affected by the internet connection.

After the recording session is completed, you can get each speaker’s local audio recording in your Podbean account media manager and merge them into a master file using your DAW audio software of choice. 

Check out the video above, as well as our support articles below, to learn how to set up and record a group recording from your mobile device.

iOS | Creating Group Recording

Android | Creating Group Recording

Also, before you begin, please ensure that you and every host have the Podbean App installed on their phones  and that you and your guests have created a Podbean account and have logged into the App.  Also for the best experience and audio quality, it’s recommended to use headphones and a mic. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team anytime at help.podbean.com.

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